Okay, this chapter may be really bad.

I got Writer's Block and couldn't think of anything else for the storm.

Philby POV

"Look!" Amanda yelled, pointing. A large gray thing moved slowly through the icy water.

"A boat!" I cheered. We ran over to the edge of the water, jumping, waving, and screaming.

"AUGH!" Willa screamed. I turned to look at her...but she wasn't there. The ice beneath her had cracked, and she fell under.

"WHA-?" Maybeck yelled, as a chunk of ice fell beneath him and he fell under too.

"NO!" I grabbed Willa's hand, holding her above the water. I saw Finn do the same with Maybeck. I heard a sickening crack, and I winced. I turned slowly and saw a small crack, under my foot.

"Don't...move..." Willa whispered, holding my arm for dear life.

Charlene screamed, followed by a splash. Then Jess.

"Stay calm! We are coming to get you!" a large voice boomed. And I looked up. The boat was now inches away. A ladder fell down, and I grabbed it. Just in time, too. The ice beneath me broke, and half of my body fell under water. I grunted, my muscles burning as I held Willa and I up with one arm. I yelled and pulled up, pulling both me and Willa out of the water. I moved her hands to the ladder, and she started climbing. I turned and saw Maybeck helping Jess and Charlene up. Finn held Amanda close to him, both still on land.

I sighed and rolled onto the boat. "Well well, look what the cat dragged in. What are a couple of kids like you doing out here?" a gruff voice asked. I opened my eyes and saw a man, smirking down at me.

"Lewis, be nice!" a woman scolded.

"Sorry, Sara," the man grumbled. I sat up.

"Who are you?" I asked as everyone else pulled themselves aboard.

"We are the ARTC. The Arctic Researcher's Technicians Crew," the woman, Sara, said.

"Cool!" Willa said, clapping. "May I see some of your equipment?"

"Me as well? I am very interested about the technology on this boat," I added.

Sara laughed. "It's nice to see a couple of kids taking an interest in stuff like this. Sure, I would love to show you! Would anyone else like to join?" she asked.

"NAH! Ya got any food?" Maybeck said quickly.

"Maybeck!" Charlene scolded, hitting him on the chest. I realized that Charlene was still a sickly pale, and Maybeck was leaning against the side of the boat, his leg hanging limply.

"Actually, before we do anything, can you check out these two?" I motioned to Charlene and Maybeck. "I think his leg is broken, and she is sick."

"I'm fine!" Maybeck and Charlene yelled at the same time, glaring holes at me. I smirked at them.

"Sorry, guys, but I'm afraid redhead over here is right. You guys need to be checked out. In fact, all of you do. I'll take you to our Medic Technician."

I smiled, along with Willa. We were in nerd heaven!

Maybeck POV

"Your friend over there is right, buddy. Your leg is defiantly broken," the doctor -cough- 'Medic Technician', said.

"But it feels fine!" I lied. I hated laying on this stupid bed in front of all my friends, as weak as...well...something weak!

"I can tell you are lying. We are going to put it in a cast, okay?"

I felt like laughing. Please, is he seriously asking MY permission? Even if I say no, he would still do it anyway!


I opened my eyes. Charlene smiled at me. "Hey, you!"

I laughed. "Now it's the other way around, huh?"

She chuckled lightly. "Yeah." I sat up and looked at my leg. It was pulled into a plain black cast, and crutches laid next to me on the bed.

"The others are getting checked right now. You and I had to get checked first." She rolled her eyes. She felt the same way I did. We didn't like being portrayed as weak.

"Dude! We are fine!" I mumbled. She nodded.

"Hey, how did your 'doc appointment' go?" I asked.

She sighed. "I'm fine. But WEAK! I gotta sleep...something about not moving...I dunno, I started spacing out."

I laughed, raising my hand for a high-five. "Nice!"

She giggled, slapping her hand against mine.

I coughed awkwardly. I had swung my legs over the side and was sitting down, facing Charlie. She stood, hands behind her back. I whistled some tuneless song, and she tapped her toes. I stopped, drumming my fingers on the bed. I looked up at her, and our eyes met. She smiled and my heart sped up. Dude, what the heck?

I rubbed the back of my head awkwardly. I grabbed the crutches and stood up, just as she started to walk. We bumped against each other, and one crutch fell out of my hands. I bounced and bent down to grab it. Our hands brushed. I straightened up, our hands slightly touching as we both held the crutch. I tucked it under my arm and leaned in slightly. She closed her eyes, moving onto her toes. My arm found its way around her waist, and I could almost feel her presence. Our lips were about to touch...

When the door swung open and Jess stepped through. "WHAT THE HECK?!" she yelled.

Charlie and I screamed, stepping back. I tripped on my broken leg and the crutches fell out from underneath me. I toppled to the ground, groaning in pain. Charlie bumped into the wall and fell too. Our hands brushed, and I immediately slid it away.

"What...were..you...DOING?!" Jess asked between laughs.

"NOTHING!" Charlene's face was a bright red, glaring at Jess. I turned away, refusing to make eye contact with any of them.

"What do you WANT?!" I growled.

"Nothing! I was just done getting checked!" Jess said.

"And?" I hissed, glaring a hole into the wall. Not literally though. But if I could be able to do that, dude...

"And nothing! I'm fine!" I noticed Jess's face was bright red too. Probably from walking in when Charlene and I were about to...

Oh, just forget it.

"Where are the rest of the dorks, anyway?" I asked, annoyed.

"Jeez, someone's cranky!" Jess laughed.

"I wonder why," I mumbled.

"Hey gu...ys?" Amanda trailed off, walking in. Charlene was against the wall, head in her hands, Jess stood, staring at the both of us, and I sat there, glaring at the wall, crutches at my sides.

"Are you guys okay?" she asked.

"Omg! You won't belie-" Jess started.

"WE'RE FINE!" I yelled, interrupting her. Amanda raised an eyebrow at me.

"I'll tell you later," I caught Jess whispering to her.

"JESSSSSSS!" I screeched, just as the rest of the Keepers walked in. Their jaws dropped.

"Maybeck, are you okay?" Willa asked. I glared at her.

"I'm fine!" I said, grabbing the end of the bed to help me stand up. I grabbed my crutches and swung myself out of the room, hearing Philby whisper: "Some one's cranky."