Somehow, I let them talk me into walking about town to be introduced to every single cat-person. They never let me properly introduce myself, though. No, they insisted on introducing me themselves, still going with calling me "Macavity" rather than "Doctor".

There were all sorts of cat-people with all types of strange names. There were cats with semi-human names, like Demeter, little Jemima and Victoria, Cassandra, George, Plato, and Victor, but for every easy to pronounce name, there were three that were tongue twisters or just plain odd. Who names a cat after a vegetable anyway? And to this day I still have not been able to pronounce Jennyany... spottyotty whatever her name was correctly.

Like with any planet with any intelligent life, there are always those that are ready to welcome you with open arms, and those that want to claw your eyes out at the sight of you. The latter, I am willing to give to my poor attempt at a disguise, as it was rather unsettling to see, considering that in a crowd, there were only two other cats who stood out as much as I did (the lovely white kitten Victoria, and that red-eyed, frightening thing they called Rumpus Cat). I'm still not quite sure how the former came into play, though it might have only been common hospitality.

Now there were some cats specifically that had drawn my attention slightly more so than the others, ones such as the glamorous Grizabella, who yearned to see the world (a fact of which I made a mental note), their very kind future leader, Munkustrap, was also one of the first cats to greet me, along with his younger brother, Tugger, who for some reason likes to add the words "Rum Tum" to the beginning of his name (perhaps it might become a nickname later), and Tugger's best friend (both were more than glad to introduce each other as such, being childr- I mean kittens, and all), Mistoffelees. Though, none of the cats left such an impact on my impressions of them as did their leader, Old Deuteronomy.

That wonderful Deuteronomy must have been very highly respected, for he beckoned me to him, and all the other cats backed away, allowing me room (of course, the two mischievous kittens were still on my tail. Hey, that's rather clever!). He asked me for my name, and nothing more, but for some reason, something urged those two knockabout clowns to answer him instead, as if I had no voice.

"His name is Macavity!" said one.

"He can defy gravity!" the other responded.

"And he flies through the air on a whim!" they both said.

"He knows loads about history!"

"And his past is a mystery,"

"But we'd love to know more about him!" At this point I have now decided to go back in time and prevent the invention of limerick. But I'll have to save that for later.

"So this 'Macavity' is a mystery cat?" asked the leader.

"We'll, I've certainly never seen him before," said the silver Munkustrap. I had just realized that he was standing next to Old Deuteronomy the entire time. Must be a familial bond.

"He up and appeared, just like that!" Those two tabbies must really love hearing themselves talk. I wonder if that planet had invented ductape by the time I had arrived.

"You could say that I like to explore." Finally, I got a chance to enter my own conversation. Unfortunately, cats don't understand guilt the same way that humans do, so glaring at the tabby teens didn't do any good.

"We welcome you, mister mystery cat, and let me say with elation, that tonight is the night of a Jellicle Ball, so come, and join the celebration!" I think I really like that Old Deuteronomy character. It was immediately after that when I was practically stampeded by every cat in town by questions, each of which Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer were more than happy to answer. This was all so overwhelming that I didn't notice Munkustrap contemplating something, like whether or not I was trustworthy, or whether he should continue his formalities.