I'm sorry for the delay. I had some unfortunate drama occurring in my life that I needed to remedy. So, here we go. A new chapter to the story of Adopted by Xenomorphs.


Elizabeth couldn't believe the Praetorian was allowing her to explore some sections of the Hive. It was under her direction that she was granted this small amount of freedom. She could hear running water somewhere and wondered if Xenomorphs knew they had a waterfall. She walked a little bit, noticing that there was some light here and there. The cave stretched out and it felt oddly metal.

"This part used to be a ship. We incorporated it into the hive. It's still accessible to humans. You're the first human to ever wander here." The Praetorian answered her question.

"So you had it transferred from a ship to a part of your hive?" Why would Xenomorphs need metal pieces? Didn't they just create their hives out of spit?

"We only use what's available to us. We have used our 'spit' to create a passages."

"Oh. So you don't need light to see."

"No. We use a different type of sense to go through the passages of the caverns."

Elizabeth nods. "I guess I can understand that. Do you mind if I go forward to explore these other caverns?"

"We have time. Most of the items you might find may be of use to you. Just be careful."

"Oh thanks. I get to go alone?"

"We all know you're one of us. Just be careful. There are others who aren't aware of you. There are animals who are our prey and they all have teeth and claws. All you have to do is call one of us using your hive speech. I have some things to do. Stay in the shadows."

Elizabeth agreed with that. "I will be careful."

She starts her exploration of the remainder of the caverns. She must have went a mile or so because she exited out of the cavern and into a metal hall. She didn't realize that the Xenomorphs had expanded so much into a ship. Half metal, half spit. Elizabeth didn't know what else to call the stuff that lined the walls of the ship. She stuck to the shadows like the praetorian said to.

She saw a door and paused. It wasn't closed entirely. She looked this way and that. Peeked in through the slit and saw flickering light. It was a candle. "Hello?" She asked.


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