I don't own H2O Just Add Water. I own Elina, Bridget, and Kristen.

I walked down the dock with Bridget Haley and Kristen Erins.

"I really don't think we should go…" Bridget murmured. She was always the one to hang back.

"Oh, come on, Bridge!" I jumped into Dad's boat. I wasn't licensed but I knew how to drive a boat.

"Ellie's right!" Kristen stepped carefully into the boat with me. Bridge sighed and stepped in too.

I drove the boat out to Potenza Island. It's this weird island.

I got out first and Kristen made Bridge get out next so she wouldn't hang back. She would do that.

"Did you know Potenza means power in Italian?" Kristen asked.

"Yeah, that's nice." I bent down to pick up a rock. It was multicolored. I accidentally cut myself with it. "Ow—"

I froze and starred ahead.

"Ellie?" Bridge looked at me.

I took a step forward and walked like I didn't know how to a hole in the ground. I jumped in and landed on my feet. Bridge and Kristen followed but sorta fell down.

I looked at them like I had absolutely no idea who they were. Then I walked over to a hole in the wall and stepped through. My BFFs followed.

The full moon came over the top of the volcano we were in. A pool connected to the ocean in the center of the cave bubbled. I smiled and took a step in.

Bridge and Kristen watched as I starred up, mesmerized, at the moon. The bubbles floated up to the glowing silver object. When it stopped, everything went black.


"Elina!" Kristen screamed at me.

I sat up and spat al the salt water out of my mouth. I was at the beach with Kristen, Bridge, and some other men.

"She's gonna be alright," one of the men said. He sounded Australian. "A bit shaken up though."

"Thanks, Mr. McCartney," Kristen thanked. She got up and headed to the boat. Kristen followed.

I got up to do the same but Mr. McCartney stopped me. "Stop by my place later, Miss Santayana." He gave me his address.

He watched me as I walked over to my boat so much that I felt like he could've stared a hole in my back.