Author: PsychoPicasso

Summary: A certain Winchester has to get his wisdom teeth removed.

A/N- Ok, back in Carthage (Abandon all Hope) Jo and Ellen didn't die. (Not in my fantasies anyway.) And in my crazy noggin, Jo and Dean, have been dating for two years now. :)


"Come on Dean-o it's not that bad." Jo calmly said.

"Not that bad? My gum's are gonna get freakin' sawed open and teeth my teeth are gonna get ripped out!" Dean responded angrily.

Over the past week Dean had been cutting down on eating and wincing whenever anything came near his mouth. Sam had finally reached maximum sympathy level and dragged Dean to the Dentist against his will.

Jo reached over and gently touched Dean's jaw, he immediately winced and pulled back.

"See? It's only going to get worse, you need to get them out."

Sam came over and sat down with Dean and Jo.

"Should be anytime now." Sam said, looking around the small waiting room.

At that moment a tall man with blonde hair and a white coat approached the crew and had a 1000 watt smile on his face.

"Hello, is one of you Dean Smith?"

Dean raised his hand half-heartedly. "That would be me…"

"Hello Dean, I'm Dr. Morison, and I'll be your dentist for this operation." The doctor stretched out his hand.

"It's very nice to meet you, I'm Dean's brother, Sam." Sam shook the outstretched hand.

He then turned to Jo. "Hi, I'm Jo, Dean's girlfriend." She shook his hand as well.

"So I understand were getting our wisdom teeth out today! If all goes as planned you will be in, be out, and back at home enjoying dinners in no time!" The doctor exclaimed smiling.

"I'm glad to see your happy about ripping my teeth out of their sockets." Dean replied with a forced grin.

The dentist laughed.

"Don't worry Dean, after this you most likely won't ever see me again." He then proceeded to look at the clock. "Almost time, someone will be out to collect you when were ready. Don't worry, everything will be fine." He then turned and walked back the way he came.

Dean grumbled something unintelligible under his breath that had to do with Demons and Dentists then clasped Jo's hand in his own.

"I don't see why your so worried Dean-o, people get their wisdom teeth out everyday." Jo said tauntingly. "Has the great Dean Winchester, Demon killer, met his match?"

"Hey, it's not my fault dentists are evil." Dean replied with a small grin.

As if on cue a Brunette nurse in purple scrubs came through the doors leading to the operating rooms.

"Dean Smith?" The nurse chirped with a bright smile.

Dean stiffly rose from his seat, shot a glare at Sam, and followed the little too peppy nurse back into the operating rooms.

Now all they could do is wait.


Dean followed the nurse back to room 3 and walked inside.

He was instantly overwhelmed with the smell of antiseptic and plastic. In the middle of the room sat a big chair, a big metal tray with surgical tools and an even bigger overhead light. His stomach churned at the sight of the tray.

He hated Dentists.


Sam quietly thought to himself,

'Dean, my brother, the demon hunter could take on anything and not have a single fear, and yet, dentists scared him to death.'

"He's gonna be fine Sam." Jo told him, patting his shoulder in comfort.

"Yeah, I know, I'm just thinking…" He paused when he heard shouting back in the operating rooms.

He shot a glance at Jo who was getting up just as quickly as he was.


"Sir please! Calm down!" A redheaded nurse pleaded.

"Stay away from me!" Dean shouted right back.

Jo and Sam took that moment to come in the small room with the Dentist following in tow. Sam took in the way Dean sagged against the wall in the corner, holding out a sharp silver tool as a defense mechanism, he was definitely drugged, now they had to wait until he passed out or something.

Dean was barely standing on his own and his eyes were drooping and haunted, Sam needed to calm him down.

"Hey…Dean, it's me Sam." Sam slowly made his way towards his brother with his hands up.

"I can see that! I'm not blind!" Dean snapped back.

'Cranky when he's drugged…' Sam thought to himself.

Sam reached Dean and slowly tried to pry the silver tool out of his delirious brothers hands. He did so with ease and Dean sunk into Sam's shoulder.

"You gotta let these nice people fix your teeth Dean, it's only going to get worse." Sam calmly whispered to his brother.

"Ok Sammy…" Dean slurred, Sam noticed Dean somehow still had the IV in his arm. That explains the sudden fatigue.

Dean allowed himself to be led back over to the chair and Sam laid him back down, eye's watching for any sign of alert. The Dentist quickly but calmly placed the mask filled with 'Laughing Gas' back on his brothers face, and Dean after a few moments, visibly relaxed.

"Ok, now if you two could please wait in the waiting area until the operation is finished that would be greatly appreciated." The dentist said smiling.

"No problem." Jo replied grabbing Sam by the bicep and pulling him out of the room gently.

"Everything will be fine, I promise." Jo reassured him as he looked back.


Three hours, Forty three minutes, and Fifty Six seconds. That's how long it was before anyone came over to talk him about his brother.

"Mr. Smith?" A peppy nurse with a fake smile chimed.

Sam immediately jumped to his feet and was at the nurses side in seconds.

"How is he? How's my brother? Did everything go ok?" Sam asking a string of never ending questions.

"Your brother is fine Mr. Smith."

"Sam, just call me Sam. Can I see him?" He quickly asked her.

"Sam, your brother isn't even awake yet, his sedation should wear off soon though." She told him.

She continued before Sam could respond. "Your brother had all four of his wisdom teeth removed, the fourth had a little complication and had embedded itself in his jaw, we had to take some of the bone marrow too to get the tooth itself out."

Sam's shoulder's tensed. Jo quickly re-asked the nurse if they could see him.

"I think you should wait just a little longer, give the sedation a little more time to wear off."

"No,"- Sam snapped- "I need to be there when he wakes up!"

"I'll be right back." The nurse responded a quickly, intimidated by his sudden outburst.

Jo turned to Sam. "You know, if you start yelling at the nurses, were gonna get kicked out before we get to see Dean."

"I know…I'm just a little anxious."

The nurse chose that moment to return.

"You may see him, follow me."

Jo and Sam quickly followed her down the pastel blue hallway and into Dean's room. Dean was laying down in the chair Sam had set him in hours ago. His jaw swollen and pinkish gauze stuck out the sides of his mouth.

"Dr. Morison says you can take him home, but he's going to be out of it for a few hours. Also we had his prescriptions faxed over to the convenience store across the street. Any questions?"

"No…Uh wait yeah, how long until his pain meds wear off?" Sam asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Probably only another thirty minutes, so I would suggest getting him home and getting him comfortable. Before I go I need to give you these." She produced a few small squeeze tubes and handed them to Sam. "You need to rinse out his incision site with salt water every four to six hours."


"No problem, we hope you all had a good experience." And with that the nurse turned and strode out of the room.

He looked down at Dean and acknowledged that he was staring back at him, eyes half closed in an attempt to drift off again.

"Hey man, you made it, your alive. Now we need to get your heavy butt out of here."

Dean only gave a small 'Mmmm' before closing his eyes again.

"I'll take one side you take the other." Jo said as she draped left Dean's arm over her shoulder's. Sam carefully took Deans right hand and guided his arm across his shoulders.

"On three, One, Two, Three…" Jo counted. They both grunted at the addition of the dead weight of the sleeping Winchester draped across them.

"You gotta lay off the burgers man…" Sam groans.

After the long exhausting journey of hauling Dean to the impala and dumping him in the back seat, the trio head over to the pharmacy across the street.

Sam looks in the rear view, after making sure Dean was still asleep he turned to Jo.

"I'll only be in there for a few minutes, if you run into any problems, feel free to conk him out again." Sam said with a smirk.

"Ah, I'm pretty sure I wont have too." She replied smiling.

"Alright." Sam said before getting out of the car and heading to the pharmacy.


Only two minutes after Sam went in, Dean began to groan in the back seat.

'If I'm lucky he'll still be drugged.' Jo thought hopefully.

She turned her body around so she was facing the back seat and watched as Dean's eyes fluttered open. Dean's usual pooling emerald colored eyes were now filled with pain.

"Whuh? Where?" Dean muttered in confusion.

"Hey Dean-o, your ok. Were just at the pharmacy picking up your pain pills." Jo told him in a calm, reassuring voice.

"Why do my teeth hurt?" He asked, his voice slightly muffled by the blood covered gauze.

"You got your wisdom teeth removed." Jo said softly once more.

"Where's Sam and my Dad?" He whimpered.

Did Dean Winchester just whimper? Jo decided to ignore it.

"Sam's inside getting your pain meds." Purposely avoiding the subject of Dean's father.

"What about my Dad?"

'Crap' She silently thought. "Dean why don't you go back to sleep, you'll feel better when you wake up." She replied hastily.

"Kay…" He mumbled as he began to drift off once more. But before he succumbed to the darkness he said one more thing. "Call my Dad, I wanna talk to him…"

'This is gonna be a long couple of days…'


A/N- This is going to have another part, basically day one through three after he gets his teeth removed. R&R please, it fills me with joy. Lol, till next time. ~P. Picasso