Chapter 10: Feeling the Truth

After a long while they landed on her home planet. Yuki saw the destroyed village.

"It's even worse than I could imagine" She said. She was going towards a house that was one of the few that were still walkable and went into it. "I remember this house. I think it's the one I lived in." She said while looking through the rooms. She found a family picture. "My parents... I was so young in this picture." Meta Knight followed her. "I start to remember more and more from my childhood..." She went outside again and they were walking through the village.

"Since Mom's death I was trusted to watch the house by myself. Dad was trying to get revenge for her death. 'Even if he's late, I'll be okay.' That's what I was used to say. When it was lonely to spend time by myself, I opened the window, wanting Mom to watch over me from above the sky. What I remember are her warm smile and everything I lost on that day." She sighed. "You guys are with me, so I'm not lonely. But the truth is, I want to be with my family again. That's the wish I hold back in myself. I want to see them. I wan to see them now.

Please smile like you did before. Sir, please hug me calmly with tender feelings. Please cover the gap in my heart, overflowing with tears, with your warm palms." She shed a little tear. Meta Knight hugged her. "At that moment, I realized I'm not the only one in pain. If we're together, we can overcome loneliness. I'll say it again, anytime, anywhere.

Mom, Dad, please don't forget that I love you."

"It feels somehow good to be here. I think I can finally end that chapter. I'm an adult and I have to behave like one. But it's hard, because I wasn't able to be childish in my youth. I had to take responsibility right after Mom's death. I'm not complaining about things I can't change but I hope you understand my intention of telling you that."

"I'm sorry that I bothered you with all these things..." She said, as she stopped walking through the village. "You aren't bothering me, nor Sword and Blade. I didn't only promised to protect your body, but also your heart. So if you're sad you can always count on us. You can just come to us, crying, and ask for a hug. We will talk and try to think of the happy things again. If you're sad, I'm sad as well. Seeing you like this saddens me. Tell me some good memories you have."
"My father always wanted me to find my brave knight... I used to ask him why he couldn't be my knight and he would answer 'because I'm already Mommy's knight. You have to find someone on your own.' With his usual optimism. That's something I will always remember and I will always smile a little because of that. I should be more like him." Yuki responded with a weak smile. "Your parents forged a very kindhearted girl. You're just the way you should be. You are so pure." He said and they started to walk again. "Thank you, Sir." She smiled brightly

"I think we can leave this place now..."

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