Sorry for not updating. But I'm focusing on my Doctor Who fanfic, so the others are taking a back seat. But now I'm updating! I've decided to do one chapter per month of the pregnancy. Since the last couple have been within the first bit, I'm going to count them as month one. This chapter will be month two. Thanks for the reviews.

Month Two

Sam sat at her lab bench, thinking, not able to focus on the gadget in front of her. The morning sickness had set in, and she had found herself running off to the bathroom quite often.

What she thought about was her baby. How it had come to be, really. That man- Keegan- had raped her. But, she had been in no pain after it'd happened, she didn't have the tell-tale nightmares, she didn't feel disgusting, or blame herself for what happened. She'd googled it. The only thing that the site she'd looked at had said happened as an after-effect of rape that she'd had was the pregnancy.

So what was going on?

Was it consensual and she was just so embarassed by her actions that she'd convinced herself he'd raped her? No, why would she do that? Rape was by far worse than consensual. And she couldn't convince herself so throughly in less than 10 minutes.

"Carter!" Jack's voice seemed to echo off the wall. He strode into her lab, not pausing to knock, he just went right to the bench and rested his elbows on it. He had eventually come to except that she was keeping her baby though he wasn't happy about it. But he became determined to take care of her, even if she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. In truth, she found it kind of sweet.

"Hi, sir." Sam said, smiling at him.

He smiled back at her. "Lunch time, Carter."

Sam smile was lost. "Sir-" She started.

"Ach!" Jack exclaimed, cutting her off. "No excuses! It's lunch time." She debated arguing, and he saw it. "Don't make me make that an order, Major." He threatened.

The smile came back. "Alright, sir." She slid off the bench and she and Jack headed to the comissary.

She was heading to the line when Jack grabbed her arm and steered her towards a table out of the way with sandwiches, drinks, and deserts, of course having blue jello. Shocked, she stared at the table.


"Your favorites."

"You didn't have to, sir."

Jack shrugged. "No, I didn't, but I wanted to."

She smiled widely. "Thank you, sir."

"Your welcome, Carter. Now, sit down and eat!"

Her worries could wait. Right now, Colonel O'Neill had arranged a lunch specially for her. She didn't want to worry about how her baby had come around, she just wanted to enjoy the company of her CO.

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