Ch: 13.

The rest of Harry's second year was pretty uneventful he was happy that Ginny was finally with him and Neville at Hogwarts. For part of the year Hermione tried to prove she was better for Harry than Ginny. Their group pretty much ignored her behavior and hoped she would see the error of her ways as if she was not acting so superior to them they would try to be her friend. Dumbledore seemed to leave Harry alone this year knowing he was walking a fine line and since the chamber never opened he knew Ginny was not writing in the diary. He wondered what happened to keep her from writing in the diary which had a compulsion charm on it. He could only conclude that his servant had failed to deliver the diary or if he had delivered the diary it was discovered before Ginny could write in it.

After serious punishment from Arthur for attacking Ginny on the train unprovoked and being reminded again to not disrupt any more classes Ron was sent back to Gryffindor tower. You may ask what punishment Arthur assigned Ron, well that is easy he had all of his privileges taken away and was no longer aloud to wonder around unsupervised between classes, Charlie and Bill were set to keep an eye on him and if he were to act out further he would be suspended. Ron toed the line after that so he would not be suspended for a year and end up in the same year as his sister when he returned.

The summer after Harry's second year brought its own problems when Peter Pettigrew led a mass breakout from Azkaban. Everyone living at Grimmauld Place was currently staring at an emergency printing of the daily prophet explaining that several high priority prisoners escaped aided by Peter Pettigrew who had long ago been captured and tried for his crimes. Upon seeing the names of those that escaped everyone was worried because they were pretty sure those that had escaped would come after Harry so precautions had to be taken.

Lucius Malfoy, Crabb and Goyle Sr, Waldon McNair, Avery, Nott, Parkinson, and Severus Snape have all escaped with Peter Pettigrew. It is unknown why the Azkaban guards did not stop the escape, the escapees are to be considered armed and dangerous as several killed the Aurors who came to investigate the commotion and took their wands. Minister for Magic Amelia Bones is going to add more security to Hogwarts this year to protect her students. Minister Bones would not say what these extra precautions would consist of for extra security and we can only speculate. But we have been assured our children are safe, We at the Daily Prophet are happy to hear that the safety of our children is top priority to our esteemed minister and we will report more when further details are known.

The Daily Prophet printed a few days before and the article while it reassured the public caused a stir to those who had Harry's and the other students best interests at heart.

"We cannot keep Harry from going to Hogsmeade during his third year, but we can make sure he is protected when he is there. As professors we can be in Hogsmeade and escorting Harry. He can also use his invisibility cloak to make sure he is not seen." Fretted Remus.

"That is a good idea Moony old friend. We will make sure Harry is protected along with everyone else." Agreed Sirius.

"Sirius, Remus, Arthur, everyone, I have set up aurors to guard Hogsmeade and Hogwarts so that our children are safer after the mass breakout from Azkaban. Also leading the aurors will be Sirius and Arthur, I know you will be worried about Harry's safety so the best I can do is let you lead the group of aurors." Amelia assured them.

"Thank you Amelia that actually does make me feel better to know Arthur and I will be leading the group of aurors to protect Harry and the rest of the Hogwarts students and staff." Agreed Sirius.

"Bill and I will be pleased to escort Harry and his friends to Hogsmeade whenever there is a weekend." Charlie volunteered very quickly.

"Everything seems settled then." Remarked Arthur who seemed less worried after hearing the plan .

The rest of the summer was pretty uneventful though Ron was still being his arrogant self and trying to push Ginny around. Harry and his friends were careful around Ron and mostly just ignored and avoided him. Before Harry and friends returned to Hogwarts they were warned to be very careful and that Harry was not to be alone this year. Harry knew he was not supposed to wander around and promised to make sure if any strange things happened like in first year he would immediately report it to Remus, Charlie or Bill.