Chapter 2: Grandmaster Luwin

Grandmaster Luwin, head of the League for two years. Born in Piltover, on the exact day the Rune Wars began, he grew up to be a well taught scholar. After so many years of reading books, magic began to interest him. He studied for three years, and became a well adept magic user.

Drawn to the Rune Wars, Luwin left Piltover to join the Demacian army.

After months of serving the Demacian generals, Luwin was captured by noxian forces, and taken to the city. He was put through torture until he broke, giving them information on the location of King Jarvan lll. Noxian forces failed to be there in time, but allowed Luwin to roam free.

Luwin roamed Noxian streets for the rest of the Rune Wars, torn on what to do.

Then, he heard about the idea of a League of well adept fighters and magic users. Drawn to it, he put his support in, and became one of the League's first summoners. Now, after waiting so long, he stands at the head of the League of Legends.

But, is it really so good to be so high up?

Jarvan stretched his aching limbs.

"Serves you right,"Shyvana stated, still pissed.

"Look, i'm a man of my word. A bet is a promise none the less,"he told her again.

Garen sighed."Just let her cool off Jarvan."

Katarina threw the knife so high, it got stuck in the ceiling.

She sighed."Again?"she asked, looking at all the marks in the ceiling.

A knock came at the door."Lady Katarina?"

"Come in Talon,"she said, taking her knife out of the ceiling.

Talon opened the door, and closed it.

"Speak,"Katarina told him.

"We have word of your father,"he stated.

She froze."Where?"

Talon was silent for a moment."They found his body in the Zaun sewers. Twich found him, and is bringing him to Noxus for burial."

"So, i'm in charge of the family?"she asked.

Talon nodded grimly."They found three stab wounds in him. One from a dagger in the throat, one by a sword through the heart, and a spear through the stomach. They also found poison on him, and the body was still fresh."

Katarina was silent."Find the killers. Understood?"

Talon nodded."I was hoping you would give the order."He thought for a minute."No mercy?"

"Bring them alive,"she stated."They are mine to kill."

Talon bowed."As you say my lady."He turned, and left the room.

Garen heard everything.

"Why were you waiting here?"Talon asked.

"I had to talk with Katarina,"he replied."Will she be okay?"

"She will be fine. She was prepared for this outcome."

Garen nodded."Is the body clean?he asked.

"No, they found it in a sewer in Zahn. Its a wonder it was recognizable."

Garen laughed."True enough."

"Do you still need to talk to Lady Katarina?"Talon asked.

Garen looked at the door."No, it can wait."

Talon nodded."Then come on."

A match was beginning in the Twisted Treeline.

The winners from the last match, Piltover, was facing the Kinkou team, Shen, Akali, and Kennen. Piltover chose Jayse, Caitlyn and Blitzcrank for this fight.

Everyone gathered in the common area, excluding a few people.

"Should be a good one,"Varus stated.

"Agreed,"Ashe replied.

Anne took her seat next to Fizz and Leona.

Anne had grown up over he time in the League. Her hair had grown down to her shoulders, and was not held back. She stood about 5ft 3' and wore a dress that went down just past her knees.

Pantheon cheered.

"Every match,"Leona groaned.

"Piltover is going to win,"Swain stated.

"Doughtful,"Jarvan replied.

"I agree with Jarvan on this one,"Ahri stated.

"I don't know,"Shyvana said, thinking."Piltover might win."

Ahri laughed."Want to bet?"she asked.

Shyvana looked at her. After a moment, she nodded."I'll set the terms."

"Fair enough,"Ahri replied.

"If i'm right, you have to do something for me,"Shyvana stated.

Ahri nodded."And if I win?"

Shyvana sighed."What do you think?"

Ahri smiled."The Half-dragon. Sounds fun."

The two shoke hands. They turned to the screen.

The round began.

The Kinkou and Piltover charged.

Blitzcrank and Jayse went top. Caitlyn went to the alter.

Shen and Akali went top, while Kennen went to their alter.

The minions charged, following their champians.

Nocturn wathed the match. He prefered his fights, but enjoyed others as well.

"Why did you want me here?"Brand asked. The door closed behind him.

"I want to form my own team,"he stated.

"And?"Brand asked.

"I want you to join."

"Why should I?"Brand asked.

Jayse killed Shen, only to have Akali kill him in return.

Caitlyn snuck behind Akali, and shot her in the back of the head.

"Yet another kill,"she said aloud.

A screaming came from the forest. Caitlyn turned to se a disturbing sight.

Kennen came running, carring Blitzcrank abbove his head.

Caitlyn froze and had the funniest look on her face.

Kennen laughed, and threw Blitz at Caitlyn.

"Whoa. Whoa. Whoa,"Blitz said as he flew through the air.

"You've got to-"Caitlyn said before getting crushed.

Blitzcrank broke apart when he hit Caitlyn.

Kennen, unable to hold his attention for to long, lead his minions on the turret.

Everyone was laughing at what Kennen had just donw.

Pantheon cheered at this, but soon fell on his back laughing.

"For once, i'm okay with this,"Leona said between laughs.

Anne giggled a bit."Hes a funny little yordal."

Ashe was unable to hold her laughs back. She couldn't even speak.

"Yordals definatly are funny,"Tryndamere said aloud.

"Not all of us,"Veigar said, trying not to laugh.

The room laughed louder.

Kennen destroyed the turret, and ran for it as Blitzcrank chased him.

"I. Have. You. Now,"Blitzcrank said as he chassed Kennen down.

Shen emerged from the forest, and sliced Blitzcrank apart.

"Thanks,"Kennen said, running back to the base to heal his wounds.

"No problem, Shen said, taking his position for the comming minions.

Leona was covering her ear, yelling at Pantheon.

Annie laughed."Those two,"she said aloud.

Ashe nodded."I know."

"How long before he says it?"Annie asked.

Ashe shrugged."I don't know. And if he cheers again, I'll make sure Fiorland beats them."

"Cheering isn't bad,"Varus replied."But his is."

Everyone laughed a bit at that.

"So is it settled?"Nocturn asked.

Brand nodded."I'll help you out."

"Good,"Nocturn stated."Next is Fiddlesticks."

Brand nodded."Since I can roam free, I'll go ask him."

"Sounds good."

Akali emerged from the forest, only to have Caitlyn snipe her down from one of the trees.

Caitlyn climbed down, and shot shen when he charged at her."Ha,"she said with glee.

She led the minions on their turret.

Shyvana laughed.

"Don't get over confident,"Ahri said, sounding a bit scared."I might still win."

"Maybe,"Syndra replied.

Fiddlesticks turned his head to the door."What Brand?"he asked.

"Can I come in?"he asked.

"All can come in,"Fiddlesticks replied.

"Without you trying to kill me?"he asked again.

Fiddlesticks sighed."So be it,"he said.

Brand opened the door. He stepped in, and the door shut behind him.

The lighting in the room was dim, just enough for Fiddlesticks to see. There was only the screen in the dull room and few stones in the corner. Nothing else.

"Grim room,"Brand stated."Could use some more light though."

"Enough small talk,"Fiddlesticks said, standing up."What has Nocturn asked you to do?"

Brand laughed a bit."It wasn't Nocturn actually."

Caitlyn shot the turret, and toke it down.

She reloaded her gun, and shot down Kennen as he ran at her.

The bullet went through Kennen's head, and hit Akali in the shoulder, causing her to drop her weapons.

She yelled in pain as it hit.

Caitlyn stood over her."Don't take it personal,"she stasted, shotting Akali in the head.

Jayce walked up."That was just cold Cait,"he stated.

"We need to win, even if I have to be hated."

The two advanced.

Diana shuddered."That was cold, and I live under the moon."

Leona nodded."i hate to agree with Diana, but that was cold, for any of us."

Pantheon sighed."I've seen worse. You should hear what Cho or Kog say when their over you in battle. Thats disturbing and cold."

Ashe nodded."Granted,"she stated.

Blitzcrank and Jayce advanced while Caitlyn hid in the forest.

Shen and Akali advanced, and attacked.

Caitlyn shot Akali in the shoulder again, missing her shot at her head.

Akali screamed in pain, but threw hew weapon at Caitlyn, slicing her throat open. Caitlyn's body vanished right before it hit the ground.

Jayce killed Shen, allowing Blitzcrank to attack the fleeing Akali.

With them down, the two forced their minions to advance.

Cho'gath laughed.

"Scared Ahri?"Shyvana asked.

"No,"Ahri said, trying to hide her nervousness and sweat."I'm just fine."

Jarvan sighed."I always seem to choose the wrong side. Thankfully my head isn't on the line."

Swain laughed."Same."

Caitlyn toke a shot and killed Shen as he respawned.

Akali pounced on her, and killed her. Caitlyn's head rolled over the Jace's feet.

Jayce didn't notice, and accidently crushed it.

Fizz shoke with fear."That was disturbing."

Ashe nodded."He may not have noticed, but still, that leaves chills up your spine."

Tryndamere nodded.

"Scared?"Shyvanan asked again.

She shoke with disgust."No. Just disturbed by that little thing there."

Jarvan just ignored it."Piltover might just win this, i'm afraid."

Swain laughed.

Nocturn laughed."Good show so far."

Brand entered.

"He join?"Nocturn asked.

Brand nodded."Who else do you have in mind?"he asked.

Nocturn laughed."Someone joined just today. An enemy to the Kinkou. He will work fine."

"His name?"Brand asked.

"Don't worry, hell stop by here tomorrow,"Nocturn said, turning back to the screen."Almost there."

Lee Sin couldn't see the match, so he just sat in the corner and listened to the others talk amoung themselfs.

Nasus walked over."Are you okay?"

Lee Sin nodded."Since I can't see, I don't bother to focus on the screen. I get all my information from them,"he said, pointing at the others.

Nasus pulled up a seat next to him.

"Care for a drink?"Nasus offered.

"Sure,"Lee Sin replied, accepting the drink the minion brought him.

Nasus also got himself a drink while he was at it.

Kayle and Morgana were arguing over who was going to win.

The two, even though giving up on trying to kill each other, still hated each other.

"Everytime,"Luz stated.

Ezreal sighed."Why do they always do this?"

"What do?"Mundo asked.

Ryse just shoke his head."Just ignore them. They will calm down soon enough."

As he said, the two broke apart soon enough.

Zyra let out a breath."Finally, quiet."

Just then Pantheon cheered. Zyra was so surprised, she fell back, and landed on her head.

Jayce destroyed the turret, and toke aim at Kennen, who dodged his first shot.

Kennen dodged the second shot, and came into close range.

Jayce hit Kennen in the ribs with hammer, and shot him with the cannon, killing him.

Caitlyn walked up."Good kill."

Jayce nodded."Thank you."

Caitlyn looked at him boot, and gagged.

"What?"he asked.

Caitlyn swollowed."My brain is still on your boot."

Jayce looked down, and scrapped it off.

"What are you doing?!"Caitlyn shouted.

"Getting it off," Jayce replied.

Caitlyn vometed then."Quit it."

"Why?"Jayce asked."You have all your brain in there,"he said, tapping her head with one of his fingers.

"That beside the point,"she replied.

Shen and Akali advanced.

Jayce and Caitlyn shot them both through the head, killing them.

Pantheon shout had made the room laugh, seeing the pissed Zyra rise, and start cursing off Pantheon's head.

Leona just sat the with a smile on her face.

Pantheon started shouting back at Zyra. Both traded choise words while the room laughed.

Eventually Anne made a joke."Well, if you two aren't a lovely couple."

Pantheon and Zyra both gave her an evil glare that would make swain soil himself.

Annie froze in fear, seeing the evil glares they gave her.

The laughing grew louder.

After a bit more caruging, Jayce scraped off most of Caitlyn's brain, and went back to the job at hand.

Caitlyn ignored her curtling stomache, and went back to attacking.

Blitzcrank came running from the northern end, now covered in an enchanment.

"I. Have. Killed. Vilemaw,"he said, walking toward them.

"Thanks Blitz,"Cait said, killing more efficently now.

"Almost over,"Jarvan said with a sigh."I feel deja vu."

"Same,"Ahri said, still a bit nervous.

"I feel fine,"Shyvana said.

Caitlyn shot her gun, chipping a giant piece off of the Nexus. And Jayce and Blitz were smashing it apart.

Shen and Akali tried one more time to win this. they punced, and tried to kill the three of them.

Blitz held them off while Jayce and Caitlyn toke out the Nexus.

"Kennen!"Akali called.

The hyper yordal jumped over the wall, followed by three wolves.

Kennen ran right by Blitz.

The wolves didn't catch on, and thought Blitzcrank was their enemy. The attach the robot, ignoring the yordal.

Akali and Shen toke him down, and swiched aim to Jayce and Cait.

Jayce stood between them."You take down the Nexus Caitlyn. I'll handle these two."

"Three,"Kennen said, standing with his team.

Jayce swung his hammer and knocked Kennen off to the side.

Shen and Akali attacked at once.

Jayce blocked Shen attack, and hit Akali in the right shoulder.

Shen attacked again, only to be hit in the stomache by Jayce.

Caitlyn toke her shot, but only cracked the Nexus a bit more. Five bullets left.

Jayce broke Akali's right shoulder on the second hit. Shen was knocked back again.

Caitlyn shot again. Bigger crack. Four bullets left.

Jayce kicked a bleeding Kennen into the minions, who toke care of the rest. Shen stood up again. Jayce was focused on Akali, that he failed to notice Shen walking forward.

Shen fell forward, his head blown to pieces. Three bullets left.

Caitlyn turned her attention to the stunned Akali. The bullet ripped of her right ear.

Akali advanced, not even noticing her missing ear. She raised her one good arm.

Jayce toke the hit, right through the stomache. he held the pain back."We win."

Caitlyn shot at the nexus, and broke the protective layer. The next bullet almost toke it down.

One bullet left.

Jayce tossed his hmmer to Cait.

"Here it is,"Shyvana said, smiling.

Everyone was watching the match closely.

Caitlyn toke her shot, but it didn't take it down. It was healing to fast.

"Use it,"Jayce said as Akali ripped her scythe free. He fell in pain, dying.

Cait picked it up, grunted by the weight, and fired a shot at Akali, ripping a hole in the center of her chest. the recoil sent her back three yeards.

Shen and Kennen respawned and were running at Caitlyn.

Caitlyn picked up Jayce's hammer, and charged the Nexus.

"Suspenceful,"Nocturn said to Brand.

Brand nodded."A good battle today."

Caitlyn brought down the hammer, and shattered the Nexus.

Piltover cheered as their team won the match.

Caitlyn's family were cheering with the people.

Ahri sighed."Well, you win Shyvana. I'm yours for what ever you need."

Shyvana smiled."Good." She stood up."Come with me."

Ahri followed, all nine tails hung low in disapointment.

Jarvan raised an eyebrow."What could Shyvana need with Ahri?"

"Who knows?"Garen asked.

Katarina just gave him the glare."Must you keep thinking of that with every girl that spends time with Ahri?"

Garen blushed a firey red."I wasn't thinking of that until just now!"

"Liar,"Kat said back to him.

Shyvana opened her door.

"Come in,"she said to Ahri.

Ahri's ears perked up."Really?"

"Not for that reason ahri,"Shyvana replied, walking in.

Ahri walked into her room.

Jarvan and Swain walked into The Grandmaster's Study, the main room in the entire Institute.

Luwin turned."Prince Jarvan, Jericho,"he said, pointinmg to two of the empty seats.

The two sat down.

After a couple minutes, Master Yi, Twich, Katarina, Elise, Pantheon, Leona, Shen, Akali, and Cho'gath walked into the study.

"You called for us?"Pantheon asked, taking off his helmet. Underneath his helmet, he had short dark-brown hair, red eyes and a few scars.

"Yes,"Luwin said, rising from his seat. He was roughly six and a half feet tall. He had light grey hair, grown to his shoulders, and a curly beard to his waist. He wore white robes with the League's symble on the right shoulder.

"What for?"Katarina asked.

"Lord Du Couteau,"Luwin said, bluntly.

Everyone was silent.

"I have asked each of you here for a reason,"he continued."Twich, for finding the body. Katarina, as his heir. Swain, as leader of Noxus. Jarvan, as leader of Demacia. Shen and Akali, so as to judge the balance. cho'gath, as to help find the actual cause of death. Pantheon, to determine what weapons had been used. And so on."

Everyone nodded.

Luwin sighed."The league has been put in charge of this case so Noxian citizens or the Du Couteaus don't try to get revenge on the wrong people."

All of thme nodded in agreement, excluding Cho'gath, who was just listening.

Garen was waiting there as Katarina walked out.

"What did Luwin want Kat?"he asked.

"Nothing,"Katarina said, walking away.

"Whats wrong with her today?"Garen asked.

"She lost her father,"Jarvan stated.

"I know that,"Garen replied."But why is it messing with her?"

"I don't know,"Jarvan stated."Lets wait and see."

Garen just looked off at Katarina, looking like she was breaking.

Garen sighed."I can't do that Jarvan."Garen walked after Katarina.

Jarvan laughed."Garen, the Might of Demacia. Fallen for a Noxian."

Jarvan turned, and went to his room.

Katarina shut her door. She layed on her bed, and examined her knife.

A knock came on her door."Kat?"Garen said.

"What?"she asked, her voice shaking.

"Can I come in?"he asked.

She stood up, and opened the door.

Garen nodded, and found a chair.

The room had white wall paper and a red silk bed. The carpet was a a royal red, like that used in throne rooms. There were eight chairs there, for guests.

"Two times I've been in this room,"Garen stated."First, when you joined the League."

Katarina laughed."When you declared our rivalry. That was funny."

"And second-"

"When you beat me for the first time." She luaghed a little bit at that."I still remember us getting drunk that night."

Garen laughed too."Yeah."

Katarina blushed a bit remembering."Still wish you hadn't talk me into stripe poker though."

"Whoa, that was you, not me,"Garen replied.

Katarina just ignored that."But, seriously, why are you here?"

Garen shrugged."You looked upset after you met with Luwin."

"And?"she asked.

"Are you okay?"he asked.

Katarina shurgged."I don't know."

Garen just stared at her. She was shaking.

"If you need a shoulder to cry on-"garen began.

"A Du Couteau never crys!"she yelled.

Ahri sat in one of the chairs in Shyvana's room.

She figgited a little bit. Not because of beinging in a another champian's room, but because she didn't know what Shyvana wanted.

"What is it you want?"Ahri asked.

Shyvana sat up on her bed."It really isn't that hard to find out."Shyvana stood up and streched."I want you to help me win over Jarvan's heart."

Ahri was stunned for a moment, but laughed.

"Whats so funny?"Shyvana threatened.

"You risked a night with me, over the prince's heart?"she said, still laughing a bit.

"And?"Shyvana asked.

"Nothing,"Ahri said calming down."I'll help."

"That easy?"

"What can I say, the prince rubbed off on me, in more ways than one."

"Gross,"Shyvana said, shaking off Ahri's comment.

Luwin sighed."There is deffinetly something off with this case,"he said to himself.

"Grandmaster?"came a rough voice at the door.

A man wearing black summoner robes, was standing there. His hood was down, showing a head of short cut black hair. One of his eyes was a pure milky white, with no ability to see, while the other one was blood red. His face was scared, showing how much he fought in his life.

"Ah, Gren,"Luwin said with a bit of distaste at the Noxian born summoner.

"I brought the documents,"he said, laying down a large pile of files labeled, Du Couteau Family.

"Thank you,"Luwin said, waving his hand for Gren to leave."Time to see who would want to kill him."

Darius sighed."Lord Swain, are you sure you want to find out?"

"Of course,"Swain replied, feeding his bird."If i can find the killer, I gain the aid of Noxus' most powerful family."

"I didn't think of that,"Darius replied, examining his axe.

Swain laughed."Think ahead next time Darius."

Darius laughed."War, thats almost all I know."

"Which is why I value your aid."

Tristana laughed as Teemo balanced all that food on his one hand.

Veigar, who sat at the edge of the mess hall, watched with distaste at the two yordals.

Xin Zhao, Brand and Cho'gath laughed at Teemo. Teemo just enjoyed the laughter.

Garen sighed."Stuborn girl."

"What happened with Kat?"Jarvan asked.

"Not talking,"Garen replied.

"Really?"Jarvan asked.

Garen just glared."I said I wouldn't tell anyone."

"Oh, secrets,"Lux said, taking a seat next to Jarvan."Let me in on it."

"I'm not talking,"Garen said, getting annoyed.

"Come on,"Jarvan pleaded.

"We won't stop until you talk,"Lux added.

"Back off,"Garen said, backing away.

"What about me?"Galio asked.

Garen just jumped back as the gargoyle walked up.

"Is everyone against me?"Garen asked.

Xin Zhao stood behind garen."You bet."

Garen just sighed, and ran for it.

"Get him!"Jarvan yelled, leading the others behind him.

Katarina sighed."Stupid Garen."

She looked at the door, felling something on the other side. Normally people knock when they wait at her door.

"Whose there?"she asked.

The door opened. Talon walked in."My lady?"

"You were just standing guard?"she asked.

Talon nodded.

"Nevermind then."

Talon nodded, and left the room.

"That wasn't Talon's pressence,"Katarina concluded.

Zed walked into Nocturne's room.

"You wished to see me?"he asked.

Nocturne turned."I hear you hold strong distaste to the members of the Kinkou."

Zed just stared."That is plain knowledge."

"I have an offer for you,"Nocturne said, rising from his alter.

"I'm listening."

Luwin put his book back on its shelf with the others, settling for the night.

A knock came on the door.

"Come in,"Luwin said, sitting back down.

Gren opened the door."More evidence on the case sir. Strait from Noxian intelligence."

Luwin nodded."Thank you, you can rest for the night."

Gren nodded with a bow."Grandmaster."

Luwin just let go of his disgust to Gren."Something is off about that Noxian."

Ashe let her hair down, seeing how long it had grown.

Tryndamere was away in Freljord, dealing with diplomatic relations between the different factions of the north. Since one of them was needed to represent the North, Tryndamere chose to deal with the hassle.

Ashe laughed, imagining Tryndamere trying to be civil to all the other lords and ladies.

A knock came on the door.

Ashe changed from her clothes, into her light blue nightgown. Once she was in it, the knocking came more rapidly.

Ashe opened the door."Yes?"she asked.

Lux stood there."Lady Ashe,"she said with a bow.

Ashe smiled."Lux, you don't need to be formal."

"Sorry,"Lux said, standing strait."I have a question for you,"she said, looking around.

"Would you care to come in?"Ashe asked.

Lux nodded."Thank you."

Ashe closed the door behind Lux."Whats you question?"Ashe asked, getting them both some water.

"Well,"Lux began. She was rubbing her hands together, trying to avoid blushing.

Ashe laughed."Its nice to know,"Ashe stated,"but I'm married."

Lux burst pure red."Thats not what I want to talk about!"

A thud came from outside the room.

Ashe calmed down."Okay, just joking."

Lux sighed."I was wondering if you could help me with-"she said, stopping.

"With Jarvan?"she asked.

Lux looked away."That obvious?"

Ashe smiled."Not really, Shyvana shows more than you."

Lux nodded."Well, can you help me?"

Ashe was silent for a moment."Well, I can't make him love you, but i can help build up your confidence."

"Really?"Lux asked, excited.

"Yes,"Ashe said, sipping her water."But, you must do something for me."

"That would be?"Lux asked, chugging her water.

She pointed at the door."Someone is listening."

Lux opened the door, to see Soraka fall forward.

"Ow,"Soraka said, standing up.

Ashe sighed."Why do you keep listening at my door so offten?"

Soraka just smiled."Well, you and Tryndamere,"she trailed off.

Ashe blushed."I told you, we will get you when it happens."

Soraka bowed."Sorry."

Jarvan drank his tankard of beer Gregas had offered him.

Garen had had two already."He may be odd, but his brews are the best."


Others were drinking their beer as well.

Gregas, who was known drunk, had had a good season, and was having a party, offering his brew to all.

Teemo was dancing on a table a few feet away, waving his hat around. His little group of friends, Ziggs, Tristana, Rumble, and Lulu were all drunk, laughing at him.

Xin Zhao staggered to them."You guys should join th-the contest."

"I'm already signed up,"Garen stated.

"I'll pass,"Jarvan added."A prince must be as cival as possible."

"You in?"Garen asked.

"Not toady,"Xin replied."I had to much to enter."

"Well, seeya,"Garen said, standing up, walking to the tables Gregas had for the contest.

"Welcome one and all,"Gregas said."I 'ave had a wonderfull season with my hops, spices and berries. So, i'm holding this party for all."

Rengar and Kha'zix, who had been arguing for an hour, were now singing some stupid drinking song. They were so drunk, they didn't even remember their names.

"The brew you will be drinking,"he said to the contestants before him, "is one of my strongest. Made of tree root, wild blue berries, and the purest hops you can find in all o' Valoran! Last one drinking, wins."

Garen, Teemo, Varus, Volibear, Sivir, Pantheon, Gangplank, Jax, Lee Sin, and Katarina were waiting for Gregas to tell them to drink.

Hecarim brought them each a flagon of Gregas' beer.

"Now,"Gregas said, raising a hand."Begin!"

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