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One moment Hatter was being pulled out of the Throne Room and then the next he was overcome with dizziness, nausea and fell really hard onto the forest floor. "Yeah, sorry." The Cat said looking down at him and not looking like she was sorry at all. "I don't normally do that kind of traveling to people while they're conscious, but rough on the system." "Thanks for making an exception." Hatter said dryly. "My pleasure." "Where are we and where's Alice?" Hatter asked getting to his bare feet. Forest floor, bare feet. Brilliant. "We are across Wonderland, far from the old House of Cards and Knights Kingdom and between what used to be the Red and White Kingdoms." "The what?" "With all the time you spent smuggling in the Great Library did you never read up on Wonderland's history?""Yeah well Dodo was never one for lending out, especially to me but I know a bit.""So you know the story of the four corners of Wonderland?""No, not really." "I'm not surprised, it would have been one of the first things the Queen of Hearts got rid of." "Can we save the history lesson till later yeah? Where's Alice?"The Cat smiled. "She's this way, come along and as we go I'll tell you the story.""Lovely." Hatter rolled his eyes and as she started leading he followed, wondering what might be hiding in these wood that were obviously more secluded then the forest he and Alice had met Charlie.
"So Wonderland used to be divided into only two kingdoms, the Red and the White. They were constantly at odds for every century or so a large battle would erupt and one side would win for awhile and things would settle down, then another war and the other side would win. It was a constant cycle like clockwork, that was brought about by certain events each time. Now with everyone trying for a bit of power, from the wars formed two more Kingdoms, The Card Kingdom and the Kingdom of the Knights. Thus Wonderland was split into four corners.""So wait a tic." Hatter said thinking. "I know about the Cards, as the Heart's have always ruled them and they destroyed the Kingdom of the Knights, but wasn't the knights king the Red King?"The Cat smiled. "Yes, he was. The Red Kingdom married their daughter, an ill tempered spoiled brat, to the King of the Knights, who was fair and wise in hopes of doing what was best for their kingdom by allowing him to lead and gaining allies with the knights, so the King of the Knights became the Red King and and their daughter the Red Queen and both kingdoms benefited from the union, but after the Heart's seized power it didn't matter that they were united.""So what about the White Kingdom?""The White Kingdom was ruled by a young woman, the White Queen.""What happened to the White Kingdom and the other Queen? Why haven't I ever heard of it or her before?.""Why haven't you? It's a good question.""You going to answer it?""No.""Do you even know the answer?""Of course""Then why not tell it?""Because you don't need me to yet and besides we are here." She said stepping through the last of the brush and into a clearing set up as a campsite Hatter followed her and she called. "Honey, I'm home! Come on out I've brought you a present!" Hatter heard a rustling from the tent and an angry voice calling back. "I'm still here so you better tell me what the hell is going on!" Then a brunette head stuck itself out the flap followed by a slender body and Hatter felt his heart skip and let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding and could feel a grin creeping onto his face. Alice, she was here and okay. "Alice!" He called, she turned towards him startled as he began moving towards her. "Hatter!" She cried then she ran straight into his arms, he caught her in weighted her weight slammed into him. Oh god she felt so good. He didn't realize until he had her in his arms again how messed up he was feeling, like bits and pieces of himself were floating away until he connected with her and it was like she pulled him back together and kept his soul in place, firmly attached to her. He pulled back just enough to catch her mouth in a kiss and felt as both of them melted. This was right, this was exactly where he was supposed to be, with Alice. "Well I'm glad you like my surprise." The Cat said interrupting their reunion, They pulled apart and Hatter made sure to put himself in front of Alice. "But I am going to give you a bit of space before you get too physical, I don't really like to watch humans going at it." "No." Alice said. "I stayed put now you owe me some answers about what's going on.""All in good time." The Cat said dismissively inspecting her nails."No, now. That was the deal." Alice started to step forward but Hatter pushed her back. "Alice, don't. You don't know who she is, she's dangerous." Hatter warned."Yeah, I kind of figured she wasn't just some random chick.""No, she's the Cheshire Cat." Hatter explained."The Cheshire Cat, like with the floaty head thing?" Alice asked incredulous."I can still do that one!" The Cat grinned. "I do love the classics you know.""No," Hatter butted back in. He did not want to encourage anything with the Cat. "Well yes. There is only one Cheshire Cat, but like the real Wonderland isn't a story in a kids book, the Cheshire Cat isn't a comical purple kitty. She is the most dangerous creature in all of Wonderland, hell I don't even think creature is the right word for what the Cat is." "Being, concept, hallucination," The Cat added. "Oh dear god it's here! I've been referred to as many things. Not a one of them is accurate or wrong I just am." "Fine, whatever. I want to know what's happening." Alice was being stubborn. Just great, she meets one of the most dangerous things in existence and she wants to argue with it, god he loved this frustrating woman."And you will Alice I just thought I should give you two time to see each other and clean up since the Hatter just walked through the forest bare foot. There are a change of clothes for each of you in the chest in the tent." The Cat offered."There isn't a chest in the tent." Alice Cat snapped her fingers. "Now there is. So yes, I will be back in a short while. You two get cleaned, express your happiness to see each other again in whatever messy mortal fashion you feel like and I will be back to give some explanations, wonderful." She stepped forward towards them and grabbed Hatter's chin with her hand, turning his face from side to side. "You don't look too worse for wear, how do you feel?" She asked."Fine, umm what are doing?" He asked wanting to slap her hands away but he didn't want to do anything to upset her when she was this close to Alice. "Just checking to make sure that there was no permanent damage from your kidnapping and being brought here." She said tilting his head up then down. "It wasn't exactly a tea party, but I wasn't beaten. I've had worse." "Yes, yes you have." She said releasing his chin and looking in his eyes. "But we aren't talking of the same worse." She lightly slapped his cheek then looked over and smiled at Alice. "By the way, I was very happy you went with this one, he has always been one of my favorites and he has the cutest smile.""Why'd you bring him here?" Alice asked."I didn't being him here. I rescued him from his kidnappers like I did for you.""The same people tried to take Hatter too?""No, Jack Heart had him brought here, but I'll let the Hatter explain all that. I'll be back shortly, toodles!" And she ran off into the tree line."So I don't suppose you have any idea where in Wonderland we are?" Alice asked resting her chin on Hatter's shoulder and pressing her front to his back."Somewhere between the old Red and White Kingdoms." He answered looking sideways and down at her."Where and what is that?""The hell if I know, I'd say we've pretty much been put in a pretty little fish bowl and the Cat wants to watch us swim.""Let's just hope she is one kitty that doesn't like the taste of fish.""Yeah, let's." He turned around and pulled her to him again. Oh how he needed this. "I missed you." He whispered and kissed her head. "There was a little bit of time I was worried we wouldn't be able to get back to you.""We?" Alice asked looking up at him confused. Uh oh, how was he going to explain this?"So yeah, your mum is here.""What?" "She kind of got kidnapped with me.""What! Where is she?""Don't worry, she's perfectly safe.""Where Hatter?" He could see why the Cat left, this wasn't going to be pretty."Why don't we sit down and go over the whole story yeah?" He asked and Alice glared. Yeah, not pretty at all.

Alright so in the next chapter I plan on answering some questions, like what's the actual plot line:) but my inspiration behind this story was questions I had after watching the movie so I am asking if you a question you want explored like how come there are two looking Glasses(the one she followed Agent White through and then the one she came home through) but no one ever mentioned it again? Let me know as if you do thanks:)