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I is for Ill: Shadow didn't know what was going on. Was it even possible for the Ultimate Lifeform to get the flu? What was even weirder, is that he really liked the idea of Sonic being his caretaker.

Well, to put it nicely, Shadow felt like crap when he woke up that Friday morning.

His head ached, he didn't know if he was hot or cold, and his nose was runny. And boy was he confused! Was he even able to get sick?! He didn't think so. And because of his confusion, he was annoyed. And because of his annoyance, he was in a bad mood. Well, more than usual at least.

Said hedgehog sniffled as he sat on the branch with great skill and balance. He nearly fell when he suddenly sneezed, shaking the branch and causing leaves to fall gracefully out of the tree. The leaves were beautiful; It was now starting to become mid-fall, which meant the colours of the leaves were a beautiful, unusual orange-red-ish colour. Fall was one of Shadow's favorite seasons.

"What's going on with me today?" Shadow asked himself, rubbing his nose. Surely he couldn't be sick! He wasn't supposed to be able to! He was supposed to be immune to any type of sickness; chicken pox, flu, stomach bug, throat infection, anything! So why was he-

His own thoughts were interrupted when he felt another tickling sensation high in his nostril, ruby eyes twitching. Shadow tried to steady himself on the branch so he wouldn't fall again. "Ah... Ah..." Suddenly, the sensation stopped. "Ugh," Shadow groaned, relaxing against the trunk of the tree. Stupid sneeze wasn't going to come out... Or, much to his misfortune, so he thought.


The striped hedgehog tipped off the branch. His landing was a lot less painful than he imagined, and that's when he realized he landed on something, or someone. A groan of pain emitted from underneath him. "Get off of me!" said a muffled voice.

Shadow scrambled to his feet and rolled his eyes when he saw who he landed on. "Faker," he greeted.

"Argh..." Sonic shakily got to his feet, knees wobbling as he rubbed his head. "You're a lot heavier than you look." Shadow 'hmph'ed in response.

The azure hedgehog's eyes seemed to study Shadow up and down in slight concern, but he said nothing. "So what were you doing in that tree?" he chuckled. "Um, especially at six in the morning?"

Shadow rolled his eyes. "If you must know, I wasn't very tired," that was a lie. He was exhausted! But he kept sneezing and coughing and blowing his nose all night so by around six he just gave up and went out into the woods. He liked it there; especially in fall. "What were you doing in the woods at six in the morning?"

Sonic shrugged. "Same old, same old. I'm not really the 'sleeping in' type so I'm always up around this time," he looked up at the trees and a dimpled grin sneaked its way across his features and Shadow was suddenly stunned for a moment. The striped hedgehog didn't know why he was suddenly so amazed by his grin; but the leaves reflected off his emerald green eyes and he didn't really notice the rather cute dimples until now. "Besides, fall's the best! I like to be outside as much as I can this part of the season. I like the leaves."

Shadow raised an eyebrow. He liked fall, too? Huh, you learn something new everyday.

Shadow sneezed again, then sniffled, then coughed. Sonic frowned. "Are you sick? You really don't look so good," When Shadow kept coughing, azure tried to put a hand on his shoulder and coax him to breathing, but he flinched away.

"Ugh, I'm fine," was all he got out before his coughing fit rose up again. This time he allowed Sonic to pat his back as he coughed. When it was over, he breathed in the cool fall air.

Sonic kept studying Shadow like a hawk. He really didn't like the way his breaths came out in short gasps and made a weird wheezing sound. He noticed that even though the fur surrounding his eyes, the dark bags under them were pretty noticeable. The bridge of his nose was a light pink as if he'd been blowing his nose every two seconds and his cheeks had a slight rosy tinge to them. His eyes creased more when Shadow sneezed once again. A breeze blew by and Sonic shivered; even with all the fur he had on him, it was fairly cold out. And if Shadow was sick, then that's not a very good thing.

"Do you want to go to my place for a bit? It's closer than yours is and no offence Shads, but you kind of look like you've been hit by a train," Sonic said. Shadow shook his head.

"And why would I willingly go to your house?" Shadow raised an eyebrow.

"Um, because you're sick, I'm lonely and I make really good soup." Sonic smiled. Shadow rolled his ruby eyes.

"Thanks, but no thanks. I don't get sick, and I'd rather relax at my own place, thank you very much." As he turned to leave, the world suddenly started spinning, and he wobbled a bit. His stomach felt oozy and he started to hear everything in echoes.

"Shadow?" He heard Sonic call out. He moaned and leaned against a tree, cradling his head in his hands. "Shadow are you okay?" Again, the only response the blue hedgehog got was another moan. His eyes widened when Shadow suddenly started to fall forward, eyes rolled to the back of his head.

"Shadow!" was all the striped hedgehog heard before blacking out.


With a groan, Shadow opened his eyes. He was on something comfortable, very warm and smelled a lot like Sonic. Um, not that he knew what he smelled like!...Heh heh.

A door opened and closed gently and Shadow looked to see it was Sonic who was smiling softly at him. "Well, look who's up!" he placed a hot cup of tea on the nightstand near the bed. "Here, it has some remedy stuff Tails got me. You know, for when I get hurt because I'm so clumsy." he chuckled. "It should help your head!"

That's when Shadow noticed he had a small bump on his head. What was the bump from? That's when he remembered everything. The woods. The coughing. Passing out...

And now he was at Sonic's house. Great.

But for some reason, Shadow didn't really mind being there. He kind of wanted to stay...

"Thanks for the tea, but I should really get going." Ebony announced, attempting to sit up but Sonic put a hand to his chest and pushed gently.

"Nuh uh, not so fast buddy. I'm no doctor, but even I can tell you're in no condition to be up yet." Shadow huffed. "That's nonsense! I'm fine. Look," This time Sonic allowed him to attempt to get out of bed for his demonstration.

Swinging his legs over the bed, Shadow tried to stand up but not without a dizzy spell. Shadow tried to hide it from azure but he sent a pointed look his way. He gripped the nightstand and tried to stop his knees from wobbling. "See?"

Sonic smirked. "Oh yeah? Why don't you come walk over here, Shads?" Shadow gulped.

Slowly he let go of the nightstand and attempted to walk where Sonic was on the other side of the room, but his legs gave out and he moaned as he fell to the floor, clutching at his quills. "Looks like you're stuck with me," Sonic said as he helped ebony off the floor and safely back into bed.

Shadow chose to stay silent, but honestly he was kind of happy he got to stay there. Usually if someone insisted that they help him, he'd scoff in their face and brag about how he was the Ultimate, so he didn't need help. But one thing he liked about Sonic, was that no matter how hard you try to push him away, he always came right back. Shadow used to utterly hate that quality about him with a passion; but then he just gave up trying to push him away and he actually considered him close to a friend. And that's a lot for Shadow.

But there were times where he wanted to try something with him. Maria had told him about love; how everyone needs it. How there were many different types of love. The kind that he and Maria had (kind of like a sibling love), a friendship love, and then there was romantic love. Shadow had a hard time figuring out if he loved Sonic in a romantic way. He knew romantic meant as in all the lovey dovey kissing and hugging and stuff. Sometimes Shadow just wanted to lay down with Sonic in grass that matched Sonic's eye colour and be close to him, just stare deeply into his eyes as he stared deeply into his. He wanted to hear his laugh all day long.

And boy, these feelings were confusing. Was it love?

"So, what's going on with you?" Sonic asked cautiously, sitting at the end of the bed. Shadow raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean? It's probably just the flu, I'll be fine." ebony answered. The smaller hedgehog huffed and rested his fists on the curve of his hips.

"First of all, I didn't even know it was possible for you to have the flu! Second of all, last time I checked you're not supposed to faint from the flu!"

"Why are you worrying about whether I'm supposed to get sick or not? I don't even know why you brought me here, anyway." Shadow muttered.

Sonic got a little defensive. "What, I'm not about to care about my friends?"

"Why do you even consider me a friend? The only thing I've ever been to you is awful!" Shadow shouted, and it was true. Why did he consider him as his friend? He's only told him time and time again that he's a royal pain in the ass, fist-fought with him endlessly and was just outright awful to him. Shadow didn't know much about how this 'friendship' thing worked anymore, but that doesn't sound like a very good friend.

"I consider you a friend because I love you! I love you Shadow, and I know the feelings aren't mutual so I consider you a friend because that's the closest I know I'll ever be able to get to you!" Sonic's green eyes widened when he realized what he was saying and clamped his mouth shut with his hand. "I-I... I mean I..."

Shadow was really shocked. Sonic... Loved him? So does that mean he felt the same feelings as him? Does that mean he loved Sonic back? He wanted to try something...

"Sonic, come here," Shadow said. Sonic stared at him, a blush creeping up on his cheeks. "W-What?" He looked hesitant, as if Shadow was gonna hit him or something. "Come here." He repeated. Sonic slowly walked over to Shadow, and the black hedgehog slowly leaned forward. Sonic's breath caught in his throat. Was Shadow about to kiss him?

When Sonic finally felt Shadow's lips push against his gently, he swore he felt like he was flying. There were fireworks and he felt a spark between them just before they touched, and the rush he was feeling made him want to get closer.

Shadow felt the exact same way. He almost flinched because of the shock, but he realized the spark wasn't out of pain; it was out of a pleasuring feeling that he really enjoyed. A new feeling washed over him as he felt Sonic start to recover from his shock and slowly kiss back, starting to wrap his arms around Shadow's neck. The striped one did the same, wrapping them around Sonic's waist to pull him closer. Now their chests were touching and the two couldn't be any happier.

Shadow licked Sonic's lips, asking for entrance and Sonic happily let him in. They both didn't have much experience kissing someone like this so it was a little clumsy at first, but eventually they got more comfortable with it and soon their tongue's found a little rhythm, making even more sparks fly. Sonic moaned softly as they parted for air, and rested their foreheads on each other.

"I think I love you too, Sonic."

The next day, Sonic was sick with whatever Shadow had because they spent the rest of the day kissing and cuddling. Oh, well. For Sonic, it was worth getting sick for. They never found out how Shadow got sick in the first place, though.

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