Chapter 10! I'm pretty sure this is the last chapter. It will probably be short. Enjoy!

(9,9) ever worked tired panda…

All in all, for one week, Nightwing really couldn't spend long out of bed. After two weeks, he was good for standing for short periods of time. By the end of four weeks, everyone knew he was training, even though he had strict orders not to.

When Nightwing walked into the cave via Zeta beams on the day he was officially allowed to train (about six weeks after the surgery) the first thing he saw was a huge holographic image of him.

As a cat.

Everyone was looking at it.

Mentors, sidekicks, the YJ team.

Then played a video Nightwing overdosed on drugs and slurring everything and commenting on how orange the world was. (he woke up six time while still under the influence of the drip overdose)

Nightwing would never live this down.

"Nightwing!" Rocket exclaimed. She had come in from the kitchen and seen him standing there. No one else had heard him come in over their laughter. Just as Rocket announced Nightwing's presence, some one called out,

"Show more cat pics!" The hologram obliged, but now everyone was staring at the live Nightwing. Batman and Robin had come in shortly after Nightwing.

"You guys took pictures?" Batman said, tilting his head towards Robin. Robin shrugged,

"He makes one heck of a cute cat." Robin said. Nightwing, who had his arms crossed rolled his eyes, tilting his head along so everyone knew what he was doing.

Batgirl came out of the crowd and handed Batman a box.

"These are all the pictures we took!" she said brightly. Nightwing scoffed. For a horrible second the YJ team thought Nightwing was really mad.

"You took all these pictures, but aren't giving me one?" Said Nightwing. Batgirl laughed and gave Nightwing a box too.

"SO selfish!" said Batgirl. Nightwing smirked, and everyone knew that he had dirt on Batgirl. Batgirl's face pale.

"What do you know?" she demanded.

"Nothing much, just a little clip from the med room…"

"Robin, you said you destroyed those!"

"EH, if I learned from Nightwing, don't you think he can always reverse my work?"

Batgirl's face was red, but Nightwing walked by and asked when the party would start. Wally whooped and music played and party lights shone.

About halfway through the party, when Nightwing was just getting tired, Batgirl found him.

"Ok, at least tell me what dirt you got."

"Really?" Nightwing stifled a yawn.

"Yes." Barbra had her hands on her hips. Nightwing shrugged and finished his juice.

"Well, it really is just that you are the one who fixed my suit. I know about the whole bet thing."

"That's all?"


Nightwing grabbed Batgirls hand and lead her towards the living room where it was quieter.

"OH, I'm not a possession you can just say is yours; but, you're right, I'm defiantly yours." Nightwing said as he sat on the couch, pulling Batgirl with him, then using her shoulder as a pillow he fell asleep. Batgirl blushed a deep red. Nightwing had a smile on is face as he 'slept'. Ten minutes later a certain song came on and Nightwing 'woke up', He was glad Batgirl hadn't shaken him off.

"Hey, Babs, since I'm pretty sure you saved my life, I guess I owe you this dance?" Nightwing lead Batgirl to the edge of the dance floor where they danced to A Thousand Years.

After the party, as Nightwing, with Batman in shotgun drove home, he talked to Batgirl and Robin in the back seats of the Batmobile. When he stopped at Batgirl's stop, Nightwing got out with her and walked with her a ways to be in the shadows. Dick knew that Tim would totally troll him later for this, but he had to do this.

In the shadows, Dick took Barbra's hand and pulled her close to him and gave her a kiss, on the lips. He let all his emotions that he couldn't tell her arise as he kissed her.

"Nightwing?" whispered Batgirl. Dick shushed her. He than handed her a piece of paper, and went back to the car and drove off. Barbra read the note.

Hey, for a while now I've liked you.

I was wondering if you might like me too.

Please check yes or no.

Dick Grayson

She smiled and checked yes. Barbra went hope skipping on her toes.

"So, how did the son of a playboy admit he like a girl?" Bruce asked on the ride home. Dick smiled.

"I went old school."

"The note?"

"Hey, the way you ask a girl is important, do it the right way and she is guaranteed to say yes."

"Spoken like a master."

"Thanks dad, but I really like her."

"I know."


"When you were ten, you schemed a plan to have her join us. That was a huge sign."

"Even with Zatanna?"

"Dick, Zatanna is a good friend, focus on the present and future ok?"

"Alright dad." Nightwing parked the car.

"Um, what are you two talking about?" Tim asked from the back. Dick smiled at his brother.


"SO what was this about a road trip to the Rockies?"

"Um… I'll explain."

That night, while time slept with one arm around his brother, Dick slept with his mind dreaming about a sweet, red-head that had curious hazel eyes, and looked great in black.

"Barbra." Dick whispered in his sleep. His brother hugged him tighter.

"Mine." Tim muttered in his sleep. Bruce and Alfred smiled at the doorway.

"Well Master Bruce, Barbra had her work cut out for her."

"Yes, but I think for once Tim will share Dick, if Barbra doesn't steal him."

"DO you ever feel Master Richard is too well liked, Master Bruce?"

"Every day, Alfred, Every day."

THE END! I'm still sorting out my next in my version of the time lapse series. The next will either be a

Nightwing gets ill

Some villain comes and Nightwing gets beaten up or

Some sort of relationship story! Please vote!


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