The following morning, everything was quiet. With everyone still fast asleep you are only able to hear the faint moans of the zombies outside and every so often a blood curdling screech.

But on the inside, there was not a sound to be heard...until..6AM hit that is. And once it did all the lights blasted on. There must have been some timer that had switched on everything. Including a display case that was standing out on the main hall with speakers on the side.

The speakers begin to a blare loud obnoxious sounds, and advertisement of some sort. Waking everyone up it startles the hell out of everyone, especially Shawn who comes running out with his gun pointed straight in the air.

He begins to spin around, pointing at everything in sight. He is panting from the sudden rush, he starts to calm down a bit when he see's that is was a display case that had gotten him riled up.

He then lowers his gun down to his side and looks it over.

He looks around to see that everyone is staring at him. Their eyes locked on him, all with smiles smeared on their faces. He looks at each and everyone of them, and he looks pissed off. He then looks straight ahead and walks back towards where he was sleeping, leaving everybody to snicker as he walked off.

He locked eyes with Sadie as he went back to where he had been sleeping, she started to smile at him.


Later on in the afternoon once everyone had awoken and shook off the events of earlier in the morning.

Jay is attempting to stand up but once he put a little weight on his leg he starts to feel a little pain so he sits back down on the floor, holding onto his leg trying to deal with the mild pain.

Kelsey then walks up with a smile on her face and something hiding behind her back.

"Good morning" She says smiling.

"Morning to you too" He says through the pain.

"How's your leg doing today?"

"Just dandy" He says sarcastically. "Hurts when I put weight on it"

"Thats why I'm here. I come bearing gifts" She then pulls out two items from behind her back her back, which is a set of crutches.

Jay looks up at her with a smile.

"Thank you Kelsey"

"You're welcome" She says smiling back.

"Now come on, get up. You gotta break them in."

She extends her hand out to him to help him get up. He puts the crutches underneath his armpits and walks around in circles.

"Perfect, thanks again" He said smiling at her.


"You up for some breakfast?"

"Absolutely" The two then head towards the food court, Jay is using the crutches to get him their.


Up on the roof Russell, Corey and Brandon are painting on giant signs with paint rollers. They finished some and stuck them on the side of the building some saying

"HELP" "SURVIVORS INSIDE" and many more.

Jessica who is Brandon's girlfriend is on the side of the roof looking down at the mass horde below them. The three men are working on their newest sign, when Corey looks up to see her and notices that she has a blank stare on her face.

"Hows your girlfriend doing...Jessica is it?" Corey says while he dips the roller into fresh paint and rolls it onto the sign.

"She's still a little shook up..Who isn't though right?" He looks up at her with a sad look across his face.

"Everyone just has a different way of dealing with it" Russell says.

"I guess it's just taking her a little while to process the whole thing" He stops what he does.

"She'll get there" Corey said.

"I know. Just has me worried since she only said one sentence ever since we were attacked" He said while looking a little down.

"I mean it's not everyday that you see a flesh eating man attack your friends and family on their own wedding day" He then continues to paint the sign and thats when Russell and Corey both stop what they are doing and look at each other.


Back inside Shawn is walking down an aisle looking for something in particular but is having trouble finding it. He exits that aisle and turns down into another, but stops suddenly when he see's Sadie and Katie in the same aisle.

Looking over he realizes he is in the toy section. He stares for a moment and then walks past them keeping his eyes straight ahead.
Sadie see's him walking by and the two seem to lock eyes but only for a split second. She then brings her attention back towards Katie who is playing with toys.


Charlie is sitting down in a chair just looking down at his shoes. Slowly moving back and forth, when his brother Craig comes walking up, Craig who is in his early to mid twenties with an average lean build to him.

He walks up to his younger brother who is around 18 19.

"Here you go Lil bro. I was able to snag some breakfast for you."

He says handing him a sandwich. Looking down at his brother who is not answering him.

"You take your medicine?"

Craig is still waiting for an answer but he's not getting any. All his life he's been taking care of his brother especially after their mother had passed away just a few years ago. Their father had left them shortly after Charlie was born.

Their father ran out when they knew something was wrong with Charlie. Being the unreliable father that he already was he decided to skip out of them.

Craig sighed as his brother never answered him or even took the sandwich.