Author's Note: Anyone else wish that we had gotten more Jess/Sam love in the show? I get that she had to die, but I wish we could see more of Sam's time with her . . . anyways, this was inspired by a writing prompt. The prompt was "Write a story about a Valentine's Day card that never gets delivered." I hope you enjoy!

She had started the card at the end of March, after she had finished moving into her new apartment with Sam. It was a simple card—homemade, created with red construction paper, glue, and cutout pink hearts—and she had been proud of her small feat. In Kindergarten, her cards had always been lopsided, her writing slanted to the left, and her folding skills were less than perfect to say the least. So, this year—their first Valentine's Day as couple living together—she had decided to start early in order to create the card that Sam deserved.

This new card; unlike her earlier failures as a child, was a work of beauty. Her cursive inscription was not only elegant, but perfectly centered. The folding was a work of exact precision. The small hearts she had cut out and glued to the front were brilliantly created. It was a simple card in terms of design, yes, but it was the most wonderful card she had ever created.

It was a card that she secretly worked on, during the times when Sam had been at work or in class. When it was finally finished—completed by the light of a the full moon while Sam slept, oblivious to what she was making—Jess had marveled at it for what felt like hours. Beside her, Sam snored softly and as she reread the message that she had wrote—the message that she had been waiting to tell him, had wanted to tell him for the longest time.

It had taken her almost eight months—a ridiculous amount of time for some people to spend on a card, but for her, it had been just enough time. The card was perfect. It was everything she had ever wanted it to be and she couldn't have been more pleased with it. So, it was with a smile that she had hidden the card in her bedside table, where it would remain until February 14th arrived and she could finally hand it to Sam.

When Sam left for the weekend to help his brother, Jessica had kissed him goodbye and fished the card out, just to check it over once more. She traced one of the paper hearts with her finger and wistfully grinned. She imagined what his reaction would be—"Jess, wow, you shouldn't have! I love this!"—and she would respond modestly, claiming it wasn't a big deal. Then, as his eyes read the message that she had been dying for him to hear, Jessica would finally get her fairytale moment. Time would slow down and it would be as if they were in their own world and everything would be perfect. He would kiss her and say the three words that she had been longing to hear from him.

It would be a day long remembered.

The card later burned up in the fire that consumed its maker; the "I love you, Sam" message's ink seemed to drip off the page, much like tears.

Author's Note: To me, Sam didn't seem like the type that would easily say, "I love you". Sure, he would think it, but I think since he grew up with John who discouraged feelings a lot of the time, he would think it more than say it. And if he did say it on the show . . . well, just pretend like he didn't for this story. If you have a second, I'd love to hear what you thought! Please review!