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She couldn't believe she was doing this. That he was doing this. He betrayed her for a piece of shit like Lila. And for what? Just to have a few minutes of mindless sex with her. She honestly couldn't believe he would do this. Had their vows meant nothing to him? Had their 4 kids?

Time to end this.

She looked at the fireplace, a picture of him and her together on their wedding day. Hard to believe that was barely 30 years ago. The years just flew by to her.

She continued up the staircase, pausing at a picture of their kids at soccer practice. Throwing the picture downstairs, she continued up.

The door to their bedroom was parcally open, and she peeked in. Arnold and Lila kissing met her as she slowly pushed the door wide open, gun in her back pocket, armed and ready to fire.

"Helga?!" he exclaimed as Lila scrambled off the bed, fear in her eyes.

"Football head." she said calmly as possible.

"How did you-"

"Save it, cheater." She pulled the gun out of her back pocket, cocking it. "We all know what's happening here. You cheated on me for this bitch."

He looked into her eyes. "You wouldn't kill me. You love me. You couldn't live without me."

She shot his foot, and screams of shock and pain exclaimed from both of them.

"Quiet, assholes." She turned back to Arnold.

"I loved you, Arnold. With all my heart. And this is how is how you betrayed me. With her. Was I not enough?"


"That's enough. I'm done with you, and so are the kids."

"But how did you-"

"Find out? Oh, Gerald told me. He couldn't stand you doing this behind my back. Some friend, huh, bucko?"

"Helga, please-"

"The time for sorry is over, football head. Now..." she leaned closer and kissed him, short yet passionate.

"Bye Arnold." she said, pulling away and firing the gun in his head, Lila shortafter.

Helga closed the door to the bedroom, a single tear falling down her cheek.

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