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I rubbed my stomach as another grumble resounded through my room. After getting chewed out more than twice, I didn't want to provoke the Praetorian's anger. She had already warned me once not to attempt escape and go over to the alcove. Outside of my room, it was very quiet. I wondered if they were asleep and I stood up and went to the door. I stood in the door frame, pondering how to get the 'right' attention from the Praetorian.

"Um." I said timidly. "Hello? Anyone out there?"

My voice echoed. I shook my head, feeling stupid. "Look! I'm not going anywhere until I get a straight forward answer!" I yelled, my voice echoing off the walls and through the corridor. "Hey! I'm talking to you! I know you're out there!" I heard shuffling. "I can hear you out there! I'm not deaf!"

The shuffling stopped. I looked around for the Praetorian. "No name alien lady?" I asked. "Is that you?"

No response.

"Ha ha! That's funny!" I said, looking at the small spidery thing skittering across the floor. Then it stopped and turned to me. I began to feel a little nervous and began retreating into the room, "Um, you go ahead and go find something else."

Then suddenly, it leaped into the air, it's spider-like legs extended to me. I let out a startled shriek when the Praetorian emerged in front of me with a hiss at the spider thing. I jumped back and landed unceremoniously onto the webbed bed. It swung back and forth like a hammock. I struggled to stop it from swinging back and forth.

The Praetorian hissed at the spider and it scampered off out of my room and I lay there. The Praetorian turned her head to me and sniffed me. "I'm fine."

"Those are called 'Face-huggers'. They clasp onto your face, forcing you to open your-"

Instead of acknowledging her, I stared at her in shock for a minute before launching myself into the Praetorian's arms. "I'm sorry! I really am! I didn't know you were still here!"


The Praetorian hissed, feeling weird. Humans rarely showed any emotion except to scream when they burst forth from their hosts. The Praetorian felt a different feeling toward the human. The Praetorian sensed something off within the human. There were old injuries. The Praetorian gently pried the human off her to sniff her front. The human tensed and tried to squirm from her clawed grasp.

"You're hurting me."

The Praetorian released her and stiffened. "Who did this to you?"

"It's the past."

"You have injuries! Who did this and do not lie!"

"I deserved it. I was a bad girl-"

"No one deserves any type of punishment or injuries. WHO did this?"

"My foster parents."

"If they come looking for you, you will be protected at all costs." Another voice cut in through my thoughts. I jumped when I realized that the Queen had heard through the Praetorian.

"So I'm here to stay?" She asked.


The Praetorian looked at her and turned to leave, but the girl's voice stopped her. "Wait! I-I'm hungry. Could I go have something to eat?"

"Remain here. I will be back soon."

"Are you going to the ship?"

"Yes. There is food there."

"Let me come. I don't want to be alone. I'll stay next to you."

"Very well."

"Really? I can go?"

"Yes. If you do what we tell you."

"Great! Thanks."

The Praetorian gestured to her back. The girl climbed up on her back and settled herself between the shoulder blades. She clutched them tightly. "Loosen your grip." She felt the grip relax. Then the Praetorian ran through the corridors, followed by several drones.

"How come they're coming?"

"Gathering team."


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