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After throwing her jacket down in the seat next to hers Jane dropped down in her chair. She sighed loudly, rubbed her eyes and then finally looked up at Frankie.

"Morning." Frankie spoke brightly, loudly, on purpose.

Jane's only response was to put her head on her hand, eyes closed and then use the other hand to flip Frankie off.

Only when she heard his response smirk did she look up.

"Good night?" He asked, half sympathetic.

"Unfortunately not. A long one, including me, cold cases and a 40 minutes nap with my head on the coffee table." Jane groaned.

"Ouch. Why? I didn't know you had an open case right now?"

"Nahh, we don't. I'm going over something for Korsak, Maura was going to help me but she never answered my calls."

At the sound of the M.E's name Frankie looked up to Jane.

"Maura?" His tone was questioning, but still a little playful.

"Yeah, Doctor Isles."

Frankie opened his mouth to ask, but the waitress stood by the edge of the table drawing attention to her.

Only after they had ordered and their food arrived did Frankie get a chance to steer the conversation back.


"What?" Jane didn't even look up from her plate.

"On a first name basis with a certain medical examiner are we?"

That got Jane's attention.


"Nothing...you guys good friends then?" Frankie spoke playfully. Jane was pretty sure she knew where Frankie was going with this.

"We're alright mates...why?"

"No...I just didn't expect you to be such good friends with Queen of the dead is all."

Jane's attention, which had been diverted back to her plate, was on Frankie again in seconds.

"Queen what?!" She spoke calmly, trying not to show how annoyed she was with the nickname.

"Queen of the dead...are you telling me you haven't heard anyone call her that?"

Jane thought for a moment, in truth she had heard the nickname thrown around before, but had never connected it to Maura.

"No...Not about Maura."

"Oh. Well, you have to admit its pretty fitting. She's super creepy. And have you seen that little girl she drags round the place? What is that about?!" Frankie laughed, intending what he said to be a throw-away comment.

Jane however, was not having that.

"No. It's not 'pretty fitting'. She's not 'super creepy' and for the damn record I have met Mia, she's Maura's daughter and what's the problem if she brings her to work?"

Frankie looked a little taken aback by Jane's outburst.

"Jesus Jane..."


Jane stared down at her plate for a long moment, trying desperately not to think any more about Maura. It wasn't happening.

So, instead Jane leaned over to her jacket, grabbed some cash out and placed it down on the table.

"I'll see you around Frankie."

"Jane! Is this about what I said? Look I'm sorry, I didn't know you guys were so close, come on."

Jane slipped her jacket on and turned.

"Don't worry Frankie; I've just got somewhere to be."

"Jane, seriously, I am sorry. If I'd have known I wouldn't have said anything."

"It's fine Frankie."

With that Jane walked quickly towards the door, slipping out into the cool air.

It felt good to just get out of there. She had been attempting not to think of Maura for a while, because thinking about Maura led to thinking about her relationship with Maura which led to her questioning herself and then she ended up a confused mess on the floor.

Jane had come to the conclusion she was bi-sexual when she was 15. She had been attracted to girls for a little while and eventually things kind of slid into place when her high school best friend came out to her and Jane realised that everything her friend described, she felt the same. After that, she pretty much settled into things, comfortable in her own mind.

She was not however, comfortable telling anyone else. She kept it to herself to this very day. In her eyes, she didn't need to tell anyone. Granted she found girls attractive, and hell, the things she longed to do with a girl. But she hadn't actually found anyone that she wanted to take that step with. Not till now at least.

Now Maura was here, and Jane could actually imagine taking that step with Maura.

Except for the fact that Maura was straight, and had a daughter and was dealing with her own problems.

Jane knew that a relationship with Maura wasn't even a possibility, yet she couldn't keep her mind from wandering.

All someone had to do was mention her name and Jane's mind was flooded with images, mostly inappropriate.

At this point she knew it was a physical thing for Maura. But with each passing day, each time she stood up for Maura as a reflex, each time she caught herself smiling thinking only of Maura and Mia she questioned it.

It wasn't good. She knew it. But what she didn't know was how to stop it.

Walking through the park Jane found herself absentmindedly walking towards Maura's part of town. A route she and Maura had taken often when they went running. Jane half contemplated going to see Maura since she knew they were both on a day off, but she knew Maura was probably going to see Mia at some point. Instead she wandered towards her mothers, hurrying slightly as the cold got the better of her.

"Hey Ma!"

Angela stuck her head out of the kitchen briefly.

"Janie, what brings you here?"

"Oh, I was just...you know...in the area." Jane kicked her shoes off by the door, headed in the direction of the kitchen again.

"At Maura's again then?" Angela's voice held something Jane couldn't quite place.

"No. Why would you think that?"

"Well, you are always there?"

Jane smiled.

She had been spending a lot of time at Maura's recently. Between running, coffee after that and stopping by to see Mia, she had probably spent more time at Maura's then her mothers.

"I guess, but no not today."

"She not in then?" Angela shot back teasingly.

"I don't know." With that Jane actually began to wonder if Maura was at home. She hadn't thought to check if Maura was at home, or if the car was there. She silently cursed herself for not even checking, but then thought it might be best. It was becoming increasingly difficult to stop her feelings in their tracks if she spent more time with Maura and Mia.

Jane smiled at the thought of the little girl. She and Mia had bonded quickly over the little girls nightmares. Jane hadn't even told Maura about Hoyt yet, but she had briefly told the little girl. It wasn't that Jane didn't want to tell Maura, it was that she couldn't. She feared Maura's reaction more than anything. She wasn't sure if she could handle whatever Maura's reaction would be.

So, she kept quiet. It wasn't like Maura wasn't keeping secrets from her. Jane knew Maura wasn't telling her everything. But what could she do? She knew that forcing Maura to tell her wasn't fair, and she half understood why Maura wouldn't want to tell her everything about her life, but she still couldn't help feeling a little out of the loop with Maura.

She knew a few things about Maura, she knew that Maura had moved here because of something that had happened in her past, and she knew that Maura had been married to Mia's father, but other than that no-one really seemed to know, or if they did they weren't saying a thing.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

Angela's voice shocked Jane, causing her to turn away from the window. She didn't even remember turning to look towards Maura's place, and yet here she was, silently scanning the house for a sign of life.

"Hmmm? Oh, sorry, what were you saying?"

Angela smirked, seeing right through Jane.

"Nothing, but if it helps she came home last night, parked in the garage and I haven't seen her leave...come to think of it, I rarely see her leave except for work or Mia. Is she okay Janie? She seems a bit...quiet."

Jane smiled at her mother, it was impossible not to love her mother; even if she had the wrong methods and ideas sometimes she knew her mother was always looking out for people.

"Oh...to be honest Ma, I don't know. I think she's okay, she's a bit quiet at work, but otherwise she seems okay."

Jane hated lying to her mother, granted she'd had to get used to it in her teenage years, but she still didn't like it.

Angela looked at her funny, clearly not believing her, but ultimately turned back to whatever she was making for dinner.

Jane glanced back out of the window before reaching into her pocket and slipping her phone out.

Fancy a coffee later? Or dinner? Xx

Jane sent the text and waited. Maura always text back within a few minutes unless she was working or with Mia.

She waited a few moments before placing her phone on the counter and making herself a drink. She knew if she watched her phone a message would never come through.

But even as she set her glass down, she noticed Maura had not replied.

Jane thought it odd but ultimately decided to forget it, Maura was probably busy.

4 hours, 3 texts, 2 phone calls later Jane left her mothers and walked the short distance to Maura's. She had been waiting for a response, but after not getting one, and Maura not answering her calls she decided a quick visit to Maura's place wouldn't be not okay.

She walked quickly up the steps to Maura's door, and went to knock, but only when she held her hand up did she realise the door lay ajar.

Jane looked quickly at the lock, noting the signs of forced entry. Within seconds she had drawn her weapon and slipped through the door, careful not to touch too much. She stepped slowly through the house, searching through the rooms. She walked carefully through the kitchen towards the lounge. Upon hearing nothing in the house Jane's heartbeat slowly started to go back to normal. But still, she continued her search, heading quietly towards the dining room.

As she stepped through the dining hall door she heard it.

A loud smash from the lounge.

"Fuck." The one room she hadn't checked.

She dashed towards the lounge, throwing open the door and taking in the scene before her.

A groggy, but clearly terrified Maura was half sat up on the couch staring at something in the corner. Jane stayed silent in the door way, not alerting anyone to her presence. She spotted the smashed bottle on the floor and as she walked towards it she breathed a sigh of relief, figuring it was Maura who dropped the bottle.


Maura spun round to look at Jane, fear evident in her eyes, cutting off Jane's speech. That's when Jane directed her gaze to where Maura had been staring.

The colour drained from Jane's face as she turned to face the person in the corner.

"Who the fuck are you?!"

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