I have been in a 'funk' lately. Not writers block but distracted from predetermined paths. This is my first attempt at a song-fic, only because it got stuck in my head. Please be kind and let me know what you think. Not a one shot but not too long.

For those waiting for my other story to continue, its coming, but I am trying not to kill England... I have never been so... I am still researching a little bit.

Song not mine:

Artist: Zac Brown Band
Song: Colder Weather
Album: You Get What You Give

Anime not mine:

Writer: Fuyumi Ono
Anime/Manga: Ghost Hunt

Mai stared out airport terminal window. Her face plastered to the glass watching the planes taxiing to the runway. His plane, British Airways flight 409 began moving from away from the window. Her breath fogged the window while tears fogged her vision. It continued moving while Mai felt her heart slowly being ripped away.

She didn't remember when it happened but she found herself sitting on the floor looking out the window as a familiar hand clasped her shoulder.

"Come on, Jou-chan." the man said, she looked up at the long-haired monk. "Let's get you home." As he leaned down and picked her up she clutched his shirt and let him carry her from the airport.

She'd trade Tokyo if he'd take her with him
Closes the door before the winter lets the cold in,
And wonders if her love is strong enough to make him stay,
She's answered by the tail lights
Shining through the window pane

Naru had hoped they wouldn't follow him to the airport, he had told them goodbye at the cabins and Lin had left instructions for returning the van to SPR. It would be taken care of in a few days. While they were at the lake other BPR people had packed up the office. Settled finances with the landlord and some of the equipment was already on its way back to England.

As he walked toward his terminal he watched as Mai stood outside of security check point clutched a picture in her hands. She was being strong, her jaw set and eyes eagerly watching. She surprised him with her strength but he knew she would break down soon, knew he would not be the one to comfort her.

"She could come with us." Madoka murmured somewhere beside him.

He shook his head, he seemed to lose everything to Japan. "She belongs here," he wasn't sure if he said aloud or not but the woman disappeared into the background. He handed his ticket to the woman at the counter and refused to look back at the others. The team was all there. Monk, Miko, medium, priest, Researcher and assistant. Each one displaying their own version of anger, betrayal, agony and consternation. Only the medium knew who he was. Her look was one of sympathy. He shoved his hand in his pocket. Hiding the clenched fist from the prying eyes of his guardian.

His hand grazed something unfamiliar and for a moment it caught his attention as he grasped it in his fingers. He recognized it then. Mai had given him her lucky charm. The only thing she had left of her family, the key to an old apartment. He held it in his hand hidden away in his pocket.

It was reassuring, something tangible to hold. The last two years were a dream, and he would reawaken on the other side of the ocean. A different person. He didn't belong here, she didn't belong with him. Gene was the man of her dreams. He was her temporary boss, a man soon forgotten.

He said I wanna see you again
But I'm stuck in colder weather
Maybe tomorrow will be better
Can I call you then

Lin held the umbrella over his and Noll's heads as they hurried from the airport to the taxi. 12 hour 10 minute nonstop flight from Tokyo Narita to London Heathrow had made all parties ready for some space. They all piled into the Davis' car and headed to their mansion. Lin had a reserved guest room when needed there and planned to use it. Noll had barely responded to anyone his whole trip and now sat emotionless in the car. Lin knew better than to trust the outer facade. He had been instrumental in teaching him to control his emotions as well as abilities since one would play against the other. He wondered at his own emotions as they rode. He had never liked Japan, a place he was predisposed to hate, but his relief was slight returning to England. His hatred had faltered and acceptance reigned. That girl, that team, had changed his view and he would not be unwilling to go back.

Noll laid back on his bed. He had closed himself in before anyone could speak to him. He held the key above him letting it dangle in the shadows of the room. Her words ring through his head. "I love you Naru." the simply purity of the statement shocked him. Could she love him? He denied the possibility. Then he realized she had met his brother, had mistaken one for another. "Do you love me or Gene?" His words echoed back. She couldn't answer. They stood in silence as he laid now.

A knock on his door distracted him from the key. He set it on the bed stand before answering the door. Maybe he would throw it out, he did not believe in luck, and it was her luck not his. He had no use for it. Maybe tomorrow.

He opened the door.

A woman stood in front of him. She was shorter than when he had left. Frailer, older, thin lines in her face a road map of many years of hard work and worry. He traced the faint white scar on her jaw line from a fragment of a vase he had sent flying years ago. She searched his eyes, he was never one to touch people. He was calm, she placed her hand on his.

"His body has cleared customs," her voice a rough whisper, she could hear the tears she had fought. "We can have the funeral on Thursday."

He nodded then thinking it was not enough spoke. "He would like that." Thursday was one of his favorite days. Of people who had a favorite day, which Naru did not, most people liked Friday but Gene felt Thursday was best. The anticipation was better than the day.

She nodded holding back the tears that threatened to fall. No, she couldn't cry in front of him. He had his own pain and sadness. She should move away, but his hand-held her there. A gentle touch so foreign to them.

"Mother," the word brought her attention back to his eyes. It wasn't Luella, just her name, it was personal, a connection. For once his emotions and pain were plain on his face revealed for her to see. She collapsed into him expecting him to move away, but he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and guided her to the ground and there they sat. Her crying softly, him holding her close. Arm around her shoulder he placed his chin on her head.

He said I wanna see you again
But I'm stuck in colder weather
Maybe tomorrow will be better
Can I call you then