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Summary: When two sisters and their best friend are transported into the vampire diaries when they are hanging out. Will they change things for the better or for the worse? What will happen? Stefan/OC, Damon/OC and Elena/OC.

Rating: T.

Genre: Romance/ Supernatural.

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-The Gilbert House-

-Liana's P.O.V-

I had called Danielle and Nicholas as soon as it had happened and right now we were in my room and I was pacing around like a crazy person and I think it was starting to annoy both of them but right now I wasn't really caring about whether or not they were annoyed.

I mean I just found out that I was a witch, images of being burned on a stake were appearing in my head and it was so not a pretty sight. Why me? I know that sometimes okay maybe a lot of times I can be really mean and bitchy but ever since I entered the vampire diaries world I've being trying to be nice so again I'm asking the question, Why me?.

"Could you stop pacing? It's getting really annoying besides if you keep on pacing you might wear a hole in the carpet then the wood and before you know it you will be falling downstairs" Nicholas said making me glare at him.

"Don't worry you won't fall as long as you can summon your handy broomstick" Danielle said as she and Nicholas burst into laughter and I just continued death glaring at them.

"This isn't funny" I said stomping my foot on the floor to make my point.

"We never said it was" Nicholas commented. "I don't know why you're angry I mean you already have the attitude".

"How exactly do I have a witchy attitude?" I asked.

"Are you really asking me that question?" Nicholas replied smirking. I wish I could slap that smirk off his face or maybe I could turn him into a toad since I'm now a witch.

"Guys, stop it. This isn't really solving anything." Danielle commented. Oh, dear Danielle always the mediator. "We need to figure out how Liana got powers and whether we'll have any".

"I don't think we have powers if we had any it would have already shown its head" Nicholas stated. "Besides I already have a power, the power of being good looking"

"More like the power of being annoying" I murmured.

"Let's come up with a plan, we need someone to train her" Danielle commented.

"What about Bonnie's Grandmother?" Nicholas asked.

"How exactly do we get bonnie's grandmother to train her?" Danielle replied.

"Leave it to me. I'll get her to train me" I answered.

"Now that we have that figured out. I think It's time I told you that I have the moonstone" Danielle stated.

"Good, all that's left to do is to buy another one and switch it with the original so who's offering to go and buy it?" I asked them. None of them raised their hands. "Come on guys, seriously. Danielle, why can't you go?"

"I can't drive" She replied.

"Oh, yeah I forgot. What about you, Nick?" I asked.

"I have a date with Elena" He answered.

"Fine, I'll do it" I stated. "Give me the moonstone?"

Danielle handed me the moonstone, I used a knife and barely scratched the moonstone so that it won't be really noticeable. When I had marked it I put it in my bag.

"So liana, Stefan told me that you and Damon have been talking" Danielle mentioned.

"I wouldn't call it talking" I commented.

"Liana, what are you doing?" Danielle asked looking at me with those eyes of hers.

"I have no idea what you are talking about" I smirked taking a seat on the chair that I used when I was putting on makeup.

"Stop playing games with him, he's a dangerous vampire not a teenage boy" Danielle stated.

"Fine, I'll stop" I said.

"Promise?" Danielle asked giving me puppy dog eyes.

"I promise" I said.

-Mystic Grill-

(Tyler is eating with his parents)

"So what happens with the season? One big forfeit? Are you looking for a new coach?" Mr. Lockwood asked.

"I don't know, dad. I doubt anybody's thinking about that right now" Tyler replied.

"Charles, founder's party, focus" Mrs. Lockwood said.

"How are y'all doing over here?" Vicki asked as she walked over to their table.

"Ah, we're doing great, sweetheart" Mr. Lockwood answered.

"Is there anything else I can get you?" She replied.

"We're fine, thanks" Tyler said. It was obvious he was trying to get rid of her.

"Just the check, honey" Mr. Lockwood stated.

"Here you go, Mayor Lockwood" Vicki said giving him the check.

"Thanks" Mr. Lockwood.

(Caroline arrives with Bonnie)

"You're taking Damon to the founder's party? What about me?" Bonnie asked.

"Go with Elena" Caroline replied.

"She's asking Nick" Bonnie stated.

"What about Danielle?" Caroline asked.

"Stefan" She answered.

"What about Liana?" Caroline replied.

"I haven't asked" She commented.

"Ok, then ask her or go by yourself" Caroline said.

"Gee, thanks. What about your mom? Is she ok with you bringing Damon?" Bonnie asked.

"And I'm supposed to care why?" She replied.

"He's older sexy danger guy" Bonnie answered.

"Older sexy danger guy? Is that an official witch twitter tweet?" Caroline commented.

"No more witch jokes, ok? That whole Mr. Tanner prediction thing has me freaked" Bonnie stated.

"Ok. And Damon's not dangerous. You know, he just has a lot of issues with his brother. You know, like major, deep-Rooted drama" She said.

"Like…?" Bonnie trailed off.

"I'm not really supposed to say anything" She replied.

"Caroline Forbes, when have you ever kept a secret in your life?" Bonnie asked chuckling.

"Ok. But you can't tell Elena" She stated.

"No." Bonnie replied.

"So what you gonna buy me?" Tyler asked Vicki.

"Ugh, some class. Oh your parents are gone. I guess I can be close now." She answered.

"What the hell does that mean?" Tyler replied.

"You treat me like trash. I'm sick of it" She stated.

"I don't think your trash" Tyler commented.

"Really? Then who are you taking to the founder's party?" She asked.

"Vicki Donovan. Do you want me to ask you to the founder's party?" He asked smirking.

"No. It'll be stupid and lame" She said.

"True. But it'll be less stupid and lame if you were there" He said before leaving.

"You realize you had to ask him to ask you, right? You figure if you dress up like a respectable young lady, he'll finally treat you like one" Jeremy commented.

"Screw you, Jeremy" She replied.

"You know you're making the wrong choice, yet you make it anyway. It's sad.

-Salvatore boarding house-

"I didn't know you were here" Zach said.

"Just going through Stefan's homework. Boy, this country sure has dumbed down in the last hundred years. Why he wants to go to high school is beyond me." Damon commented. "I mean, in the seventies, he went Ivy League. Harvard, I understood. Actually, no. I didn't get that either. Go ahead, purge. Get it out. What's on your mind?"

"Why are you here, Damon?" Zach asked.

"To spend time with you, Zach. Family's important" Damon answered.

"I know you. You always have a motive. So tell me, what is it this time?" Zach replied.

Damon got up and grabbed Zach by the throat.

"You are in no position to question me" Damon stated.

"I didn't mean to upset you" Zach replied.

"This is not upset, Zach" Damon commented.

"What's going on?" Stefan asked as he entered the room.

Damon dropped Zach.

"Having a family moment, Stefan. Spending some quality time" Damon answered leaving.

"Hey, are you ok?" Stefan asked Zack.

"No, I'm not. And neither are you. How many more people have to die before you see that?" Zach stated.

"I see it. All right, Zach, I see it" Stefan replied.

"Then why aren't you doing anything about it?" He asked.

"I can't, Zach, I can't. It would take human blood. It's the only way that I could stop him, and I can't do that" Stefan replied.

"The vervain could weaken him if he ingested it. It would help you get the upper hand" Zach commented.

"Vervain hasn't grown here since 1865. Damon saw to that. The little I had, I gave to Danielle. What?" Stefan stated seeing Zach's face.

Stefan and Zach walk down in the cellar. When Zach opens the door Stefan sees bags of vervain.

"You've been growing it." Stefan commented.

"It's just something that's been passed down through the generations. Blood only runs so deep when you're related to vampires. Damon would kill me if he knew that I had it" Zach said.

"But you're telling me. Why?" Stefan stated.

"Because I trust you. And you're gonna need it if you want to get rid of him" Zach replied.

-Gilbert house-

The doorbell rings. Jeremy answers it. He sees its Tyler and tries to close the door but Tyler holds it open.

"I'm here for my mom. I was supposed to pick up a box of stuff" Tyler said.

"Right here. Please be careful" Elena commented giving Tyler the box.

"Yeah, be careful with it, dick" Jeremy stated.

"Hey! Not now, ok, guys? Please?" Elena said.

"I'm fine. He's just being a punk" Tyler replied.

"I got your punk" Jeremy fired back.

"Look, Tyler, maybe you should go. Tell your mom that I'll see her tonight" Elena commented.

"Hey. Would it make a difference if I told you I actually like Vicki?" Tyler said.

"Not even if you meant it" Jeremy replied.

-In Elena's Bedroom-

"Delicate flower vs. Naughty Vixen" Bonnie stated.

"Tough call. Can we mix them?" Elena asked.

"I'm going with delicate flower, what about you liana?" Danielle commented.

"Naughty Vixen" Liana replied.

"Look at you guys, getting all pretty for your date. You guys seem happy-ish" Bonnie said.

"I don't have a date but that doesn't mean I can't get pretty" Liana stated.

"Anyways, I am…ish. Tonight's going to be a good night. But don't let that stop you from telling me whatever it is you wanted to tell me as soon as you walked in the door" Danielle told Bonnie.

"What if I tell you in the morning? I don't want to ruin the night." Bonnie said.

"Bonnie, out with it" Elena replied.

"Ok, but it has to go in the vault, because Caroline will kill me if it gets back to Damon that she squealed." Bonnie said. "Apparently Stefan has a very interesting back story".

"Uh-huh" Danielle replied.

"Do you guys know what happened with his ex-girlfriend Katherine?" Bonnie asked.

"I know that they both dated her and that's why they have issues" Liana answered.

"Yeah, they both dated her, only she chose Damon. And that drove Stefan mad, so he did horrible things to try and break them up. He manipulated Katherine. He filled her head with all these lies until finally it worked, and she turned against Damon" Bonnie replied.

"That sounds like one person's side of the story, meaning Damon's" Danielle said.

"I just wanted you to know" Bonnie stated shrugging her shoulders.

"Anyway, his past relationships are none of my business" Danielle commented.

"Unless he's a calculating, manipulative liar. That is your business" Bonnie argued.

"Stefan is none of these things" Danielle said arguing back.

"Yeah? How do you know?" Bonnie fired back.

"And how do you know?" Liana replied Bonnie.

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