Through Sickness and Health

ok, so I know that the title is something that one says in a marriage ceremony, but I thought that this was appropriate. BTW, this will be in Max's point of view, as well as Fang's.


Hope you enjoy!1

Disclaimer: i do not own the Maximum Ride series.


"Oof!" I let out as an Eraser punched me in the stomach. Thats right. Erasers. Of course I can never have a peaceful night. EVER. "Max!" Gazzy shouted, "Watch Out"

I turned my head to see the Eraser charging at me. I did a 360 and ended up kicking him in the chest. Yikes, that had to hurt. I flapped my wings a little harder and shot up wards, then to finish him, kicked him from the back of his head. He let out a blood curdling scream and plummeted to the ground. There were a few more Erasers left. We were outnumbered before, like 100 to 6, well with Total, 7. Fang was punching another Eraser repetitively and knocked him out, while Angel was controlling some Erasers mind. Nudge was pulling an Eraser by his hair yelled in his ear, "Dude, get some frizz spray." She always had something to say... and i mean always.

"Argh" I yelled as an Eraser punched me in the wings. The pain was excruciating. Yes, I, Maximum Ride was on the verge of tears. I tried flapping my wings, but the pain was so unbearable that my wings folded in and I started to fall.


"MAX!" I heard Fang yell. He dove toward me and caught me, feet away from the ground. His muscular arms around me. I whimpered in pain, "You're hurting my wing," I said softly. "Sorry" He shifted his arms so they weren't on my wing. He let me down. How could he let me down in the middle of a fight?! "Fang, no! I'm not leaving you and the flock to fight by your selves." I managed. "Why, are we not good enough?" He gave me his half smile and took off. What if they got hurt? I wouldn't be able to help them. I walked toward a rock. Ow. Ow. Ow. It hurt with every step I took, even though my wing was injured. I took out some gauze out of my pack and wrapped it around the top of my wing. Even that hurt.

10 minutes later the flock came down. Iggy had a bloody nose, Fang had a black eye, Nudge had a scrape on her arm, and wait, the worst part was, she lost and earring! Angel's nose was running to, and her wrist seemed to sprained. Gazzy had a black eye, too. "Max, are you OK?" Total asked. Actually that was like the first time he ever said something that showed he cared about me.

Was Not! Total is always thinking of you! ANGEL. Angel, sweetie, i thought in my head, please get out of my head.

"Thanks Total, i think that my wing just needs a little time."

Fang came over to me and put his arms on my shoulders. "You need to rest," he said. "Lets find a place to crash."


"Hey! There's a cave nearby, I can see it through the brush!" Gazzy said.

Fang picked me up, and we all walked towards the cave, hoping for a good night's rest.