Neon Genesis Eibongelion

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"Attacks names,"


(Scene change)

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Shinji bolted up in the hospital bed as he tried to figure out where he was. He looked around and recognized the NERV hospital before falling back on his bed. He stared at the ceiling with a look of indifference. "Unfamiliar ceiling," he said as he finally felt some wait on his lap.

He looked to see Asuka laying her head on his bed as though she was waiting for him to wake up. Shinji was tempted to wake her up but he chose not too as he didn't want to risk getting hurt by her.

But it was too late to chicken out as Asuka was waking up and she looked at Shinji with an angered look. "Lucky bastard," she said as Shinji didn't know what she was referring to.


"I'm talking about your new state of the art advance EVA: Eibongelion," Asuka said as she really hated being set as the second wheel to an EVA that could clearly take on all the angels at once and win without breaking a sweat.

"Sorry," Shinji apologized hoping she wouldn't get mad.

Asuka punched him upside the head which left an anime style bump. "Baka stop apologizing for crap that isn't your fault!" she yelled as she didn't want to deal with this right now.

Shinji seeing that he shouldn't be apologizing for everything decided to just say one word. "Ok," he said as he held his head in pain.

(Meanwhile at the cage that was holding Eibongelion)

"Wow it can fire a tornado from its left arm, launch either its right or both arms at will, fire lazars from its eyes, it also has a micro N2 mine missile that it can fire at any time, and to top it all off beside the weapon it used against the angel, a Burning blaster," Maya said as she was amazed at this piece of art.

"Commander Ikari do you think you father created this all by, himself?" the faux blond Ritsuko asked.

"I do not know but I wouldn't put it pass him he was known to be insane and puts all his time and effort into his work for the better of mankind," Gendo said still no pleased with this Evangelion in the possession and the UN have been down his neck trying to make Eibongelion there first line of defense against the angels.

"Each of these weapons was carefully calibrated to fit Eibongelion's system and to be blunt this thing would put both God and the Devil to shame," Ritsuko said as she was amazed at what Eibongelion could do.

"And as for a power, source it runs on an S2 engine and doesn't need an umbilical cable," Maya said as she was truly glad to have Eibongelion on their side.

Soon Shinji walked into the cage to where his father was overlooking Eibongelion. "Father," Shinji started as he knew he can't back down.

"What is it 3rd child," Gendo asked in his cold tone.

"I wish to pilot Eibongelion against the angels instead of unit 01," Shinji said hoping he would say yes.

"Request denied," Gendo said as he was about to start walking away. It was then that a black hand shot out from the lake of LCL and grabbed Gendo. Eibongelions eyes were glowing yellow as it looked ready to kill Gendo if the deep animalistic growling was anything to go by.

The right hand of Eibongelion then started to heat up as Gendo could feel that it was trying to burn him. Gendo only had one option left and he knew it would ruin the scenario. "Fine request accepted," Gendo said before Eibongelion let him go. Gendo could see that parts of his clothing were burnt. It seems that Eibongelion only accepts Shinji as its pilot. Gendo walked away to his office to plot.

Ritsuko then came to Shinji and went on to explaining a few things about Eibongelion that was to do with its weapons.

"So now that we have Eibongelion those angels don't stand a chance," Misato said.

"Actually Misato research has showed that if we are not careful with how we operate Eibongelions systems Shinji could very well lose his life," Ritsuko said as Asuka walked in over hearing the conversation.

"Wait your saying that we can't use Eibongelion until Shinji learns how to master its control system?" the German asked surprised at this fact.

"Unfortunately," Ritsuko said not liking the fact that the world's most powerful EVA was a double edged sword.

"Well until we do more research on Eibongelion we will have to keep it in the cage," Maya concluded as Shinji and Asuka left.

(The next Month at school)

Word of Toji's injury spread like wild fire throughout the month as Shinji was feeling more and more like an outcast. It started to get Shinji wondering what would happen when they insert a Dummy Plug into Eibongelion. He shuddered at the mere thought of a powerful god on a rampage.

The teacher was drowning on and on about second impact and the after effects. Shinji wasn't really paying attention as he heard it all before throughout his stay in Tokyo-3. But then everyone started talking about Eibongelion as it was a true super robot that can kick ass.

But Shinji was more worried about Kaji as he only saw him with Misato the other day and then after that he was nowhere to be seen. Shinji assumed he was on some vacation but it didn't settle with him for some reason. Shinji knew he had to go visit Toji at the hospital later to see if he was ok.

(After school)

Shinji was about to leave the school and head home when he heard the angel alarm and knew he had to head to NERV. Shinji ran to the Geofront where NERV was located.

Shinji actually felt excited about piloting Eibongelion into battle against an angel. He felt this tingling sensation as he entered NERV. It only got stronger as he entered the locker room to change into his plug suit. As Shinji now donned his purple plug suit he headed to the cage that Eibongelion was being held only to find it put on ice.

Shinji entered the Entry Plug and found the controls remained unchanged from the last time he piloted. Shinji heard from the com. Links that they were launching Unit 00 and Unit 02 as Eibongelion was to be put on standby.

(During the battle)

Asuka was carrying a positron missile launcher as Rei was carrying a progressive axe. Both had there EVA's in a hiding spot waiting for the angel that looked like it was made of pure light slowly descend upon the earth from space.

"This is going to be easy if we don't need Eibongelion to fight this angel," Asuka concluded as she really wanted to prove that all they needed was unit 02 instead of Eibongelion to fight this angel.

(In Terminal Dogma)

"Asuka head to sector 5A and prepare to fire," Misato ordered as Asuka made her EVA enter that sector.

All the while Gendo had a smirk on his face as he knew the outcome of the battle he just hoped the restraints held against his father's creation.

(In the battle field)

When Asuka got close enough she was then shot by a ray of light making her scream in excruciating pain. It looked like the Angel was doing a mental attack.

(Terminal Dogma)

"Major her synch graph is all over the place so are her harmonics," a bridge bunny said.

"Angel contamination immanent," another said.

(Meanwhile in the cryogenic cage)

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Shinji could hear Asuka's pain and he wanted to help her so badly but he was ordered to stay put. But Eibongelion wouldn't have any of that and forced its way out of the cage.

But Shinji agreed with the powerful EVA and synched with it to break out of the cage and enter the battle. "Come on Eibongelion show me why Grandfather said you are his most powerful creation," Shinji yelled as he made Eibongelion make its way to the catapult.

Workers tried to do everything in their power to stop Eibongelion which was running away.

(In Terminal Dogma)

"Rei retrieve the Lance of Longinus and if necessary use it to destroy Eibongelion," Gendo ordered as it surprised everyone even Rei.

"What but Eibongelion is our most powerful EVA we have," Ritsuko said trying to talk him out of it.

"Yes but it is also uncontrollable," Gendo said as it was the sub-commanders turn to speak.

"But Ikari I don't even think the lance can stand a chance against Eibongelion," Kouzuo said as he knew the Lance might even break if pit against Eibongelion.

(Back in the battle field)

Eibongelion busted through the elevator hatch that was meant for an EVA and looked for
Asuka which didn't take long.

Shinji made Eibongelion run at Asuka's EVA and grab her bridal style and jumped out of the angel's line of attack. Shinji and Eibongelion looked at the angel with a fury in their eyes as they put Unit 02 down somewhere the angel can't reach.

Shinji didn't know it but he was increasing his synch level with Eibongelion as the shield on Eibongelions back started to shine before it unfolded and grew into a pair of giant red wings bigger than an average EVA's wings if it had any.

(In Terminal Dogma)

"Impossible Eibongelion can fly also," Ritsuko yelled in surprise wondering how she could have missed "that."

Misato would have made a joke but even she was surprised at this show of power.

(Back to the battle field)

Shinji was surprised as he knew he could go after the Angel and most likely kill it. The usually shy boy then made Eibongelion flap its massive red wings before going after the angel.

But just before the Angel was about to hit Shinji with its mental attacks Eibongelion vanished in a blur. Everyone looked for Eibongelion only for it to reappear in a different spot but closer to the angel. No matter where the angel hit Eibongelion disappeared and reappeared in different locations as it grew closer to the angel.

It was then that Eibongelion was behind the angel before it made a ball of red energy with a circle inside it. It was then that the EVA got the angel trapped in it before it looked like it was going to clamp its hands together.

"PREASURE BREAKER," the shy boy yelled as the energy ball started to cave in before it crushed the angle inside it.

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(Later with Ritsuko)

Ritsuko was reviewing the data as to how Eibongelion could move so fast. She kept pausing at the point before and after Eibongelion teleported but she still didn't see how. But then she saw something right before Eibongelion teleported. She then set it to slow motion and saw a Sea of Direct appear as Eibongelion flew into it.

"So Eibongelion can summon a Sea of Direct," Ritsuko said as she jotted down her notes for the report. Eibongelion truly is a god among gods.

(Meanwhile with Shinji and Asuka)

Asuka still couldn't believe it Shinji the spineless wimp just risked his life to save her. She knew they needed to be even somehow but she would think of that later. "I wonder what the baka loves to do," she said as she found his SDAT.

Then Asuka got an idea as she saw how old it was compared to the newer models. She then took it put the ear buds in her ear and listened to every piece on the tape so she would know what to get him for a thank you present.


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