Russell, Corey, Ross and Sarah are at one tables eating dinner together while the others are out and about doing their own things. most likely setting up their tents and making it feel at home.

"You guys finish the signs?" Sarah asked while taking a sip of her water.

"Yeah. Took longer than we thought." Corey responded. His hands covered in dry paint from all the signs that they have been doing the last couple days.

"What's tomorrow's agenda?" Sarah asked another question.

"We're gonna set up the CB and try to get in touch with the base in Iola." Russell piped in.

"You think they are still up and running?" Sarah asked.

"They were fine when we were okay" Russell says.

"What about the other places that the television said for us to go to?" Ross decided to get in on the conversation.

"Most of them never got set up fast enough so they were weak and easily overrun" Russell says back as he drinks from his cup.

"Good thing I stayed put then" He says aloud.

They all share a laugh at his remark.

"Well I know you're a soldier what about the rest of you?" Ross asks the rest of the group.
"I was a nurse for St. Leo's hospital" She said. "Until the ER was full of flesh eating ghouls that is"

"You were at ground zero" Russell says.

"Sure was"

"Wait what do you mean ground zero?" Ross ask the two.

"Hospital were the most dangerous places to be when the outbreak started. We were all ordered to try to contain them as fast as possible but everything happened so quickly it never went as planned" Russell says as he decided to answer the question for her.

"Maybe about 10% of the employees didn't make it out alive" Russell continued.

"How did you get out?" Corey was the one to bring up the question.

"I switched shifts...Right before they came rolling in" She said with a look of sadness on her face.

They started all got silent when they saw the look on her face.

"How about you Corey, what did you do?" Sarah says trying to keep the conversation going but not being about her.

"A Cop"

"Was" Russell Says again correcting the sentence. He remembers him saying that when he was on the bus.

"That's right...was" He said correcting himself.

"What happened" Sarah asked trying to get more from him.

"Long story"

"I think we all have the time" She said laughing as the rest joined in on her even Corey decided to smile.

"Okay fine, two years ago I was on duty and it was during one of the college football nights. during those nights you have to deal with a lot of drunks so we had to be extra careful with drunk drivers" He took a break to take a sip from his cup.

"During this night I noticed a car swerving on the highway. So I pulled him over and another cop had pulled up behind me, I went to the drivers window and he went to the passengers side"

"Long story short he pulled a gun on me"

"Wow" She says.

"Let me correct myself...He pulled a gun on my partner first" He started to play with his cup while looking at it strangely.

"He didn't make it" He said finishing his sentence.

"What happened to the driver?" Sarah asked.

"I pulled my gun on him...he also didn't make it" He took a sip from his cup.

"Was the first time I ever killed anyone...let alone fire my gun"

The other three members of the group looked at each other as he started to finish his story.

"The thing that got to me the most was that he was just a kid. 17 years old"

Now came the awkward silence...until he spoke up again.

"That moment changed my entire life. I need therapy, I quit because I was afraid, my wife left me and took our daughter Holly with her"

"I'm sorry" Sarah says while placing a hand on his shoulder.

"It's okay, the past is the past" He says looking back up. "Besides we live in a different world now, time for new beginnings"

The four continued their night off with a few drinks. They all had just a little too much to drink. When they decided to call it a night they were left staggering back to their tents like they were also Zombies.

Everyone went their separate ways except Corey and Sarah who walked each other back to their tent.

"How long you been a nurse" Corey asked.

"Oh Corey, you know you shouldn't ask a drunk person a question that involves numbers" She said while laughing really hard.

"Well this is me" She said pointing to her tent. "Let me just fish out my ole keys outta my purse" She said mockingly.

"I had a great time tonight, something I needed for a long time" He told her.

"Lets see how you feel in the morning" They laughed. "Goodnight Corey"

"Night Sarah" He said back. She quickly came up and gave him a quick kiss.

After she finished she looked at him one more time with a smile on her face.

"Night" And with that she went into her tent leaving him standing there alone...and drunk.