"Aww, Heero! It'll be fun! Your first soccer match!" Heero recalled Duo's words grimly as he swung his fist and felt it impact against flesh. He cradled his injured brother's head as he bent his body over Duo's unconscious form, protecting his twin from the raging mob swirling around them.

Two days ago, Duo had approached Heero with a pair of tickets for a big soccer match. Heero had reluctantly agreed to accompany his brother, because despite appearances, he HAD wanted to get to know his newly-discovered twin brother better. If only he'd known was going to happen.

It was going to be a cold night, and so both sixteen-year-olds had brought jackets to the stadium. For some reason, they'd both chosen their Preventer leather jackets. It had been an exciting match. Although Duo was the more knowledgeable, and had to explain many aspects of the sport to his puzzled brother, Heero soon found himself caught up in the action. When it was over, he returned to his seat, breathless and excited. He took a swig of his soda. Early on in the game, they had bought large tumblers of cola, as opposed to other fans, who'd brought six-packs of beer. Too many fans brought beer.

When the game had ended, drunk angry fans of the losing team attacked their rival fans. Panicked, they struck back. When they managed to badly injure one of the original rioters, this spurred all of them to greater violence. The two young pilots had seats nowhere near the exits, so though they'd started for the exits as soon as the game ended, they were still in the stadium when riot police arrived. They were not veterans, and-in Heero's opinion- they fired tear gas much too soon. This had no lasting effect except to agitate the mob further. Instead of beating up on rival fans, the mob turned on anyone in uniform; police, guards...and Preventers.

All of a sudden, the two young pilots were attacked from every side. Thanks to their combat training, Heero and Duo gave much more than they got...but there were too many.

Heero cursed, wishing with all his might that he HADN'T listened to Duo and left his gun behind. Then again, what good would one gun do against thousands of insanely angry people?

No, on second thought, he'd rather be in Wing Zero, safe in the cockpit, using his robotic arms to forcibly restrain these strangers. Still, he was deriving a sort of grim pleasure in the body-to-body contact as he used his fists to force his way out, despite the bruises.

He turned his head to yell that to Duo...turning around just in time to see Duo fall, hard. A wave of rage swelled in Heero, a thousand times more intense and deadly than the mindless aggression the mob felt. In a flash, he was on the kid who'd felled Duo with a cheap shot to the neck, pummeling him mercilessly. Thankfully, he regained his senses before he critically injured the frightened young man. With a parting kick, he waded his way to his downed partner.

In this press of bodies, there was no way that Heero could carry his passed-out twin to safety. He cradled Duo's unconscious form, using his fists to force away rioters who got too close.

Hunched over Duo, Heero was now a much smaller target, and less people saw him until they literally almost tripped over them. Almost tripped, because like a furious storm of flying punches and kicks, Heero drove away anyone who came near them.

It seemed to Heero that he spent an eternity there, hunched on the gray floor of the stadium, striking out blindly, receiving hits with a detachment so complete it frightened even him. He received injury to himself with detachment, but any injury to Duo just fanned the rising flame of anger more.

He swung his fist again, accompanying it with a leg sweep. When his limbs encountered nothing but air, he opened his eyes, to find that both he and Duo were

both encased in the giant hand of a Mobile Suit. He waved his hand to acknowledge the pilot, and, releasing his brother, turned to peer over the hand. The riot had escalated to the point where Mobile Suits were called in to suppress it.

He returned to his brother's side, looking at Duo's puffy face with a kind of bleak despair. He used his finger to brush away a lock of malt-colored hair that fell into Duo's face, and felt his heart contract sharply when his hand came away stained with blood. Bending over Duo, he noticed a drop of water fall onto his twin's face. He looked to see if it was raining, but the night sky was clear. Heero realized with a start that he was crying, tears falling from his eyes to splash on Duo's face. And then the full horror and fear of the riot hit him, and his thin shoulders began to shake with sobs, as he hugged Duo to himself and began to rock back and forth.

When the Mobile Suit landed, emergency personnel quickly gathered up both injured teens. They had to sedate Heero, who was still in shock.

When Heero awoke, his wounds were bandaged, his head wrapped in a roll of gauze. His body ached, all the way down to his bones. They'd stripped him out of his jeans and green tanktop, leaving him in only his white boxers. But however bad he felt, he knew it was nothing to poor Duo's injuries.

He glanced to the side, and saw the pilot of Hell Custom lying in another bed, beeping machines hooked up to him. He threw off the blanket and swung his feet over the side. It was cold, and he pulled on his Preventers jacket, which some orderly had slung over the back of a chair.

He made his way to Duo's bedside, stumbling once or twice. He stood for a moment, looking at Duo's bruised and puffed up face, at his broken leg. He sunk into a chair slowly. He rested his elbows on his knees and buried his face in his hands, shaking his head slowly. "Why? Why?" he asked brokenly. Tears seeped out from his night-blue eyes.


"Aggression is a fundamental aspect of humanity. Riots happen because people are angry, they want to lash out. But that's not the right thing to do. A lot of people out there feel suppressed, they feel that they are treated unfairly. And being a rioter is the only release they have, maybe the only time they can feel powerful."

-Dr. Kris Mohandie, Psychologist

-Started April 27 1999, after watching a documentary on riots

-Finished May 20 1999. I was supposed to add a mushy scene between Heero and Relena, but I just couldn't write it.

If you think Heero's acting OOC, well, it is his brother, and riots are a terrible thing to be in. Maybe you could say that Heero's a cold-hearted soldier, but I think he's just supressing the emotions. And Duo and Relena and all his friends have been encouraging him to loosen up (in my universe anyway) so he did, sorta. No matter how much it hurts.