I really enjoyed writing this chapter! I know its short but its so crucial to the plot..

Chapter 5

Constance felt her head fall into her hands. She hadn't thought about Cecilia or David for years. Now it was all flooding back.

"Constance you are the one for me." David had told her, twinkling blue eyes staring into her own.

David had been her steady boyfriend through college. She had fallen head over heels in love with him.

"Cecilia, I think he's the one. I want to spend the rest of my life with him." She had told her older sister one night as they lay in bed together chatting about life.

"Just keep your head down at school Connie. There is plenty of time for that after you have graduated." Cecilia had advised.

"I know Ce-ce."Constance had chuckled. "I have a lot of effort to put in if I want to do as well as you did last year!"

"You always do better Con."

Then one day it had all changed. "Connie, don't tell mum. I'm pregnant." Cecilia had told her, tears dripping from her hazel eyes.

"But?! How? Who's the father?

"You don't know him."

But Constance did know him. She remembered the day about a month after Aurelia was born when she had found her birth certificate. Under the father section was written David Percival Candlewick. That had been the same day she had left home. She couldn't even look at her sister.

It has transpired that her mother had known the full story and kept it from her younger daughter. Something that Constance couldn't forgive her for. She had kept in contact with her mother briefly through letters but hadn't seen her in the flesh again. She had died seven years ago. But with her letters she had learnt that Cecilia had married David.