Tick Tock Tick Tock.

Looking up at the clock, Derek started to go just a tad bit crazy, sitting in the main office waiting for the principal for the last half hour was not the only thing driving his head into wall.

It was the kid sitting next to him tapping his feet up against the chair making annoying sounds with each thud that hits the chair.

The kid with his shaggy blonde hair, by the looks of it a skater, looks over at him and gives a half smile.

"What you in for?" The kid ask Derek.

"Scuse me?" Derek asks right back at him.

"Why are you here?" He said, but slower this time.

"Oh uh..I disrupted the class."

The kid just scoffs

"That's it?"

"Yeah. Thats its" Not really giving him the light of day.

Derek just looked back up at the clock ignoring the kid who is still looking at him

"Don't you wanna know what I did?"

"Not really"

This kid obviously did something he's very proud of, but Derek, just really doesn't care.

"I cracked a stink bomb in the gym." The kid said while grinning from ear to ear.

Derek just gives him a glance

"Congratulations" Then simply looked back towards the clock.

"Best part, the class was in session and everybody was doing-"

"Alright Derek, Mrs. Lovelace will see you now." The office's Secretary said interrupting the kid while telling his story, which he was proud of.

"Oh thank God!" Derek said quickly getting up, he was desperately wanting to get away from this guy. Standing up he looks back down at the kid

"It was...interesting...talking to you." He then heads down the hall walking side by side with the secretary

"Couldn't get me outta of their sooner?" he said whispering to the secretary while waving off the kid.

They reach a door at the end of the hall that is wide open he peers in and see's his principal Mrs. Lovelace, a semi overweight black lady in her fifties.

"Good afternoon Derek, take a seat." She says getting up from her desk and shutting the door behind them, leaving only the two alone. She sits back down in her seat and looks down at a piece of paper lying on her desk.

"Says here that Mr. Boyce, found you watching "Son's of Anarchy" on a portable DVD player while class was in session"

"Yes Ma'am"

"A DVD player?" She said once more. "You actually brought a DVD player to school and watched it instead of doing your classwork?"

"Yes Ma'am, that's right" as if it was nothing.

"OK, let me get this straight. Instead of doing your work, which by the way you desperately need to do if you have any hopes of graduating this year, but instead you brought a DVD player so you can watch some television show?"

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. This is where I draw the line Mrs. Lovelace. Son's of anaarchy is not "some" show" He said using the air quotations.

"It is only the best, most addictive, thrilling suspenseful show to ever air on T.V" He said while being on the edge of his seat pounding on her desk.

"Derek... you're a bright, intelligent young man."

"You forgot handsome" He said with a smile.

This caused Mrs. Lovelace to smile

"...and handsome."

"Mrs. Lovelace are you flirting with me?"

"Derek!" She was starting to get serious. " The fact of the matter is this, if you keep going down the road you are taking now, you're not gonna graduate. You do wanna graduate don't you?"

"Yes Ma'am" He said quietly.

"You have a lot of work to catch up on. I know you have a part time job at that Restaurant "O' Brady's" as a dishwasher but you might wanna consider taking time off to catch up on your work"

"You don't have to worry about my job I don't work there any more, they fired me."

"Why?" She said tilting her head.

"I may have made an inappropriate joke...to the owners daughter" He said the last part quickly.

"What kind of joke?" She had that hint in her voice that she knew what type of joke it was but wanted to hear for herself.

"It involved me...and her...and a couch" As the sentence went on his voice kept getting lower and lower.

"Oh lord"

"Well I didn't know it was his daughter!" He started to get defensive.

"She's really hot and he's...well you know..not. He's a slob, she must get her hotness after her mother. I was just trying to make a joke"

"You might wanna tone it down a bit with the jokes"

"Why are they not funny?"

"They are funny..."

"Thanks" He butted it quickly.

"...But too many jokes is too many jokes."

"They say laughter is the best medicine"

"And it is, but if all you do is joke, nobody will ever take you seriously"

"What do you mean?

Mrs. Lovelace was trying her best to get through his tough skull without raising her voice.

"Have you ever heard of "The boy who cried wolf?""

"No Ma'am I have not."

"Tell you what, you go down to the library and ask the librarian for it and when she gives it to you, you read it and once you're done you come back here and we will finish this conversation where we left off, okay?"

"Umm okay?" He had that confused look on his face. He looks up at Mrs. Lovelace and she smiles towards the door.

Getting up, he walks towards the door and opens it up and walks back down the hall and into the main office.

"She tear you to shreds?" That same damn kid was still there.

"Okay bye!" He said running out the office and into the hallway of the school.

Derek walks up to the double doors of the library, opening it up he walks right in to see only one kid at a computer and the librarian was nowhere in sight.

"Hey, Miss. Granger?" Miss Granger was a very, very, old women. Hair as white as a ghost. Skinny as a toothpick.

He yelled out her name a few more times hoping maybe she would hear him from the back room. But he gave up once the other kid in the room shushed him.

He decides to go look for the book himself. He scanned every aisle looking what Mrs. Lovelace told him to read.

Finally after searching what felt like hours he finally found the book he was looking for. He takes it off the shelf and opens it up and starts to read it.

It didn't read long for him to realize what Mrs. Lovelace was talking about.

"I guess I should tone it down a bit" He said to himself.

He looks down both ends of the aisle seeing it's only him there. He puts the book back onto the shelf, probably in the wrong spot.

He leaves the aisle and walks back up towards the front desk which is still empty. He looks back at the computer to see that the kid that was there before is now gone, but his backpack was still sitting next to the desk.

He leans over the desk and yells back into the office behind the front desk.

"Bye Miss granger!" He never got a response. "Must've went to lunch"

He didn't think of it, he just shrugged it off and walked out the door and back into the empty hallways of his high school.

Back inside the library, Miss Granger walks out from the office, only thing is her left cheek is completely missing, blood still wet on the side of her face and dripping down her neck.

She staggers from behind her desk and is followed by another creature from the office. This one worse off than Miss Granger. It had a limb just hanging. They both stagger over towards the door.

Derek is walking back towards Mrs. Lovelace's office, he looks around and takes notice that the halls are empty.

But something caught his attention down at the ground, there was a trail of blood. He looks and also see's some blood smeared on the side of the walls.

He looks down at the end of the hall and see's a body on the ground and he's lying in a pool of his own blood.

"Help! Someone help, this kids hurt!" He yells in both directions of the hall. Trying to catch anyone in close proximity.

He runs over to the body and drops to the ground. Quickly putting both hands on the gash on his throat, putting as much pressure as he possibly can.

"He-" The kid now gasping for air as much air as he can. "-lp"

"Don't worry you'll be fine." He said trying to reassure the kid.

"HELP!" He looks down both ends of the halls and doesn't see anyone

"Where the hell is everyone!"

The kid lying on the floor is now gasping more and more.

"Come on, help is on the way!" He cries out frantically. The kid now has gasped his last gasp of air. Derek still with his hands on his throat, see's the he is no longer alive.

"No, No, No!" He said putting his forearm over his mouth, he is sick to his stomach.

He sits back a few feet away from the body. He looks at both his hands and they look as if they been dipped in a bucket of red paint. While looking at his hands he notices that the body in front of him is beginning to rise.
Instead of being freaked out, he's angry.

"You son of a bitch!" He sits up straight.

"You think it's funny! Putting fake blood all over the place, pretending to be dying. I should kill you myself!" The kid bolts his eyes open, they are a milky color. Derek hops up on both feet.

"Get the fuck up!" He starts raising his hands up and balling it up making a fist.

"I'm gonna kick your ass!" He yelled out with his fists raised.

The kid still on the floor drags over to Derek's feet grabbing a hold of them, each time he does Derek kicks him off.

He lifts him up by the shirt and slams him against the wall. Keeping it pressed up on the wall the creature is snapping at him.

"What the hell?" A growl can be heard down the end of the hall. Derek looks down and see's Miss granger and another man he believes was the Janitor judging by the uniform he had on.

He lets the kid go as he drops to the floor he and takes a few steps towards the duo

"Miss. Granger? Are you alright" He is attacked from behind from the kid. Both falling to the floor, rolling from side to side.

The creature now on top while Derek on the bottom. The zombie still trying to snap at him, he grabs onto his neck and lifts him up, Both Miss Granger and the janitor are getting closer, he's able to flip one more time getting on top. He looks up and see they are right there. He gets up on his feet and takes a step back for every time they step forward.

The kid on the floor is now up and Derek is backing off, all three begin to pick up speed and thats when Derek hauls ass, being chased by three bloody creatures with loose limbs scared the holy hell out of him.


Back in the present time, and back in Costco, Derek is pulling a mattress with rope tied around it, only thing is he is having trouble doing so.

He was trying to bring it back to his place he had set up as "Home". He see's Shawn walking by and he speaks up

"Hey can you give me a hand" Shawn doesn't even acknowledge him and keeps on walking.

"...Or not."

He goes back to struggling with the mattress. He attempts one strong pull and thats when he falls flat on his ass. He sighs in frustration.

"I meant to do that" He stands back up again and keeps on pulling.

Now that they all have settled into a place I feel like I can talk more about each character. so yes i'll probably be jumping around with each one of them. Glad everyone is enjoying please continue to follow and leave more lovely reviews!