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I gripped Annabeth's hand tightly as the plane took off, and oh gods did I want too get off this thing. It's not exactly safe for a son of Poseidon to get on a plane, even if Zeus agreed not to blow us out of the sky. I wasn't even sure why we were on our way to England; "To keep an eye on things" Chiron had told us. I can't believe he made us go, for the love of Zeus we had just fought a war! We needed a vacation, but when you're a half-blood, you don't get many. The only person happy about this was Lou Ellen, because we were going to some wizarding school. Apparently, some weird stuff had been going on there. Nico didn't look too thrilled about getting on the plane either, instead of gripping someone's hand; he nearly pulled the armrest off the seat. In total, there were twelve of us on this mission which was a lot more than usual but the mission was also a little unusual. The twelve were Me, Annabeth, Nico, Thalia, Travis and Connor Stoll, Katie Gardner, Drew, Grover, Clarisse, Chris Rodriguez, and Lou Ellen. I felt sorry for Katie, who got stuck sitting between Travis and Connor, she looked just about ready to strangle both of them. 7 hours later, (though it seemed a lot longer) the plane finally landed safely. (Much to my relief) "Chiron said we were supposed to meet some guy named Arthur Weasley." Katie informed us. Just as she said that a thin balding man with bright orange hair appeared.


Me and Ron had just finished de-gnoming the garden when all of the sudden we heard a car pull up into the driveway. We looked up and saw Mr. Weasley and a dozen or so other kids getting out of the old Anglia Ford.

"Must be them" muttered Ron as we watched from the garden.

A few months ago Dumbledore announced that there would be some exchange students coming from America and asked if they could stay at the Burrow for the year.

"There's so many! How are we going to fit them all?!" Ron exclaimed

"Um, Ron, does the word 'magic' mean anything to you?" I replied

"Oh, ya. I knew that."

When I turned my attention back to the Americans they had their luggage and were heading towards the house so we scrambled back into the house through the back door and when we got there the Americans and Mr. Weasley had beat us there. I counted twelve in total, all about sixteen years of age but rather athletic looking. One boy, clearly the leader, had black hair and green eyes, like myself, although he was a fair bit taller and more muscular. Clutching his arm was a tall girl with blonde hair with stormy grey. On either side of them were two Goth looking kids. A boy on "the leader's" side who was clearly the youngest and a girl next to the stormy eyed one. There were also two boys who looked identical besides the height difference; their mischievous grins reminded me strongly of Fred and George. Beside the twins (A/N: We know their not twins, but Harry doesn't) was a girl with messy brown hair and green eyes, who was eyeing them suspiciously. Next to her was incredibly beautiful Asian girl with a look on her face that strongly suggested she didn't want to be here. There was also a boy who looked much older than the others with a wispy little goatee and a cap on top of his fuzzy hair. Beside him was a particularly muscular looking girl with brown pulled back in a bandana, holding hands with an equally muscular boy. Finally there was a rather creepy looking girl with black hair and almost yellow eyes. One thing they all had in common was the tired look on their faces from the long plane ride. The boy in front spoke, "Hi, I'm Percy Jackson."

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Αυξήθηκε και τον Δήμο

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