The host club went into full detail on what Yoru requested. Although... "Bleh, could you guys just stop talking to me though?!" muttered Yoru. Although she thought she said that to herself, the host club turned towards her. "This is getting out of hand... out of my comfort zone... all this talking is a bit too much..." she said while looking down. Nobody could see her face, nobody knew her expression. "Well, we somewhat understand. But that crosses the club's policies. You are now an official host, you must not break the policy." stated Kyoya firmly. Yoru shot her head back up and looked at him. "WHAT?!" she exclaimed. She solemnly sighed and stood up from her chair. "Well, I better go home... I was making ramen so..." trailed off Yoru as she walked off. "WAIT!" shouted the twins. The stopped her in her tracks and pulled her back to the table.

"Did you just say... ramen? Do you make it like the commoner's do?!" asked Tamaki fully engaged into the conversation. Yoru nodded slowly not very sure on how to respond to Tamaki. "Gentleman! We are going to Yoru's house! ONWARD!" Tamaki exclaimed. "Wh- Bu- YOU GUYS CANNOT JUST BARGE IN LIKE THAT AND MAKE A FINAL DECISION. IT'S MY HOUSE, I DON'T WANT YOU GUYS ROAMING AROUND, YOU'LL PROBABLY GET LOST!" a very furious Yoru shouted. "Ah, well, you get used to it after a while, Yoru..." stated Haruhi blandly. After a big verbal fight, Tamaki won and the host club had set off for Yoru's house.

On the ride, Tamaki was very jittery, the twins were happy and conversing with joy about ramen, Honey was just plain happy, Mori was stoic, Haruhi was neutral, and Kyoya was just... Kyoya. When they arrived the host club jumped out of the car and stood in astonishment. Although they knew Yoru was riched, they actually hadn't expect her house to look like...
Big gate, Big white house with three stories, rose garden, and two limos in the side parking. At that moment everyone -excluding Haruhi, Yoru, and Kyoya- ran into the house like children. Haruhi and Kyoya sighed as Yoru grumbled. "Ughh! Now I have to take care of four children...!" she exclaimed in fury.