Chapter 6

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Archer came back to reality with a bump. Danny was still crying silent tears, and had what looked like a 1,000 yard stare- Archer recognised it, having spent enough time in the army.

He figured maybe all Danny needed was physical affection right now, and carefully approached him from where he was sitting across the corridor.

"Danny…it's okay, ja. Everything will be okay," he mumbled gently, into his son's hair, balancing him against his chest, to no avail, as tears continued.

"Hey, Danny, what's wrong, huh?" Archer tipped Danny's chin, "What's wrong my bru? They've gone to the angels now. No more pain,ja?"

Danny shook his head. "Not them. Where's Mama?"

Archer froze. What kind of child didn't know their own Mother was dead? Shit, now he was going to have to explain, and fast, because they needed to get out of Cape Town sooner rather than later.

Suddenly, he had an epiphany. What was it that Forrest Gump's Mother had told him, in that film? He remembered vaguely going to see it with a couple of other army Vets, just after Apartheid ended. The memory was still clear in his mind, and felt no more than a few days old.

"Your Mother…she… er…she is on vacation, ja? She's just gone… for a long time."

"What's vacation?"

"Vacation is where you go somewhere, for a long time. You might come back, you might not: it's a surprise,ja?"Archer could feel the lump rising in his throat.

Not now, Archer. Don't cry, not in front of your own son. Man up.

Danny nodded tearfully. "But I miss her," he whispered, choking up.

Archer sighed, and pulled him into his chest again. "She always here really, my bru. In your," Archer swallowed to stop himself crying too, "In your heart."

Danny cried for a few more minutes, whilst Archer said nothing, contemplating what they were going to do now. Archer knew full well that they could not stay here for any longer- The boss' men would arrive soon, and then they would both die. Maddy wouldn't want that, right?

Archer swallowed again. They had to get out of South Africa, as far away as possible. He couldn't go back to Zimbabwe- not yet, he wasn't ready. He had convinced himself that the only reason he would return would be to show Maddy how beautiful it was, but she wasn't here anymore, so he figured that he would never return. Not in this life, anyway.

Lesotho, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia… still all too near. They would track him down. Where could they go?

Archer suddenly received a brain wave- Ghana. Solomon was living there now, right? Archer had last heard he was in Accra, the capital, after not wanting to go back to Sierra Leone quite yet, since the war only finished a year ago: but nor had he wanted to go somewhere outside of Africa. Nobody ever understood why they all stayed in Africa, when they could easily just immigrate to America or Europe. Then again, nobody really understood Africa at all.

Archer was about to tell Danny that they were going to Ghana, but then realised he had fallen asleep. His breathe was rising deeply, and was now peaceful, and Archer decided not to further his pain by waking him.

"I'm sorry, Danny," he whispered, tentatively. "For this and everything else."

Sorry your Mother is gone, and I'm not good enough. Sorry you've already seen so much death and pain, and suffered. Sorry, my son.

Archer gazed out of the window for the majority of the plane journey to Ghana, turning his head slightly to check Danny was alright every few minutes. He was still blissfully sleeping, unaware that he was being flown to another country in a space of 48 hours.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts: we are preparing for landing," a loud woman's voice said over the intercom. Archer gently shook Danny, figuring it would be best to wake him before actually telling him they were in yet another country.

"Danny, Ey Danny? Y'alright?" Archer asked, half snapping half concerned. He didn't mean to snap- he was just so used to it.

Danny nodded briefly, whilst taking in his surroundings.

"Dad…Where are we?"

"We on a plane, ja? We going to Ghana, to see erm..." Excuses, Archer, excuses. "To see Dad's old friend. Like a little break," he gave an attempted smile, which Danny seemed to , he was not asking too many questions. Yet.

Archer was quite nervous to be seeing Solomon- although they had remained in correspondence, it had been at least 3 years since they had both seen one another. Archer hadn't bothered to tell Solomon they were coming to his house- he didn't do organised.

The plane landed, and Archer wished that he had gotten on a very different plane in 1999. "Ah, what's the point?" he mumbled to himself.

Archer didn't waste time at check in, and all that- he didn't want to spend any more time than needed in the airport. Danny clasped onto his hand: he was afraid, Archer could sense it.

"Don't be scared, Danny, ja?" Archer thought that this kid needed toughening up a bit, if he was quite honest. But, then, again, that was just his opinion. What would Maddy do? He thought, whilst deciding whether to get a taxi or not. It was still light, and the air was warm- Archer decided it would be better to just walk. Besides, his muscles could do with some moving after the flight.

"Come, Danny, we going to walk, my bru." Danny nodded, his tanned skin already becoming darker- he would be tanned and unrecognisable before the month was out.

They passed through the bustling streets, markets, and stall after stall selling everything from traditional foods to the latest American films. Archer walked quickly: despite being so far away, he still knew people, and wanted to avoid them.

Eventually, they reached Solomon's house: it was a modest size, with 3 bedrooms. Archer didn't really mind how much space there was, as long as his son was safe.

Hesitantly, he knocked at the door. What if Solomon refused to let him in? He hadn't exactly been nice to him for a lot of their time together…things change though, as do people…right?

As Archer's thoughts swirled around yet again, the door opened, and he was greeted by the person who had least expected to ever see him again.

"Mr Archer?"

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