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Chapter One: Buffy

Buffy had hoped that going to UC Sunnydale would include going to the type of college bars that she saw on TV shows and movies that weren't about frat houses. Unfortunately, the bouncers at those bars hadn't gotten the memo and were strictly enforcing the 21 and over age limit. Hence the return to Sunnydale's only underage-friendly establishment worth going to: The Bronze. Willow was playing groupie-slash-roadie for Oz's band "Dingoes Ate My Baby," so Buffy had come to support her best friend. Sitting on tall bar stools and drinking fruity mocktails helped keep up the illusion that this was still a cool club instead of a teenage hangout.

"Hey, look," Willow said, nodding towards the pool tables behind Buffy. "Parker's here. You're not looking? He looks really cute in green."

"Teal," she replied. Willow's eyes widened, and Buffy could tell that she was trying to figure out if Buffy had gotten into magic or if her Slayer powers had developed to the point of eyes actually sprouting from the back of her head. Buffy smiled and pointed to a round security mirror above their heads. "He's reflected in the mirror."

She watched as Parker Abrams' reflection leaned over the pool table. His thick brows drew together as he concentrated on his next shot. The intensity of his expression was doing all sorts of fluttery things in her stomach. It was so different than what she'd seen from him so far. When she was with him, he was all smiles and warm brown eyes. Warm everything, actually. He'd held her hand while they were watching a movie and she'd nearly died of embarrassment when her palm started to get sweaty. But he acted like it was normal. Because it was normal for living, breathing men who haven't been a vampire for the last two hundred years or so.

"You know, when you spend all week with a boy, you are allowed to look at him directly," Willow teased.

"Not all week. We hung out. Moderately incessantly. But we're not here together tonight. You know, I don't want to crowd him."

Willow nodded, but Buffy didn't think she really understood. Willow had Oz. And he was just so... Oz. Like he didn't care if she did something silly or embarrassing because, for one, he adored Will and, two, he was so cool that everything uncool was instantly transformed into coolness.

Not that Parker wasn't cool. It's just that sometimes Buffy said stuff without thinking it through and he'd get this confused look on his face. She'd laugh off her comment, usually some morbid observation about human anatomy or medieval weaponry, and give him some lame excuse. He'd run his hand through his thick black hair, give her an uncertain chuckle. And she'd remember that she was a Slayer, the Slayer, instead of a normal girl.

But it's not like Willow and Oz were the picture of a normal couple either. Willow was a redheaded witch whose boyfriend had a furry problem. It's just that their problem didn't prevent them from being... together. Except for three nights every month when the moon was full. The only time Buffy got to be together with Angel, he'd turned evil and tried to start the Apocalypse. So he'd left. His graduation gift to her: a chance for a normal life. With a normal guy like Parker.

Buffy was so lost in her thoughts that she almost didn't notice that the music had stopped. Oz was taking off his guitar and making his way towards them through the cheering crowd.

"Hey," he said. "You guys ready to load up and go?"

"Almost. Buffy's looking at Parker." Willow pointed to Parker's image in the mirror. "Who, it turns out, has a reflection, so big plus there. Buffy's having lusty wrong feelings."

"No I'm not."

"No, you're not." Buffy had expected Willow to tease her about how not lusty her feelings were because now that they were roommates, she knew exactly how lusty her feelings actually were. But Willow got all big-eyed and had her "connect-the-dots" face instead.

"Oh, I so am," said Buffy in her guilty voice.

"No, uh, they're not wrong feelings 'cause you're free, you're both grown-ups." Willow gave her another look. As if she knew that not all of those late-night dreams had been about Parker. "You are free, right?"

Before Buffy could blurt out something that her heart didn't feel, Parker placed his hand gently on her shoulder.



And just like that, the flutters in her stomach got all fluttery again. She knew he'd seen her earlier. She'd caught him glancing in her direction while she'd been watching the mirror. But he hadn't come over to talk, and she didn't think he would. Until now. He said, "I just wanted to let you know I'm headed out. And it's not real safe here, so if you want to walk back to your dorm..."

"How silly of me not to have planned ahead." Buffy smiled at his chivalrous gesture. It's not like he knew how many demons and vamps she'd slain inside this club over the years, let alone on the route to the dorms. He was so... normal. But a very sweet normal guy who wanted to protect her from getting ravished. Maybe Buffy would reward his gallantry by ravishing him. Willow smiled, and Buffy couldn't help thinking that her best friend had followed her exact train of thoughts. She only hoped her face wasn't as red as it felt.

"Bye," said Willow as she headed back to the stage with Oz to help load out the band's equipment.

"See you guys," Parker said. He put his arm possessively around Buffy's waist and headed to the main exit.

"Aren't you going to give me a chance to earn my money back?"

Buffy turned around, looking for the guy who'd issued the challenge. She spotted Parker's opponent from earlier that evening. He was leaning against the pool table with a smirk that looked far too comfortable on his face. His eyes traveled over her, from the bare skin exposed by her off-the-shoulder top to Parker's hand tightening around her, and finally down to her black leather skirt. There was something animalistic about his gaze that made her feel like she was his prey. Then he winked. As if he was quite confident that he would catch his quarry.

"How about we double the stakes? It's an extra fifty bucks if you win."

Buffy could see the hesitation in Parker's eyes and tried to pull him towards the exit, but he shook her off. "It alright, Buffy. I've beaten him once already. I'm sure I can do it again. He's practically begging me to take his money."

He returned to the pool table and dropped a couple of bills on it. Buffy debated whether she should yell at him now for leaving her like this or just walk out the door and forget about Parker Abrams with his false gestures of gallantry. It's not like she needed him and his chivalrous...ness. She also didn't need his tall, macho jerk of an opponent to walk up to her with a confident swagger in his hips and ask her name in a low, husky voice.

"I'm Buffy." She was surprised by how pleasant she sounded when all she wanted to do was punch the smug smile off his face. He was ruining the romantic walk under the starlight moment of her otherwise perfect non-date. The rest of her body was determined to be just as traitorous as her voice, however, since her lips curled into a smile while she stuck her hand out to him.

"Buffy? I'm Dean Winchester," he said, surprise creeping into his voice. Luckily for him, he didn't make any comments about her name and simply took her hand in his. He leaned closer, pitching his voice even lower in what must have been an attempt to be seductive, and told her, "If I were him, I wouldn't let the chance of winning fifty bucks pry me from your side."

Was he actually hitting on her? Buffy couldn't believe the nerve of this guy. As if she could forget that he was the one who challenged Parker and ruined her night. He's right, though, she told herself. Parker could have walked away.

"I'm really sorry," said Dean. She must have been giving him the death glare because he sounded sincere. Which meant that her body was finally under control. "Why don't I buy you a drink?"

"Fine." And there it went again, saying things she didn't mean and moving in directions she didn't want to go. "I guess I'll have an iced tea."

"Great! My little brother Sammy's sitting over there. Tell him you want a Long Island."

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