K-Unit had been previously ordered to recover a captured agent and neutralize the pending threat, no matter what the cost. Usually commanded by the SAS, these orders had come directly from Blunt himself, the head of MI6. So that's how Ben Daniels, codename Fox, found himself and his unit, now entering a seemingly abandoned warehouse, just outside of London. Their backup, G-Unit, was waiting just beyond the surrounding trees.

As they closed in on the entrance Eagle pulled out a decoder, courtesy of Smithers, and attached it to the electronic keypad that allowed access to the building. Within the minute, K-Unit was inside and tensely searching for the mystery agent.

Wolf led his pack, gun cocked and ready to fire at any opposing threat. The hallways running through the warehouse were not the straight, reliable paths they had been led to believe. In fact they were the complete opposite: twisting in random directions and nearly impossible to navigate as an outsider. As soon as the team leader realized they were in no immediate danger, he lowered his weapon and turned to address his comrades.

"We need to split up," Wolf growled. Snake quickly shook his head in response.

"No, it's too risky. Wherever the agent is, he's not alone. We need to be ready to face whatever they have in store for us."

"Snake, I don't think you understand. We need to find the agent and blow the place; that's the most efficient way of completing our mission. End of story."

"I agree with Snake," Eagle added unhelpfully.

"This isn't a democracy, Eagle," Wolf grunted, but his teammates' opinions influenced his decisions more than they knew. "Fox, you and Eagle will go down to the basement and Snake and I will keep searching. Contact us if you find anything. Remember rendezvous here in an hour if you come up with a blank."

"See you soon," Fox replied seriously, "and hopefully we will have an agent with us too."

Eagle and Fox silently made their way down the stairs, stopping at erratic intervals to listen for a hint as to where they should go. They made it down the stairs and into the first adjoining hallway before they heard footsteps behind the nearest door.

Quickly, they hurried around the corner and stationed themselves to fire. As two guards entered the hallway, Fox and Eagle took aim, and had soon neutralized the oncoming threat. Eagle quickly radioed Wolf to let him know the action was underground.

"Psssssshhht. Wolf, are you there?"

"Eagle, you do realize you don't have to make that sound when you talk with a walkie-talkie right?" Wolf's voice said through the static.

"Yes! But at least I try to spice things up! I like to keep it interesting," Eagle reasoned.

"Does this conversation have a point or-"

"Oh yeah. We think we've found the agent. We are going in, but if you could come down as backup, that'd be great."

"Okay we are on our way down," Wolf answered quickly.

As Eagle put away the communication device, Fox was already preparing to kick down the door. Hurriedly Eagle scrambled over to where Ben was and pulled out his gun, ready to take down anyone who got in his way. Fox mentally prepared himself and kicked the door forward. It broke easily, the lock staying connected to the frame, but the rest of the wood splintered and flew inward.

Incredibly fast, three guns were pointed in half of K-Unit's direction, but before they could shoot, the team had taken out two of them with tranquilizer darts as the third aimed for Fox's head, but was taken down by Snake who had just appeared behind them.

What Fox had not realized before was that the three guards had all been huddled around a small, lone figure lying on a metal table in the back of the room. Snake and Eagle looked at each other, confusion evident on their faces, but Fox rushed to the table.

"Alex!" Fox said urgently under his breath. The eyes of Alex Rider stay closed as Fox reached out and felt for a pulse.

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