November 1, 1981

A bundle of blankets was left on the steps of #4 Privet Drive, that bundle of blankets would grow up to be the savior of the wizarding world, one Harry James Potter.

Unbeknownst to Albus Dumbledore, Hagrid and Professor Minerva McGonagal they were being watched as they left little Harry on the doorstep for his Aunt to find when she put the milk out the next morning. After Dumbledore, Hagrid and McGonagal left Privet Drive the two people who were watching left the shadows and approached the step where Harry lay, the two men exchanged a look before picking Harry up and disapperating away, leaving no sign that they or Harry were ever there.

Back at Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore was just getting ready to celebrate the disappearance of Voldermort when his protection wards around Privet Drive failed causing a trinket on Dumbledore's desk to emit a loud shriek before turning black. Dumbledore immediately alerted McGonagal, Snape and Flitwick who he enlisted to return to Privet Drive with him to find out what would cause his wards to fail. Upon reaching #4 Privet Drive at around 4 in the morning they discovered that little Harry is nowhere to be found and who ever had taken Harry had masked their magical signature so were unable to be tracked to where they had taken him. After a thorough search of the area and discovering nothing the four returned to Hogwarts determined to discover who was responsible for removing Harry from his Aunt's house. Even though Snape hated the boy because of his father he didn't want anything to happen to young Harry and was glad he was not with his shrew of an aunt.

In London our two 'kidnappers' had just put Harry down on a bed and walked downstairs to talk. "Sirius we will have to go to the Ministry of Magic and make sure they know that Peter was the traitor. We also need to make sure that Dumbledore did not assign guardianship of Harry over to his Aunt Petunia, I remember Lily told us she hated magic and was always horrible to her after she received her Hogwarts letter." Remus stated seriously.

"I know Remus I am glad you ran into me tonight or I might have done something stupid like going after Peter and leaving Harry with his relatives." Sirius said giving his friend a manly hug. "We need to make sure that no one can contest guardianship of Harry do you know where Lily and James left their will?"

"Yes, they made sure that Gringots had their will just in case something happened to them. I am sure that Lily and James would have taken precautions against Harry being left with Petunia Dursley. Also I am sure they would have had the foresight to make it known in their will that Peter was the secret keeper for them and if they are dead then he betrayed them we need to go to Gringots first thing tomorrow morning and make sure their will is read, I am sure they left everything to Harry so we will have to take him with us in order for the will to be read." Remus remarked. "I am glad we thought to follow Hagrid and see what Dumbledore's plans for Harry were."

The next morning Sirius, Remus and little Harry all entered Gringots to inquire about the Potter's will, Sirius addressed the goblin Griphook who he knew to be in charge of the Potter family vaults, "Griphook we need to have Lily and James' will read we need to make sure that young Harry here never has to go to his aunt and uncle who we know would not treat him right. Petunia Dursley hated and was jealous of her sister. We need the leverage to go to the Ministry and make sure Dumbledore cannot get control of Harry."

"Of course Mr. Black since everyone who is in the will is here it can now be read. Please come with me to Mackrack's office, he is the head goblin and has the Potter's will." Griphook said leading them to an office in the back before knocking.

"Come in Griphook." Mackrack said from inside the office. "To what do I owe the pleasure Mr. Black? Mr. Lupin?"

"We brought young Harry here for the reading of the Potter's will. We suspect that Dumbledore went against the potters will and tried to place Harry with his Aunt Petunia. We need to know the contents of the will to keep Harry safe." Sirius explained to Mackrack.

"Normally we would not read the will at the request of just anyone, but as all three beneficiaries are here the will can be read. We were informed that Harry would not be available for the will reading so it would have to be put off." Mackrack informed them seriously. "Very well on with the will."

After hearing clearly stated in the will that Harry was never to be left with Petunia Dursley, and that Peter was the secret keeper for the Potters and that Dumbledore was aware of the fact that the Potters changed secret keepers, Sirius requested a copy of the will so that he could present it before the DMLE and Wizengamot so he and Remus could gain custody of Harry. In the will Sirius and Remus were named his guardians, Remus was left 2,000,000 galleons, Sirius was left prank items and Harry was left everything else, with a vault set up to see him through Hogwarts and to send money to his guardians for his care. After signing the required paperwork and receiving a copy of the will, Sirius and Remus made their way to the DMLE with Harry.

Soon Sirius and Remus gained an audience with the Head of the department Amelia Bones, who after going over the will decided to call a meeting of the Wizengamot for a custody hearing. Albus Dumbledore was conveniently not aware of the meeting so was unable to stop Sirius and Remus from gaining custody of Harry. A warrant sent out for the arrest of Peter Pettigrew for causing the death of the Potters and for being a Death Eater.

Sirius and Remus went shopping for what they would need to take care of Harry. While they were out and about doing their shopping they saw an old friend from Hogwarts who just happened to be a reporter for the Daily Prophet, Amber Senerall after she took an Unbreakable Vow not to reveal who the guardians of Harry Potter were or his location, they told her their story it was decided that the story would be printed in the Prophet, especially the part where Albus Dumbledore was willing to go against the will of Lily and James Potter and place Harry with guardians he was not supposed to have. Also to be printed was the fact that Dumbledore knew that Peter was the secret keeper and a Death Eater but did nothing about it.

After telling their story and finishing their shopping they took the crying Harry home for lunch and a nap. Unbeknownst to them their story would cause outrage in the wizarding world and would cause Albus Dumbleore to lose the faith of many people. Their story also lead to the capture of Peter Pettigrew who was given a trial and thrown into Azkaban Prison.

Harry thrived living with Remus and Sirius, he started out making friends with Neville when they met in Diagon Alley. For the first several months he would wake up from his sleep screaming and had to be comforted soon the trauma of his parents death became a distant memory which Remus and Sirius were very glad about since Harry started being able to sleep through the night.

Remus and Sirius had to let Harry be checked up on by ministry officials every month for a year then the visits would become twice a year for the next couple of years, and finally once a year for the next two years. So they would make sure he was well taken care of by his guardians and that they would be the proper guardians for him.