I walked slowly and unwillingly towards the class. Unused to my navy-blue uniform with a white shirt and navy-blue tie, I feel less like Axel. Who was I though? I was just a nobody who once found friendship, but lost it after Roxas ran off. I wanted deeply to go back to the organization, only to see my friends.

Xion, was gone… dead. Out of existence. She was only a puppet along with Roxas. Larxene… who knows what happened to her? I couldn't say I was in love with her, because I have no heart, but there was something there, but then again, she was the only girl in the entire Castle Oblivion until Xion came along. Xion withheld the key blade, along with Roxas. They both were pieces of Sora, but they were still individuals as nobodies. That's all we were: nobodies. We were nobodies that assassinated heartless for the KingdomHearts. Larxene controlled lightning, and threw knifes filled with the power. She was somewhat of a sarcastic character, and then she just disappeared when she went on a mission.

I wanted my weapons back; I wanted my organization coat back. I wanted the ice cream back. I wanted it all back and more, but how could I say that I wanted something when I didn't have a heart? I couldn't feel, or at least, I didn't know how to feel. That's how nobodies are. They don't have feelings, even if they think they can, they can't. Got it memorized?

That's when I saw him with his chubby friend and that blond boy. I ran (not so swiftly) to him, and yelled, "Roxas!" He looked at me as if he never knew me, but that was expected. His friends just walked off, leaving my poor ex-nobody friend alone, with me, the red-headed freak who couldn't run right without his organization coat.

"Who are you?" he asked, scared out of his mind.

"I'm sorry, I'm Axel. Haven't we met before?" I say, smiling.

"No. We haven't met." He says, confused.

"Yes, we ha—never mind, I'm sorry. You're not Sora's nobody anymore…" I whisper under my breath. I walk away and then I see her. Xion, with Larxene. Larxene looks at me, and shakes her head as if to say Xion doesn't remember either. How come she and I have memories, and they don't? This is certainly Namine's doing.

I walk up to Larxene anyway, and give her a look. She shakes her head again, and I pretend that I had never seen them. What happened? I don't have a clue, but we are all in the same exact academy where girls wear a navy blue suit, a white shirt, and a burgundy, girl bowtie, and boys wear the same navy blue suit and white shirt with a navy blue tie.