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We left of when Dean asked Jo to call his DEAD father…


'This is gonna be a long couple of day's…'

Just after Dean passed out, Sam opened the door and lowered his tall frame into the impala and turned to Jo.

"Any problems?" He asked.

"Nope." Jo lied.

"Good." Sam muttered as he started the car.

The car ride to the hotel was uneventful except for the occasional moans, grunts, and whimpers from Dean's sleeping form in the back seat.

When they arrived at the hotel Dean was still out of it, but awake.

Sam quickly ran the bags inside and came back out to assist Dean to the hotel room they had rented for a week.

"I got it…" Dean mumbled, eyes half open.

"Dean, I'm pretty sure that if I were too let go of you, you would face plant into the asphalt…" Sam responded.

Jo just watched as Sam half dragged half carried Dean into their small hotel room.

Dean and Jo are sharing a queen while Sam had his own double, there was a small kitchenette and a bathroom with barely enough room to hold the tub, sink, and toilet. The room was painted a very bold beige and had golden embroidery. The bed sheets were red, comforters gold, and pillows a crisp gold as well.

She shut the door behind Sam and moved to help him get Dean in bed.

"It's been two hours since we were at the dentists office, he needs more pain meds…" Sam said as he moved to get the pills out of the clear plastic bag.

As if responding to Sam, Dean's face scrunched up in pain and he whimpered once more.

"Where's Dad?" Dean mumbled to no-one specific. Jo froze. Sam froze.

Their father was a painful subject, especially for Sam.

Sam shook his head and wiped his face of any and all emotion, got a glass of water and walked over to Dean.

"Hey Dean, sit up for a second…" Sam whispered coaxingly.

Dean did as Sam wished and sat up. He immediately regretted it as he felt the familiar feeling of bile rising in the back of his throat. He shoved past Sam and into the bathroom, lunging for the porcelain toilet bowl. He was barely able to crouch down before any food he had consumed in the past twenty four hours made an unwanted re-appearance.

It hadn't been much since he had been ordered not to eat anything before the operation.

After he finished he turned to look up at Sam. "Help me up…" He grunted.

Sam did, but not before he got Dean to swallow some water and the pills.

"Thanks…" Dean mumbled to Sam after he was back in the bed.


Day 2…

He was doing better today, He was lucid. The pain was becoming more tolerable and it looked like they would be able to save most of the heavy duty pain pills for more serious injuries.

He was still in pain but at least he wasn't snapping at them and sleeping all day like yesterday.

Yesterday they had tried to wash out the incision site with salt water as the dentist said to do, but Dean had refused and clutched onto the bed for dear life.

It took nearly thirty minutes but between Sam and Jo's combined strength they had managed to drag Dean out of the bed. Sam immediately jumped on his brothers midsection and straddled him on the ground. Dean was squirming, his arms reaching for anything he could use as a weapon.

Dean's hand found the cord to the ugly red lamp with the even uglier orange lamp shade and tugged. The lamp flew off the dresser and landed with a crash, splitting into a million small pieces. The red lamp with the ugly orange lampshade wouldn't be shining anytime soon. Sam and Jo used the crashing as a distraction.

Jo pulled Dean's head to the ground and held it there, while Sam got the tubes ready. Sam closed one hand around Dean's jaw, forcing it open. Dean began attempting to yell.

"Dean, calm down. Were just cleaning out your mouth."

Jo lowered her head down to Dean's level and began whispering encouraging words into his ear. The water obviously made a stinging sensation when they entered the wound because Dean flinched and tried to pull away from Sam.

Finally they were done. For today.

Tomorrow was another battle they would deal with when they got there…


Day 3…

The nights were mainly uneventful, the pills basically knocked Dean out, and for that, Sam was grateful. Jo had been a very good helper, helping calm Dean down, getting him to take the pills he assured them he didn't need, and helped Sam wrestle his brother to the ground.

They finally called Ellen and Bobby to let them know the operation went ok and that Dean was a living nightmare when he was in pain.

Ellen had told them that she was looking forward to when they came to the roadhouse next.

Bobby was heading to the roadhouse and was gonna meet them there.

Lately Bobby and Jo had been hunting with the Winchesters. Ellen tagged along on some hunts, but probably to make sure nothing happened to Jo or anyone else.

They made a pretty good team.


Day 4…

Dean hasn't slept any more than a natural person and hasn't been scarfing down pain pills, but he still uses them when the pain reaches a climax.

While Dean waited for the heavy duty pain pills he took to kick in, Jo laid down beside him and began running her fingers through his short, spiky hair.

They laid there in silence for a while, Sam was busy knocking stuff around in the small kitchenette.

"You've dealt with all of this very well." She whispered to him, finally breaking the silence.

Dean snorted. "Dentist's are evil." He muttered.

"I know…"

Then Sam reappeared with the small syringes used to clean out Dean's mouth with salt water.

"You ready dude?" Sam asked, ready for a fight if he needed to wrestle his brother again.

"So is Sam…" Dean muttered to Jo before slowly getting up.

Sam shot a confused look at Dean before frowning and dragging him to the bathroom. Jo laughed.


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