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Chapter 1

Adopted by Xenomorphs. This is one of my reviewers' suggestions. Thanks goes to Kyrie Twilight for your suggestion. :) I hope you enjoy this story.

Author's Note: This is a rewrite and I hope you enjoy.


The sound of rain pitter pattered on the tinroof of the house and Elizabeth couldn't sleep. She had been awake for the past hour, listening to the rain. It was supposed to be soothing, but it sounded like torture to her already sensitive ears and a headache threatened to pound behind her temples. She had frequent headaches and spent a number of days in the nurses office sleeping those headaches off. Some of the headaches she had weren't above her eyes. They were always centered in the middle of her head. Then whenever she'd fall asleep, she'd hear voices speaking. During those headaches, she'd open her eyes and see that no one was really opening their mouths to speak. It was strange to hear voices without the mouth's of people opening.

Elizabeth recalled one instance where a boy came into the main office after being disruptive in class. He was told to wait his turn while the vice principal was speaking to his teacher. Elizabeth heard every single thing the boy was thinking and it was odd. Elizabeth didn't tell anyone about her ability to read anyone's mind. Even her foster parent's thoughts. Most of those thoughts revolved around her and her check. The state always paid money to clothe her, but they always used the money for themselves. They rarely cared whether or not she wore rags to school or hand me downs which were always big and bulky. Elizabeth didn't complain because they would just lecture her for complaining about the clothes.

Elizabeth decided that she should leave this house and not come back. She was tired of living in a cold attic. Elizabeth grabbed her book bag and stuffed a few articles of clothing to take with her. Now she had to leave the attic and make sure no one heard her.

Creeping down the attic's stairs to the attic's door. She slowly opens the door and pads forward. She was grateful that there were carpets on the floor to muffle the sounds of her feet. Elizabeth made her way to the steps. Being extra careful, she made her way down the steps, making sure that the steps wouldn't creak under her weight. When she finally made it down in the living room, she saw the bluish glow of the TV in the family room. She would have to cross the living room and pass the family room. Groaning internally in her thoughts, she steadily makes her way towards the family room. Her foster father was lying in his recliner, sound asleep. She urged herself forward and slowly unlocked the front door. It made a soft click and she waited. Nothing. She opened the door and walked out onto the front porch. All she had to do was close the door, walk down the wooden steps and then run like hell. That was easier said then done. She closed the door and ease the key into the lock. Turned it and locked the door. Easing herself away from the front door, she made her way down the porch steps. Once on the ground, she ran.


Elizabeth didn't stop until she reached the cargo boxes of a landing strip. They weren't loaded up yet and it was too early to do anything except find an empty one. Then she could start over with her life. She searched around the cargo boxes and found one. It was large enough for her to lay and sit up in. Climbing into the cargo box, she shifted the top over her. She lay there in the darkness, feeling tired. She finally fell asleep.