As Olivia and Elliot walked out of the room, a doctor approached them.

"Liv, this is the doctor who has Haddie's case." Elliot said as Liv attempted to collect herself.

"Hi, I'm Detective Benson." Olivia shook his hand.

"Dr. Smithson. Haddie's labs are back."

"And were there signs of abuse?" Olivia asked.

"Obvious signs of both physical and sexual abuse were found. She had multiple improperly healed fractures and bruising. Plus, vaginal tearing. She has been abused for years." Dr. Smithson read from a chart.

"Did you do a rape kit?" Elliot asked.

"We did but, there were no signs of any recent sexual encounters."

"Okay, thanks." Olivia said. She and Elliot walked toward the elevator. As the doors closed them inside. Elliot turned to Olivia.

"You know I can call Fin or Minch to question Calvin."

"No. it's fine. I really feel like I need to help Haddie. Calvin knows something and we need to figure out what. Plus, I think there are some things he and I need to talk about." Olivia tucked her bangs behind her ear. Elliot knew that was the universal Liv sign of end of conversation. There was a brief moment of silence as the elevator doors opened.

"Listen, El. I just… I love you and I love that we are us but, I can't help but wonder if we are making a huge mistake."

"Liv, we aren't making a mistake." Elliot began.

"No, just hear me out." Olivia cut him off as they left the hospital and headed towards the car. "What if something happens and this doesn't work out? I mean… I ruined your marriage and if we don't end up together what does that say about me? Plus, your poor kids. How will you explain this sort of this to little Eli? It's just a lot to think about." Olivia trailed off as they both got into the car. At first Elliot didn't respond. He turned on the car. After about a minute, he shut the car off again and turned to Olivia.

"My marriage was ruined long before you came along. I think even before I met you. As much as I will always love Kathy as the mother of my children, I can't imagine my life any better than it is with you. I need you to stop searching for a reason to stay unhappy and just let yourself smile." He said as he looked deep into her eyes. The kind of lovey dovey look people get in movies when they meet the person they will end up with.

Olivia paused and took a breath. She looked down at her hands in her lap. Elliot lifted her chin and kissed her lips. She leaned back and smiled.

"What was that for?" She whispered.

"To remind you that I chose you. And I will remind you every day for the rest of our lives." He responded starting the car and driving towards the precinct.

Once they arrived Cragen approached them quickly.

"Olivia, I think it's best if you stay here and try and gather some information on Haddie. I don't think it is a good idea for you to go see Calvin." He said before they could even enter the squad room.

"Captain, I promise I can handle this. He is obviously scared and he needs to have familiarity. Please let me do this. I just want to make sure he and Haddie are safe." Olivia pleaded as Elliot walked past Cragen, giving them some privacy.

"I just don't know that is the best plan. The carnage from the last time you two parted was pretty hefty."

"I know and I understand why you are worried but, you know I need to do this. Please just trust me."

"Okay, but, Elliot runs point on this one." Olivia nodded and headed into the squad room.

"ACS has Calvin listed in the care of his grandparents." Munch read from his computer.

"Right, but they live in Vermont. Why would Calvin go to a New York school if he lived in Vermont?" Olivia said walking into the middle of the conversation .

"Exactly my concern. So I called the grandparents. They told me Calvin never lived with them. In fact, the night they took Calvin from your care, Vivian changed her mind."

"Can she do that?" Olivia asked.

"She's his mother, Liv. She can do whatever she wants." Elliot said.

"Right, here's the next problem. Vivian's doing a nickel in Sealview for assault with a deadly weapon."

"Which leaves Calvin where?" Elliot asked.

"Well, I called Edison Primary School, where Haddie goes and they said no Calvin Harris in on their roster." Finn popped in.

"So there is a homeless 13 year old boy running around in New York and ACS has no idea where he is." Olivia said as she stirred her coffee.

"That's what I am saying." Finn stated.

"Okay, so we canvas the neighborhood around Edison and see if anyone has seen him." Elliot said. "Liv and I will take the East side of the school and you and Munch take the West." He continued. Elliot knew how much this case meant to Liv. Calvin was just as much her little boy as he was Vivian's. Maybe even more so.

Chapter 4 : I Want A Mom That Will Last Forever

After three hours of searching, everyone was being to give up any hope of finding Calvin.

"So what's the plan now?" Finn radioed over to Olivia.

"Keep looking. We have to find him it is after four and it's going to get dark soon." She answered. Munch grabbed the walkie talkie and radioed back.

"We can't keep wasting time following a dead lead. We need to focus on finding Haddie's abuser."

"And Calvin is the only one who can lead us to them. So keep looking." Olivia said. "God , sometimes that man drives me crazy." She said to Elliot as they walked down the street. As she was speaking Elliot tapped her arm a few times to get her attention. "What?"

"Look." He pointed to a boy on the street corner. He was holding a sign and pan handling for money. Olivia took a five dollar bill from her pocket and walked towards him. She placed the bill in his cup.

"Thank you, Ma'am." He said without lifting his head. Olivia stood there quietly waiting from him to look up at her. After a few seconds he did. "Olivia." He threw down his cup and began running. Both Elliot and Olivia chased after him. He ran down an alley. Olivia slowed her pace knowing the alley was a dead end.

"Calvin. What is going on with you?" Olivia asked when he finally hit the brick wall. He hit the wall repeatedly as if he was hoping to magically walk right through. Olivia grabbed him and turned him around. "Calvin, Honey please stop and talk to me."

"I don't want to talk to you." He shouted.

"Why? What is wrong? What happened?"

"You sent me away."

"Honey, I didn't send you away. Your mom took you away from me."

"Liar!" He pushed her away. Elliot moved towards them. Olivia shooed him away.

"Why do you think I sent you away?"

"My mom said you wanted to get rid of me. She said I was a bad kid and too much to handle. She said you never wanted to see me again." He admitted as tears poured down his cheeks, which were bright pink from a combination of running and the cold autumn air.

"Sweetie, I would never say that. Your mother took you away from me. You are not a bad kid. You're an amazing young man. I have been worried sick about you since the day you left last summer."

"Why did you let them take me then?"

"I had no choice. I was no longer your legal guardian. I had no right to keep you." Olivia said wiping the tears from his eyes and cheeks.

"But, she didn't even want me." He said giving her a hug.

"Calvin, your mother is a very sick woman. She loves you very much but, sometimes her illness gets in the way of that." Olivia took his hands.

"She's in prison."

"I know."

"She left me all alone."

"I know and I am so sorry I wasn't there for you before but, I promise you I am not going anywhere." She hugged him again. "Now I need your help."

"With what?"

"I need to know about Haddie."

"She called you!" He smiled.

"She actually came to the precinct this morning. She was hurt pretty badly."

"I know. That's why I told her to call you."

"Okay, let's go talk about this in the squad room." He nodded.

Elliot, Munch and Finn stood a few feet behind. They each knew that Olivia was the obvious choice for Calvin. They also knew the unpleasant custody battle she was about to enter. Elliot wondered If he and Olivia's relationship was ready for such a thing. He also thought about the idea of raising yet another child. It was a lot to take in. He knew he sounded selfish and that the potential safety of a child was at risk here but, he already had five children and he wasn't banking on having any more.

Olivia put her arm around Calvin's shoulders and led him back to the squad car. He had a huge smile pasted on his face and so did she. Elliot hadn't seen Olivia smile like that in years if ever. He knew she had found her happiness and hoped there was still room in her heart for him.