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Chapter 1

The sky was a clear and the sun was twinkling on the day of the 1st September, start of the new term and academic year for Cackle's Academy for Witches. The sun beamed off the cool stone walls of Castle Overblow as teenage girls on broomsticks landed in the courtyard. Despite the rather warm September weather, the girls were all wearing black gymslips, long sleeved grey shirts and thick woollen tights, which was the school's 'Winter' uniform, and many appeared to be rather hot and bothered.

Two women stood on the steps of the main entrance. One was short and plump, with greying hair and glasses. Her round face was pink from heat and yet she wore a huge welcoming smile. The other woman was her polar opposite; tall, skinny and impressive, with jet black hair in a tight bun at the top of her head. She was wearing a wintery long black dress with a high collar, yet her skin remained pale white and she radiated a cool, calm exterior.

"Welcome back girls!" The plump woman exclaimed excitedly at a bunch of the girls, who wore yellow sashes around their waists, the uniform of third year students. "Brooms into the cupboard, Oh Constance isn't it great to see all the girls again?" She asked of the tall woman next to her.

"Of course headmistress" Constance Hardbroom, her deputy agreed rather half heartedly.

"I wonder what the new second year girl is like?" Amelia Cackle checked the register she was carrying. "Aurelia Candlewick, such a pretty name."

"Aur- Aurelia Candlewick!?" Constance spluttered.

"Do you know of her Constance?" Amelia raised her eyebrow, nonplussed by her deputy's reaction.

"She is my older sister Cecilia's daughter. We haven't spoken in years. I haven't seen the girl since she was a baby." Constance's voice was rather high pitched; it was the closest the teacher ever got to 'freaking out'.

"Well how lovely that you will get to teach her." Amelia replied brightly.

"mmm." Constance replied non-commitedly. Inside her brain working in overdrive. Cecillia knew that she worked here. Why would she send her daughter here? It didn't make sense.

"That must be her now." Amelia pointed out an unknown girl that had just landed who was wearing a dark green sash.

Constance stared at the girl. She was tall and slender with pure white skin which rivalled that of her own. She had a pretty face, bare of makeup and thick wavy golden blonde hair cascading down her back. She looked rather nervous and unsure of her surroundings.

Amelia hastily walked up to her to welcome her to the academy. Constance stood there for a moment before following.

"Hello! You must be Aurelia. Welcome to Cackles. I am Miss Cackle and I believe that you know my deputy here Miss Hardbroom. I will leave you in her care, she will show you to your room and then later this afternoon she will introduce you to her form group."

"Thank you Miss Cackle." The girl smiled at her new head teacher and then rather nervously at her aunt. She had heard so much about her from her mother, yet she seemed even more impressive in real life. The woman did not return her smile.

"This way, Miss Candlewick." She barked at the young girl before walking through the castle door. Aurelia had to almost run to keep up.

Aurelia took in her surroundings; the castle looked bare compared to her old school. The corridors were narrow and gloomy and the few furnishings looked ancient and medieval. Not an ounce of any kind of technology in sight.

"It's so lovely to finally meet you Aunt Constance; mother has told me all about you!" Aurelia blabbed nervously. Miss Hardbroom paused for a moment and turned to face the young girl, her lips had turned into a thin line and she looked extremely annoyed.

"I have no idea why your mother decided to send you here Aurelia, but since she did I would like you to keep our family ties to yourself and call me Miss Hardbroom in future." The girl's face dropped as she stared into her aunt's eyes. Finding no warmth., she realised she was not welcome. Miss Hardbroom sped off again up some cold stone steps.

"This will be your room." Miss Hardbroom stated as she pulled open a door exposing a rather bare bedroom. "Lights out are at 9pm sharp and room inspections are every Thursday. I will leave you to unpack and collect you in an hour so you can meet the rest of your classmates." With that the woman was gone.

Aurelia sighed, she was so disappointed. She was used to her mother's warmness and expected the same from her sister. She had no idea why they had fallen out, but knew it had happened many years ago.