Hi again! So the votes are in, and a lot of people either voted for Option 3 or were on the fence between that and Option 2. So we're going with Option 3, which means you guys want a completely new series!

I'm assuming many of you chose this option because YOU want to influence what happens in the new series. That's why, right now, I'm taking this opportunity to get your feedback. Tell me what you liked/disliked about the series, and what you would have liked to see more/less of. I have a basic plan written already for seven books (VERY BASIC, mind you), and so there's plenty of room for improvement/changes.

So, tell me what you what you think of the following elements in the series:

ONE: The darkness versus darkness. Would you prefer the 1) typical good Albus vs. a evil enemy, or did you like the 2) sort-of-dark Albus vs. a super dark enemy that the series had? Or would you prefer it to be 3) a really dark Albus vs. a super dark enemy?

TWO: Albus's personality. Did you like the 1) shy, stuttering boy with a cunning, unparalleled mind, or would you prefer 2) a more confident, abrasive, arrogant antihero (with the same cunning, unparalleled mind)?

THREE: The main trio. Did you like the 1) classic Albus/Rose/Scorpius set up? 2) Would you prefer a trio made of one or two OCs (Original Characters) in addition to Albus? 3) Or do you not want a trio, just Albus braving the world on his own? 4) What about a duo? A quartet? A septet (whatever the word is for a group of seven)?

FOUR: James. Do you want the 1) same, intense level of brother rivalry, in which James is a heartless git, 2) a less intense rivalry, in which the brothers sometimes act like brothers, or 3) little to no serious rivalry, in which the brothers have a good, normal relationship.

FIVE: The relationship with family. Do you prefer that 1) Albus is shunned, ignored, and underappreciated by his family members, 2) has a strained, but still decent, relationship with his family members, 3) makes up with and can fully rely on his family members?

SIX: The parallel. Did you 1) want to see the obvious parallel to the original HP series again, 2) would like more SUBTLE similarities, thank you very much, or 3) not many parallels at all, if any.

SEVEN: Anything else? Any character you particularly enjoyed? Any character you hated? Any scene you particularly enjoyed? Now's the time for suggestions! Seriously… just tell me something you want to see.

Answering these questions will be greatly appreciated. But if you don't remember anything about the series, I don't blame you. I don't remember much either, ha.

Please tell me what you think- I cannot promise that any of your votes will actually make a change, but I am keeping my mind open. So most likely your votes WILL make a change. I will be posting the first book of the new series on Sunday, November 3rd. It'll be USA Pacific Time. I will leave the old series up until then, but it will be deleted within a few days of the posting date for the new series. Thanks for staying on this journey (which took a looooong break) with me! Look out for Albus Potter and the Colossus Code!