I'd always heard stories about this strange little planet, nestled comfortably away where it can't bother anyone. It sat off in one little corner of the universe, and was the only planet in its system which could hold life. Now, that bit wasn't the strange part, there's loads of systems like that, and even more without life, but this planet was very different.

The stories went that this planet was the perfect natural stage. Each little landmass in its oceans had the most beautiful natural acoustics you'd ever hear. A single note sung from the center of its largest continent would ring out all the way to the ocean, and might possibly carry over as an echo to the next continent. Each continent told a different story, and almost none of them were even vaguely similar, except for the language they use, which for some reason is always singing and dancing. I should probably also mention at this point that the vegetation there was also strange, in that it was also very musical. The wind always would blow at just the right moment and velocity, and the plants would naturally resonate and sound like an orchestra, always in harmony.

I used to think that this planet was only something from stories, that it couldn't possibly exist. But then, as I listened to the silence of space, suddenly, there was music. Music I had only ever heard performed by professionals who had trained half their lives was occurring through nature. I hadn't even thought there was life in that system, but I was dead wrong, and glad about it. The Atlantis of planets had been found. I had come across Webbearth.