Angel with a Shotgun; Chapter 2: Awaken, Being Created from a Child's Greif

After the events with the unknown Gundam, Rain decided to do research of four indentified objects seen in the vicinity. While Domon was catching up with Master Asia,

"Say Domon" he called the others attention, "Where's your friend, what's her name? Wasn't she supposed to meet you for breakfast today?" he asked

"Yeah, she's probably still a sleep" he said, "She does have low blood pressure" he added, in a split second he was rubbing his head, courtesy of Master Asia who had hit him over the head with a spoon.

"That's no way to talk about woman Domon" he said laughing full heartedly, "What about the other one?" he asked and Domon looked at him, "You mean V?" he said thinking he must have been talking about the green haired mechanic.

"Yes, where is she this morning?" he asked as Domon began to think, "I believe she's in Shining Gundam" he said, "I think she said she was going to make some upgrades to the system" he said as his master nodded.

"Also, I think Rain said she was going to do research on some unknown objects seen in the area" he said and Master Asia's mood quickly changed.

"Is something wrong Master?" Domon asked, before he could answer he saw a familiar head of green coming toward.

"Good Morning Domon, Master Asia" she greeted them

"Is something wrong V?" Domon asked as she just smiled and shook her head, "Nothing's wrong, I just wanted to tell you I finished the new upgrades to Shining Gundam" she smiled

"That's great" Domon said, "Breakfast?" he offered but V declined

Suddenly a warning signal echoed throughout the city, the call alerted the people to seek shelter as the Dark Army had been seen in the vicinity.

"Not again" Domon said rising quickly from his spot seeing the smoke, as they made their way into the city they saw people running from the Dark Army machines as they began destroying more of the already half destroyed buildings and surroundings.

"They just keep appearing no matter how many we destroy" Domon growled clenching his fist, suddenly one of soldiers pointed their weapon at a group of feeling people, as it prepared to pull the trigger its weapon was quickly cut in half, the sliced piece falling to the ground, followed by the machines middle half and decapitated heads.

Two of the machines trying to add its fallen machine were quickly cut down falling and crashing to the ground.

"V!" Domon called knowing that it was her who crushed the machines and save the people, suddenly a machine came down from the sky in a flash of green.

More Dark Army robots began advancing toward V and her fighter, "Domon lets go!" Master Asia commanded and Domon nodded summoning his Shining Gundam, along with Master Asia who summoned his Gundam and began their fight of the army of infected Gundam's.

Slicing through what seemed to be an endless band of soldiers, more and more began to advance towards them.

"It's endless, we keep cutting them down but they just keep coming" Domon breathing tired, "Domon it's a waste of time fighting the foot soldiers, understand"

"We have to destroy the general, naturally once they fall they will collapse as well" Master Asia explained as Domon nodded.

"But, how do we get to the general?" Domon asked and Master Asia quickly pointed to the large and familiar Gundam standing far out behind the sea of foot soldiers.

"Wait! That's Rose Gundam!" Domon stated, "George is it true, are you really a follower of the Dark Gundam" he looked on apathetically not wanting to harm his friend.

"Domon what are you waiting for" Master Asia called

"Yes sir!" Domon said and charged toward Gundam Rose as they engaged in their battle. V's fighter began hovering above a faint green hue emitting from its back side. Targeting the foot soldiers below, V gave a rather dark smirk as she stared down at the foot soldiers.

"Time to level the playing field" she said typing some codes into the screen, "Now, Control Hacker!" a green light emitted from the markings that were etched into the fighters metal, many of the foot soldiers began to be to tremble before the same markings appeared on their armor.

Suddenly the foot soldiers with the green marks began attacking the other unaffected soldiers. Suddenly a large noise brought V's attention toward where Domon was, he was now surrounded by the four infected Gundam pilots and was fighting them four against two.

'Nine activate Shining Gundam AT Shields's and switch Victus into Auto Pilot' she told the being before exiting out the control room, 'Keep the foot soldiers back I'm going to go help Domon' she said before jumping from Victus and flying toward Shining Gundam.

Domon groaned as he was knocked back, taking another hit from Gundam Maxter, "So Neo Japan what do you think of the power we've gained" Chibodee boosted as he stood over the fallen Gundam. Domon tried to snap the others to their senses only for it to fall on deaf ears .

"Domon" a voice called looking behind him, looking behind him he was met with the sight of V.

"V how did you get here?" he looked at her as she just looked at him with her light green eyes, before he could get answers the Gundam rocked as another attack struck the already damaged machine.

Domon groaned as he found that it was Rose Gundam who had attacked, "Don't worry Domon" V said looking at the confused black haired pilot, "I think it's time I showed you those upgrades I made" she smiled before her eyes flashed green, outside Shining Gundam's eyes flashed an eerie green.

"V what's happening?", Domon said as he felt his Gundam rise, V gave a small smile as green circuit markings began flowing and etching inside and outside of the Gundam's armor. The green energy moved through the systems, repairing the damage and dents on its armor.

"Whoa! Shining Gundam…is completely repaired it's amazing!" Domon looked on shocked at the quick recovery, but as the light faded V began to fall forward only to be caught by Domon, "V are you okay?" he said holding V as she blinked up at him, "I'm fine" she said in a faint voice, "The regeneration program takes a lot out of the pilot" she admitted as Domon helped her sit up.

"Take it easy V" he said, suddenly he heard a familiar called, pulling Domon's and V's attention back onto the battlefield.

"Master!", Domon looked on hopefully as Master Asia appeared and it seemed like the tide of the battle had turned, or had it?

"Sir, should we finish him off?" asked George, as the other Gundam's began advancing toward Shining Gundam.

"No, that will not be necessary, will it Domon?" said Master Asia as he stood before his student. Domon looked at his Master confused at the others question, one arm still wrapped around V's waist holding her up.

"Master, what's George talking about?" asked Domon now very confused, as V looked through half lidded eyes listening to the conversation. Suddenly a voice called up to Domon, "Domon don't trust him!" it was Rain, who was with the members of the other teams.


"Listen Domon don't listen to him, he's behind this whole horrible trap!" she told him, "Rain what's gotten into you, how could you say something like that" he answered in disbelief at the others accusations. Suddenly a dark laughter filled the air drawing everyone's attention toward Master Asia.

"Master?" Domon looked at his Master as he began to speak

"Oh Domon you haven't figured it out yet have you?" exclaimed Master Asia. In a blink of an eye Master Asia's gundam transformed into the dark, horned gundam that Domon saw the day before.

Domon's eyes widened in shock at the scene before his eyes, "Master Asia, Undefeated of the East, a follower of the Dark Gundam," Domon said as he fell to his knees, as V looked on in disbelief. Another dark chuckle resonated from the newly exposed follower of the Dark Gundam.

"Domon, as your master I understand you perfectly, as your master I know what is going through your mind" he began reaching out his Gundam's hand as a weird electricity emitted from his," So believe in me and you will truly be saved. Now come take my hand and get on your feet. I will always be with you so don't worry." He said extending his hand to his pupil, the strange light hypnotizing the pilot

"Come now The Dark Gundam or rather your dear brother is waiting," Master Asia pretended to explain as he hypnotized Domon. "My brother is waiting. My Master is with me," Domon said in a monotonous voice.

"D-domon" V said trying to awaken the pilot from his trace

'Do not resist', a calm voice called in her head, 'V do not worry"

"D-don't worry" she repeated

'Believe in Master Asia, Obey the Dark Gundam, you shall truly be save with them" the voiced said, calm and sweet entrancing V into a docile state.

"Believe in Master Asia" she repeated a serene smile forming on her face, "Obey the Dark Gundam" she said in a monotonous voice

"That is correct, let's us all go forth together. You then will become stronger. Stronger than you could ever imagine, the strongest you've ever been," Master Asia explained, as Domon and V nodded unconsciously.

"Yes, let's go Master, I want to be stronger. I want to be with you and my brother," said the hypnotized Domon.

"Yes, and I must go with Domon" said a hypnotized V.

"Let us leave now Domon, there is a place I would like to show you," Master Asia said as he blasted off. "We are right behind you Master," Domon and V said rising to follow after Master Asia and the other Gundam's.

"No! Domon don't go with him!" Cried Rain as she ran toward the Gundam, she continued to call her friends names only to receive no answer and in a blink of an eye Shining Gundam disappeared.

"Domon!", Rain cried falling to her knees, as she cried on the ground, suddenly four unknown objects landed to Earth.