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One year.
In a year you could travel the world.
Learn foreign languages.
Read 100's of books.
Write your own book and publish.
Master a skill.
Cook your way through recipe books.
Get married, get pregnant, have a baby.
You could do so much in a year,including mend a broken heart.

Or so Maura thought. She had stood by the graveside, refusing to let the tears fall, refusing to let her daughter see her cry. She stood and placed a single rose on the coffin.
She held tightly to her daughter, who would never know her other parent.
She made a vow to herself and to her only child that she would not fall. That she would stand tall and get through this, for her daughters sake.
She had hoped that a year away from it all, with her daughter would help.

She had time to prepare before Thomas' death. They fought the cancer, they tried everything, and she spent more money than he wanted on fighting his cancer. But 2 years after the initial diagnosis Thomas lay in the hospital, Maura by his side, Amelia in her arms and he took his last breath.

Thomas' Mom took Amelia as Maura sat by his side and sobbed. She knew it was coming but that didn't help. Not now. The moment they had feared, dreaded, fought was upon her. And even though everything was in place, everything was sorted, everything was prepared, she felt lost. She felt crushed; she didn't know how she would go on. Thomas' was her world. And then he was just gone.

She sat in a chair by her coffee table the day after the funeral and tried to decide what to do. She hadn't slept in their bed, she couldn't. She had tried to sleep in the guest room, but couldn't find sleep. Ultimately she had spent the week between his death and his funeral sleeping in a chair in Amelia's room.

As she sat in the chair, she knew. She had always wanted to travel the world, visit so many places but with Amelia being so young, and Thomas being so sick, it had never been an option. But Amelia was 4 and a half and Thomas was gone. So she phoned the airline and booked a flight. The first one.

She and Amelia had taken a year away, travelled the world, and visited so many places. And the ache was less. Still not a day passed where she didn't think of him, but it was gradually getting easier to get up in the morning. The days did not seem so long and so dark now.

Once they had returned from their holiday Maura had hoped she could face the house, face going back to the place they had both worked. But as she walked through the doors of the hospital she felt it. The loss, the fear, and the unbearable ache she had been fighting.

And then she knew. She knew she had to move, to get away, and start fresh. So she picked randomly, just looked at a picture of America and placed her finger down.


She was going to Boston.
Amelia was nearing her 6th birthday and they were moving to Boston.

They had driven down 2 weeks after returning from the holiday.

The drive seemed long, quiet. They had driven cross country before, taking Thomas' to hospitals in different states. But this one was different. Without Thomas, Amelia sat quietly in the back, sleeping. She would normally be loud on car journeys, laughing with her Father, making jokes. This was different. And even though Amelia was so young, Maura knew she understood.

Amelia had taken after Maura with her intelligence. Thomas had made jokes about it.

Now Maura half wished Amelia didn't understand, so that she didn't have to go through this.

As Maura pulled up outside their new home Amelia's eyes popped open and she stretched in the back seat.

Maura turned to her and smiled.

"Welcome to our new home baby girl."

The furniture had been shipped earlier that week, most of it already in place so when Maura slipped the key into the lock and turned she shouldn't have been surprised at how the place looked, but she was.

She had gotten rid of everything from their old home; she didn't want to bring any of it. Anything that hadn't been thrown had been brought with them or sent earlier.

Amelia nudged Maura's hand, causing Maura to look down at her daughter. Amelia was looking, wide eyed, at the house, excited to explore. Maura understood and nodded.

Amelia broke free of her mother's grasp and dashed into the house, her earlier tiredness forgotten, she raced through the living room straight for the stairs.

"Be careful Mia!" The warning came out, even though it wasn't needed. Amelia was quiet, took after Maura like that. She was polite, wouldn't go anywhere without permission, but she had a desire to discover, to learn, to find new things.

It didn't take long for the little girl to find her room. A gasp was heard from upstairs, followed by the door being pushed carefully opened and then footsteps across the room.

Every noise from the little girl echoed in the house.

It's too quiet without him.

It's always too quiet without him. He'd love to see her like this, happy.

Maura moved through the house, taking in everything. She hadn't been for a look around the place before she bought it. Just had it recommended, viewed a couple pictures and paid.

Simple she had thought.

She could hear Amelia upstairs, walking around, getting used to the new place.

As Maura listened to Amelia rush downstairs, collect her bags and run off back upstairs she finally had a small feeling of hope.

Hope that she could be happy here, that maybe they could both be happy here. That maybe, just maybe, she'd be able to start feeling like a human again.

3 weeks after she moved in she started to settle in. Really settle in. She had enrolled Mia into a public school nearby and dropped her off earlier that morning. She had contemplated sending her to a private school, but thinking back on her upbringing she thought public school might be good for her daughter.

It had taken her a while to make the final decision. She knew what she wanted, and where she wanted Mia to go, but normally this is what she and Tom should decide. They had discussed it briefly when Mia turned 2. Maura was always convinced Mia should go to public school, and the one time she had brought it up with Tom he had shut it down; reluctant to discuss the topic. Maura knew he was just scared, he didn't want to discuss something he wouldn't be there for.

As Maura sat on the couch after taking Mia to her first day of school in Boston she wept. Most mothers cried on their children's first day of school, because they would miss their children, or due to the realization their child was growing up. But not Maura, she wept for Tom.

The day Mia had been born he had promised to be there. He didn't know. No one knew he wouldn't be.

Maura sat on the couch, curled up in a corner. She remembered a night no more than a year and a half ago.

Tom had been particularly sick that week. They both knew Tom didn't have much time left.

Mia had a nightmare and she ran into their room, tears in her eyes. She jumped onto their bed, explaining through sobs that 'she dreamt some nasty man came and took Daddy away'. That night Tom took her back to bed. He picked her up, using what little energy he had left and climbed into the little single bed with her. He held her, wiping away her tears, whispering promises that he would be there forever.

Maura remembered standing in the doorway of Mia's room, silently sobbing.

Tom had fallen asleep in Mia's room that night.

She sobbed for a while, not caring about her makeup or her now wet couch cushion.

She cried till she heard a knock at the door, startling her. She stood and wiped her eyes, trying to make herself presentable. She walked over to the door, taking two deep breaths before opening it, a fake smile on her face.

On the other side of the door was a face she did not recognize.

A beautiful woman stood on her doorstep.

"Hi, sorry to bother you, I just thought I'd come and introduce myself." The voice was sudden, unexpected. Maura had spent so long not speaking to anyone else but Mia, a new voice was surprising.

"Oh. Right..." Maura trailed off, allowing the stranger to introduce herself.

The stranger clicked on quickly.

"Sorry...long day I guess. Hi, I'm Detective Jane Rizzoli, I live next door? Well, my Ma lives next door, I lived there when I grew up. I live in an apartment across town now, but its flooded because my dog decided to chase a fly in the bathroom and knocked the tap which ran all day and flooded the place. So now I live there for a week or so...and I'm rambling. Sorry."

Maura smiled. One of the first times she'd smiled in a long time.

"Well, that's quite a story there, Jane. I'm Maura, Dr Maura Isles. I just moved here." Maura didn't offer any more information and Jane didn't ask for anymore.

"Doctor ay? What kind?"

Maura was surprised by the question, but quickly recovered.

"Pathology...Well, I was a pathologist. I quit my job after-" She caught herself quickly. "Well, I quit before I moved."

Jane looked up at Maura, her eyes a little brighter.

"Well, you ever fancy getting back into it there's a job going down at the precinct? BPD, its where I work?"

Maura smiled, but ultimately didn't get a chance to respond before Jane was yelled from the house next door.

"Well, I gotta go, but you should think about it?" Jane smiled and waved at Maura before dashing off next door.

Maura shut the door and turned to her new house.

She smiled again.

Maybe I can be happy here.

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