In belief of the entire world, Death is a personified embodiment of the word 'Dead' or 'Death'. Many folklore has Death as the Grimm Reaper; a soul-stealing ghost whom takes away the evil aura of beings in the living. Others see him as a horseman; of one four of the Horseman of the Apocalypse. Death is also depicted in Christian belief to be the same as the Grimm Reaper, though more menacing and more ghostly. A being that haunts and kills off of the evil, though Death is in many more as they scorch the Earth of the wicked.

All this is true and false. Death is personified into an entity but Death is not excluded into many things. All the lore that humankind has created is wrong for choosing it to be more than one. Death is actually all of these. Death is the Grimm Reaper, a ghost of judging, Death is a Horseman of the Apocalypse, Death is anything and everything that ties to being dead, to being the one to rip a soul from a body and the being to be powerful.

Yet Death is commanded.

Death is also neither evil nor holy. He is the line of Heaven and Hell. A warrior to bring balance to the dead and the living. A true Shepard of forces.

Although lacking in looks mostly due to being a hooded dead body, the Scythe wielding spirit is untouchable. Nothing cannot defeat such a force as Death itself. Even Death's brothers of the Apocalypse cannot defeat the fate that holds Death. A true menace to some, a savior to others. A blacksheep among the Holy Bible itself and a white light to Anarchy.

Death is, what you would call, A god. A God of Death.

Grimm Reaper, Death, Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Halkeginia's very own Louise is not ready for such a Familiar; as she will rip the only being in existence to bring order to Holy and Hell-like chaos.

A mistake. Death does not like being out of the job.

The incantation to the summoning hadn't work for Louise.

The time of the year was the Springtime summoning. It was, alas, her turn to commit her skills to the pentagon. Upon finishing her words nothing had happened.

Once a minute had passed over, various shouts of laughter and name calling had been herald over to the Pinkette's ears. A slow slinking feeling of failure washing over the Zero.

Kirche, a busty, redheaded girl whom had been Louise' rival since birth, had the most noticeable chuckle radiated from Louise' failure. She and a band of males behind her had watched the entire process of the summoning. A few snickers and whistles going over her shoulder to the Strawberry haired girl, the Redhead finally spoke.

"A dear disappointment indeed. Your talk before the summoning had only been hot air. Only a Zero can summon nothing." The roars of laughter did not register to the summoner.

Louise, in little words as possible, did not feel well. A dreading emotion came over her. She clutched the fabric of her chest and heaved heavily. Only Tabitha and Colbert, a balding professor head of the class. Both stared at Louise sensing something was amiss.

Louise couldn't help but feel like something was ripping her apart. She struggled to breath as if something is clawing her soul out of her own very body. She went into a daze as her vision started to get blurry, her eyes barely staying open as she feel to her knees, still clutching her chest.

Kirche stopped laughing and snapped her eyes to the girl. "Relax Zero. It was a joke. Stop sobbing like the child you are." The busty girl joined in with Tabitha and Colbert as they stared at Louise with wariness. Tabitha had to nudge her friend with her shoulder to show that something was going on. A 'look' was given to Kirche from the blue haired girl.

Colbert was the first to move. He had speed walked to Louise to assess the scene. "Louise, is something the m-" A dreaded feeling rose in Colbert. A feeling he had felt in battle in the past. A sickening feeling that he had hoped to forget. There was no way that...

"Professor!" Kirche saw Colbert stop suddenly. An eerie silence had placed over the other students. It was dead silent.

Louise shut her eyes hard, clamping to her chest harder in the hopes to stop the feeling she was rubbing up against. It felt so wrong. So out of place.

And at that moment, the skies had turned gray. Clouds swirling around the school. Thunder could be heard from afar and lightning struck to close to anyone's liking. The other familiars whom were next to their summoner wrangled in fear and hostility as each and everyone of them laced warnings to each other; some putting up defending positions for their contractors while others fled. The students tried to calm them down but none seemed to listen. Kirche's salamander hissed and growled, a defensive pose ready to strike anything that tried or got to close to her. Tabitha's dragon doing the same, flapping the wings to show an imposing figure. Both summoners didn't know what to do.

And at that very moment, a black swirl of smoke had engulfed the area in front of Louise. She paid little attention to her ached body and more on the scene that seemed to unfold in front of her. A moment later and the black entities seemed to form some sort of dark, jagged and crazily formed portal. It was sickenly holding an aura that she did not like. It felt like it was sucking in all the light from the world. It seemed to suck small debris of dirt and grass. What happened later made the girl and the rest of the students eye wide.

A hand, bony and white, held onto the edge of the jagged portal. The hand accompanied by a robed body and a hooded figure. It held a wicked dark scythe that shone in the sun's light. The black fabric that was tattered at the very bottom showed use for many years. It seemed to move as if it was alive. The clouds had stopped moving and the area heavy with a dark presence that Colbert found to much to his taste. Its face couldn't be seen, but to bad for Louise as she saw small shadowing and lining of a human skull behind that hood.

Death seemed to stare at the small girl in front of him. His very essence screamed 'Devil! Child of my Maker! Command!' and the very last detail that stopped him in his track. The last would be, 'Devil's reincarnation'.

The Grimm Reaper prodded that information aside as his empty eye sockets studied the girl. Already Death was getting a massive reading of unholy and an all to familiar feeling of his maker in this child.

The crowd that looked saw only a scythe wielding figure. Colbert knew exactly what it was. "Brimir's's-"

The voice that emitted from the cloaked figure brought chills to everyone. All familiars stopped dead cold. Louise looked up to the face of her summon.

Cold, gravely, hard on the tongue. A voice truly built out of sin. Not in the sexual way of inducing someone, but the kind that seemed fit to speak of old legends, of beyond the grave, as they would say it.

"Death," It took its finger to Louise and pointed at her face. The other hand holding the scythe closely to her neck. She nearly stiffened a small tear of fear. "Rises."

A/N: A oneshot involving the mysterious Death from the Holy Bible and from Folklore.

Sorry guys, this is just a side thing for me to get rid of out of my head. I really did enjoy writing this though. I've learned of Death from many places, most of which from the Bible and Folklore.

No one seemed to make a connection to Death and Louise so I thought I would write one. Though short, I hope that someone will adopt OR even take the idea and make a whole new story with it. I want to see Death with Louise! Killing stuff! No fluff or romance of course. I just want to see someone or even myself write epic chapters in which Death is depicted for what he truly is.

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