The Orange Sunset

The train's wheels came to a screeching halt as smoke and steam poured out from the train's whistle.

The girl looked up to the train as two monkeys exited the mobile and walked up to the girl.

"Lequite, right?" the first monkey asked.

Lequite nodded.

The monkey then smiled, "Your train has arrived miss."

Lequite cracked a smile at the animal as she slowly began to walk towards her transportation vehicle.

Memories slowly developed in her head of all the things she would be doing at her new town. Making new friends, owning her very own house, playing activities. All of it sounded so much fun, yet she could not help but feel the dramatic feeling of being… homesick.

It was as if each step she took, her heart fluttered with the wind and the sun. The sun actually forced her to look at it as she boarded the train.

Within a few minutes, the train was already on the tracks to Lequite's new home.

Lequite looked out the window, staring at all the beautiful nature: the trees, the fruit, the grass, the flowers. Everything was perfect in her eyes.

Suddenly, her blue eyes gazed upon a river which was sparkling with the sun's rays.

Her eyes fixed lightly onto the sunset as she breathed heavily. Her hands on her cheeks and elbows upon the window's edges, she couldn't hold back a tear.

The sunset was just so… beautiful. Remarkable sounded like a better word. The sun's rays climbed and dove into the water as glittering sparkles of water appeared. She could feel the great warmness of the sun and the slight cold of the howling wind calling to her.

Both were truly amazing. She never felt so relaxing in her time alone on a train.

Most of the time, she always felt so alone and cold when it came to riding on a public train, filled with all sorts of different people. She felt cornered at times like this.

But now, that all changed.

It changed, because of the orange sunset.