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The train wasn't very fun. With that self-obsessed wizard that looked like Percy. The other two were sort of funny together, like Percy and Annabeth.

We finally got to Hogwarts were these young children, younger than me were "sorted" by a large, very stereotypical hat. I think I saw Lou cringe, even though she's not really a wizard.

All twelve of us where just standing at the door not sure where to sit. Dumbledore (the "headmaster") got up and announced that the exchange students would now be sorted and we were ushered up by an older looking witch.

"Chase, Annabeth." She called and Annabeth when and sat down on a stool. The witch placed the old wizard's hat on her head.

There was a pause, a really long pause where everybody seemed to old their breath, broken only by a loud shout coming from… the hat? Whatever, I've probably seen weirder. Scratch that, I've definitely seen weirder.

"Gryffindor!" followed by an eruption of cheers from one of the tables and she was ushered over.

The witch stepped up again and called out "di Angelo, Nico" I walked up with sweaty palms and shaky legs. Where would I be sorted? I was a son of Hades so Slytherin would be the obvious choice but was that where I really wanted to go?

I was still muddling in my thoughts when I reached the stool. I sat down and the hat was placed on my head.

I almost fell off the stool when it started talking in my head! But I managed to keep calm.

"Hm, Slytherin, yes definitely Slytherin but perhaps…?" It muddled over its thoughts I was just about to protest when it shouted "Slytherin!" for everyone to hear. The Slytherin table erupted into cheers and I walked slowly over. There were lots of pats on the back and congratulations but I wasn't feeling lucky.

The sorting process went on putting Lou Ellen in Ravenclaw, Katie in Hufflepuff, Thalia, Percy and Clarisse, as well the Stolls, in Gryffindor, and Drew in Slytherin with me, and Grover in Hufflepuff with Katie.

Once we were all seated we ate the most amazing feast ever, the food just appeared on the tables in front of. Nothing like Camp, were you get whatever you want but this was good enough.

Eating was awkward; everybody seemed a little…evil. Not all like murderess evil, but like the mean kids who would make trouble just to be mean, not funny. I felt like I'd probably need to sleep with one eye open.

After eating, the headmaster gave a big, somber speech about this kid named Tom Riddle, then sent us off to bed.

When I got up my stuff was already in a room, by a bed. Surrounding me where 3 other beds, filled with boys my age. Two were playing what I would guess was magic chess, and the other was lying on his bed reading a book. The one reading was the first to address me.

"So, exchange student, eh?" He asked.

"Uh, yeah, from the states." I replied, sitting on my bed.

"Nico right?" Said one playing chess.

"Mhm, and you are?"

"I'm Damon," Said the one from the bed, "That's Will, and that's Andrew." He gestured to the two playing chess.

"Are you in to quidditch?" Asked Will.

I froze, quidditch? What was that? Hadn't Lou mentioned it? What could I say? "Oh, um, not really…"

"REALLY?!" He looked appalled, why the other two just rolled their eyes, as if this happened a lot, "I'M going to be on the team this year!"

Damon snickered, "Well, there's no guarantee…"

Will crossed his arms, he seemed very determined.

"Anyway," Said Andrew, as if he was breaking up a fight, "What's you family do?"

For the second time, I froze, I hadn't thought about what I would say if someone asked about that subject, so I though fast.

"I don't really have a family…"

"Oh, sorry." He said, and he generally looked it.

"It's okay."

"Um," Interrupted Damon, "Shouldn't we be getting to bed right about now?"

Will rolled his eyes, "Oh, calm down."

"It's our first day of the year tomorrow!" He protested.


So we all got on our pajamas and got in to bed and said our goodnights, but I felt strange, but in a good way. I felt strangely accepted, a feeling I never got at camp, maybe the others we wrong about Slytherins, they seemed okay to me.

Well, there you go, there finally at Hogwarts! We should be updating a bit more frequently now, and we hoped you liked it, and by the way, we are NOT making Draco a demigod, sorry to disappoint, but we want to keep it relatively close to the original story, and if you have any problems with our sorting, we'd appreciate it if you keep it to yourself.



Αυξήθηκε και τον Δήμο