Category: Land before Time

Rating: T

Couples in Series: Littlefoot/Ali, Cera/OC, Ducky/OC, Petri/OC, Spike/OC

Couples in this installment: Cera/OC

Warnings: AU

Chapter: Prologue

Copyright: © characters and places by United Pictures; © Plot and OC by me


"That was awkward." Ali told Littlefoot. "Mr. Threehorn really dislikes Cera no longer being alone, doesn't he?"

"I don't think I need to answer that." Littlefoot chuckled. "If looks could kill, Trike'd be dead in a matter of moments."

"He'd not be the first." Cera sighed, covering her face with her forelegs. "You should have seen Dad when I was being courted. I think the only reason he didn't beat up every guy that came close was because he had to protect Tria."

Trike solemnly nodded beside her.

" 'Protect Tria'?" Ducky echoed. "Why would he need to protect her?"

"It's the Threehorn-courting-method." Cera explained. "Men beat each other up for a girl, and the winner can become her mate. Or at least try to become her mate."

The others blinked a few times as they digested that.

"No rituals?" Ali wondered.

"Only if 'beat the others up' counts as a ritual." Cera gestured to Trike. "He beat up about half a dozen."

"Eight, to be exact." Her mate pointed out. "And then I stood up to her father, which was a challenge all in itself."

The Gang nodded solemnly at that before breaking out in loud laughter. After all these Cold Times, Mr. Threehorn was still much like he had been in their youths, breaking in a rage at the tiniest excuse. They still remembered when a lone Fast Biter – not Screech or Thud – had managed to sneak into the Valley and threatened Tricia. He had nearly been catapulted out again by the enraged father. It had ended when the Fast Biter, with bruises all over, had sprinted out faster than anyone would have thought possible.

Since then Mr. Threehorn had earned the nickname of Brokenhorn – though heaven forbid you ever called him that to his face – since he had rammed a boulder so hard one of his magnificent horns had lost its' tip.

"Wait, does that mean you watched your father fight the entire time?" Petrie wondered.

"Pretty much." Cera nodded. "I guess it's my turn?"