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By LilyAurora

Chapter 15


Paul leaves Sam the moment he knows Bella's not there.

The skies were dark as they ran back towards the Rez. Paul's wolf is unsettled. He could feel him, pushing. Angry. Annoyed. Paul ignored it for now, he would deal with that later, when he had time now he had to get back Sam's.

Back to Bella.

The trees parted showing the small house, nestled not far from the tree line. Sam raced ahead, not even stopping when Paul failed to follow. The boy snarled. Head lifting as he scented the air. Bella wasn't here. His head snapped in a different direction, eyes flashing as he followed her scent. Followed her and Jared.

They had left. Jared had taken her, from where he told them to stay. Where he asked her to stay. She was safe here, why had they left? He growled. Deep, angrily. His skin felt on fire. As if he was about to phase, shift into his wolf form. Yet different at the same time.

Everything felt different.

He could smell... more. Smell the direction they both walked, their scents intertwining as if they were so close they touched. He shook his head rubbing at his nose. His senses were never this heightened in human form, only in wolf. He scratched at his skin. Itching it raw. He snarled again. Body spinning into a crouch, facing the approaching threat.

Sam stood there hands raised.

"Paul?" He edged closer, but stopped when a snarl ripped from deep within Paul's throat.

Sam didn't move. Didn't retreat or move closer. Hands still raised in front of him, forehead furrowed in confusion.

"What's going on?" He asked softly.

Paul cocked his head, eyes scanning his alpha. He was a strong man, a fair man. But he wasn't a leader. Not the one who was born to this. Not the one who should lead them. Alpha blood didn't run through Sam's veins like it did Jake's. No. Sam was just the stand in until Jake was ready.

"Go home, Sam." Paul watched as Sam struggled with himself. It wasn't long ago that Sam had threatened him. Pushed him to tell him his secrets, tell him about the imprint.

His wolf paced. He could feel how unsettled he was, how angry.

Sam stepped closer. The growl that leaves Paul's lips comes as a warning. Sam falters for a moment, before righting himself. Stance solid as he pulls himself to his full height. Showing the other wolf who the leader is.

Paul smirks, smile feral as he stares at Sam, stares straight into him.

"You need to shift. Your wolf is unsettled."

"Unsettled?" He barks out a laugh. "My wolf is fucking angry, so I think the last thing I should do is let him out to play, don't you?" To an outsider Paul would look relaxed. Arms limp at his side, shoulders less tense. But Sam can see exactly what's going on and it's worrying.

"Why is he angry?"

Paul snarled. Teeth bared as he stepped closer, body vibrating. He can feel his wolf, pushing. Testing his strength, his control. It won't take much more and he'll be free.

"You!" Paul spits the word at Sam. "You want my mate to interact with a leech." He's growling again. Chest vibrating, he can't control it. He's slowing losing his hold and any moment now, his wolf is going to roar, to the surface.

"We need to find out what he wants. Why he needs to speak to Bella."


"Paul be reasonable. If she talks to him, tells him what she knows then..."

"I said, NO!" The word echoes through the nights air. "No, I won't allow it. I will not have her put in danger especially not by my own alpha."

"It's not my intention for Bella to come to any harm Paul, you know this. You know me."

"What if it was Emily." Paul cuts him off but smirks at the snarl that leaves Sam's lips.

His alpha glares at him, body crouching, poised ready to attack.

"Just what I thought. You wouldn't let her would you?"

"It's different?" Sam's voice is hard, deep.

"No it's not. Just because Bella doesn't know about the imprint doesn't make it any fucking different from it being Emily, he wants to speak to and you know it, so don't play fucking stupid with me Sam Uley."

They snarl at each other. Hackles raised.

"She is my imprint. Mine. I won't allow her to be put in danger. Not like when she was with Cullen. I'll protect her, I'll kill anything that tries to hurt her."

"Don't threaten me Paul." Sam's snaps his teeth. Paul smirks back.

"Take it how you will. But Bella will not, be going near that leech. I'll speak to her, find out if she knows anything."

"He won't like that. He insisted it be Bella personally."

"I don't care." Paul screams. "Why are we bending to the leeches wishes? You just agreed with him. Agreed to bring Bella, to speak to him." Paul shakes his head. "I was wrong. I should have insisted, I should have ripped his fucking head off and burnt his body."

"We don't know why he's here? Who sent him? It could cause more problems if we kill him, draw more leeches here."

"Exactly, we don't know. It could do all that. It could also do nothing."

"We can't risk the pack or the tribe." Sam folds his arms against his chest.

"I won't risk Bella either. This is not negotiable Sam. I will not back down." Paul mimics Sam's stance.

They stare at one another, Paul stubbornly lifts his jaw showing his alpha he will not be swayed on this. Sam sighs.

"One hour Paul. One. I'm giving you this time, to tell Bella exactly what's going on, the imprint, the leech. Everything. She can make up her own mind on what she wants to do."

"If she refuses to speak to it?"

Sam doesn't even pause with his answer. "We kill him."

Paul nods. Turning his back on Sam as he retreats towards his house. The same direction, Bella and Jared's scents lead.

"One hour Paul. Then I'll be ringing you."

Paul jogs towards his house, slow steady. Allowing his mind to relax. His wolf too, but the need to be near Bella, especially with a threat so close. He snarls as he walks through the front door, Jared instantly on his feet. Body tense.

"Where is she?"

"Asleep, in your room." He nods towards the bedroom. "I didn't think she should drive home since she couldn't put one foot in front of the other."

Paul inclines his head, barley sparing Jared a glance as he stalks towards his room. His hand shake his fingers wrap around the metal handle. He carefully pushes the door open, eyes scanning the room, finding Bella curled up on her side, sleeping soundly wrapped up in Paul's blankets. The mere sight of her in his bed has Paul digging his nails into the wood.

Her small delicate frame is nearly invisible underneath the mound of fabric, her scent is everywhere. It will be weeks before it fades. It seeps into his pores as he stands there watching her. Breathing her in, closing his eyes as he memorizes this moment.

This is his imprint.

His perfect match.

His mate.

He remembers the first time he saw her, all riled up and eager to fight. He remembers the way her palm felt against his overheated flesh. The fire that danced inside her. As she confronted them about Jake. How she made Paul lose his mind when ever she was near him. How he yearned for her, wanted her all to himself, to learn every inch of skin, every dip and curve. How he lost all rational thought when she was near him.

He growls at himself. At his own stupidity. He was going to let Sam take her to speak to a fucking leech? A leech who may want to hurt her? Kill her? His wolf roars to the surface, wanting to be near his mate. Needing too. But Paul pushes him back, now isn't the time for him to break free.

Paul knows now, what needs to be done. What's going to happen.

What kind of man would he be if he allowed his imprint near a fucking vampire?

He hears movement behind him, head snapping, as Jared walks towards him. He stops as soon as Paul growls. The low sound a warning to his friend.

Jared raises his hands. Palms flat.

"I'm not going to hurt her. I just wanted to make sure you're OK?"

Paul just watches him carefully. He's fighting with his animal instinct. Fighting with the need to kill. Kill and protect.

Paul sniffs the air. Jared's scent is the most familiar out of the packs. The most calming. He knows their friends. But his wolf won't relax. Can't.

Jared drops to the floor, making himself smaller, vulnerable. The growling eases, but it's still there. A constant noise. He just watches Paul. The way his body moves, the way he scents the air. So in tune with his inner wolf it worries Jared. Makes him wonder what the hell happened earlier.

Bella stirs. Paul's head snaps in her direction, nails ripping open the wood, as he watches carefully. Head tilting with each movement she makes. Jared sits there silently. Watching his best friend. Once Bella finally settles. Paul relaxes slightly.

He's silently for the longest time. Never moving from his position at the door. Eyes never leaving Bella.

"The leech in the forest. He wants Bella."

The snarls slips from Jared before he can stop it.

"Wants her? Wants her how?"

Paul shrugs, but it's stiff, wrong.

"Paul?" Jared knows some thing is wrong. Can read Paul like a book. Even now, when he's barely holding onto his human side, the need to phase, to shift into his wolf is pushing at him. Stretching him thin.

"I don't know. He just said he will only speak to her... about the Cullen's."

"They left. They've been gone for a while, so why now? Why is he here?"

"I don't fucking know!" Paul hisses. Eyes flicking towards Bella before nodding towards the living room. They settle on the sofa, facing each other. "He said he will only speak to her, I don't know what about or why."

"And you're going to let her? Are you fucking crazy Paul!" He yells before pulling his voice back, lowering it.

"Sam, he agreed to it and I went along with it. At first, but not any more. My wolf, he didn't like it, neither did I... I don't know why I agreed to it."

"Because you're a fucking idiot." Jared's head falls forward into his hands. Fingers scratching at his scalp.

"Sam is giving me an hour to explain everything to Bella."

"Then what?"

"Then, he tells her himself." Paul snarls around the words.

Jared's mouth opens and closes before he's on his feet and... "Fuck!... fuck. Can he do that? I mean interfere?"

"I have no idea. He's the alpha. I'm not sure how much power he really has over us."

"Well you need to get a fucking idea Paul. I mean it, I'm not fucking around now. You've avoided telling Bella for long enough..." Paul snarls. "Dude! Don't fucking snarl at me. It's your own damn fault you're in this mess. But no, you had an idea or plan or what ever the fuck it was and it didn't work. Like usual. Jesus Christ." His feet hit the floor harder, as he continues to pace.

"I'll tell her. Just... I need to calm down." He stares at his hand, fingers stretching then curling into fists. "My wolf was so close to the surface, I never felt like that before. Like I lost control."

"What's going on?" The sleep filled voice of Bella fills the quiet air. Both wolves spin to stare at her. They e that distracted they didn't even hear her creep up on them.

She rubs at her eyes. One of Paul's blankets still wrapped around her.

"Paul what's going on?"

Well fuck.