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Chapter 14

Katniss get off the pine-bow bed and runs into the darkness "DANIEL, IDINA!" She screams into the darkness. This goes on for who know how long. After running around in the dark Katniss falls to the ground on her knee's her voice weak from all the shouting she did. Peeta carries a distraught Katniss into to the house. Where she is being held in Peeta's arms as he is attempting to calm her down. "Who could have taken them Peeta?" Katniss asks Peeta tries to answer but its Haymitch who speaks up. "It was David, I'd bet my money on it." "What makes you say that dad?" Katniss says looking over at Haymitch. "Remember what I told you about him and I having that fight last week when we confronted him?" he asks as Katniss nods. "well he told me that the fight isn't over so this is his revenge on the family." Haymitch concludes as Katniss cries again. Prim comes over and begins to rub her sisters shoulders. "Hey Katniss you should take a look at this." Cinna says walking forward with a piece of paper in his hand which he hands to her, its a note and ironically its from David Everdeen "Do you want me to read it for you love?" Peeta asks as Katniss begins to calm down. "yes please" she says which comes out in a hoarse whisper. "

"Katniss," Peeta says beginning to read.

"I have taken your kids because I think your wrong about me not being able to see them. Don't do anything stupid they are fine for the time being. We need to talk about this Now I am at our old house in the seam and I will be there until Friday and then I'm returning to district seven. Come to our old house alone with Peeta tonight at sunset to talk and to get your kids. If you don't I'll take the kids to district seven to raise them as my own and you will never be able to see them again.

Tonight at sunset

David Everdeen"

Peeta concludes reading the letter and crumpling it up angrily. "I want my kids back Peeta" Katniss says quietly. "We will love we will" Peeta says "We'll just go down to your old home in the seam and talk through this and bring the kids home."Peeta says reassuringly. "Well you aren't going without me" Haymitch says "No Haymitch it's not an option" Katniss says. "Katniss I'm going what harm can one man do" Haymitch says coming over and taking Katniss in his arms. "Alright thanks"Katniss says.

"I say we head home because it's a long walk back to the fence."Peeta says everyone agrees. Everyone helps clean the campsite,Katniss picks up the kids backpack and trembles a little but manages to keep any sounds from escaping her lips. While they are cleaning Katniss is quiet the entire time. A half hour later they are heading out to go home. The sun is just coming up when they finally reach the fence. Katniss goes first crawling through once she's through she looks down and see's Taye Idina's stuffed Mocking-Jay. She must have dropped it when David made her climb through the fence. Katniss shows Peeta the stuffed animal. "Don't worry love we'll get Idina and Daniel back, trust me don't lose faith" Peeta says pulling Katniss up and leading her home.

No-body really talks on the walk home because they are all thinking about how the kids are doing with their ex-grandfather. As they near the victor's village Haymitch speaks up for the first time. "Hey it'll be OK sweetheart, go home and relax and I'll see you in the early evening hours."Haymitch says crossing over to Katniss and giving her a hug and kiss on her temple. "Thanks Haymitch" Katniss says as Haymitch makes his way to his house "Oh sweetheart you should call president paylor and have her run a background check on this man claiming to be your dad"He adds as he reaches his front door. "That's not a bad idea dad thanks" Katniss says waving to Haymitch and continuing on the walk down to their house. Cinna an Prim say they are going to take a walk around the district and but they promise to be back for the confrontation part two with David tonight.

Peeta and Katniss go inside their house and they drop all their bags down by the front door and go into the living room where Katniss crawls on to it bringing her knee's up to her chest and begins to rock slightly. Peeta pulls her into his lap and begins to stroke her hair. "I know I just met your father a week ago but he is really ticking me off" Peeta says joking which makes Katniss laugh softly. "That man is not my father, my father died in a mine accident years ago and even if he was still around I wouldn't need him Katniss says looking at Peeta "Because I have you and Idina and Daniel" She adds as Peeta leans forward to his incredibly sexy wife passionately on the lips.

"Peeta is it OK if we just stay here and wait for the sun to set?" Katniss asks pleadingly. "Of Course we can just sit here together and wait for the sun to set" Peeta says as he rubs her back, because he knows that Katniss has a lot on her mind. "can I get you anything love?" Peeta asks. "No Peeta I'm fine...wait I would love a glass of water" Katniss says softly. "OK my love, I'll be right back" Peeta says moving her from his lap and back to the soft fabric of the couch. Peeta gets up and goes into the kitchen and gets a glass from the cupboard and feels it with icy water which Katniss loves. Once its poured Peeta picks it up and makes his way back to Katniss. "Alright here you are my-"Peeta says but he stops talking because Peeta sees that Katniss has fallen asleep clearly due to worrying about the kids. Peeta sets the water glass on the living room couch nightstand before moving a sleeping Katniss on to his lap before holding her close to him. Katniss sighs in her sleep curling closer to Peeta. "Have a good nap my love, sleep well" Peeta says as he picks up a book on baking up of off the coffee-table.

All to soon Katniss goes from sleeping peaceful sleep to thrashing around. "Hey Katniss come on wake up, whatever you are seeing in your dreams isn't real" Peeta says wrapping his arms around her rubbing designs into her back which seems to calm her down. After a few minutes Katniss opens her eyes and looks up at Peeta "hey nice to see your beautiful gray seam eyes again love" Peeta says smiling. "Oh Peeta it was horrible in my dream my father took the kids to district seven and completely changed them and turned them against us and as much as we begged he wouldn't let us see them."Katniss says staying surprisingly strong. "Don't worry Katniss we will get Idina and Daniel back tonight" here is your water Kat" Peeta says reaching for the glass on the nightstand. "Come on drink up it will make you feel better" he says coaxingly handing the glass to Katniss. "Thanks Peeta" she says gulping it down thirstily when she's done she hand the empty glass to Peeta "Thanks Peeta I needed that" she says.

Katniss gets into Peeta's lap again and leans back into his chest again. "Peeta" Katniss says "Yes Katniss" "I think we should do what Haymitch suggested. I think we should call Paylor and have her do a background check on my father" Katniss says. "That's a good idea love" Peeta says. "We'll call tonight when we get back, sound good?" he asks as he places a kiss on her forehead. "Sounds good" Katniss says as she feels some of the pressure lift as she looks at the clock in the corner five-thirty. "Come on Peeta we should probably get changed and cleaned up" Katniss says getting up from the couch "Alright love" Peeta says following his wife in to the bedroom.

Katniss changes into black pants and a blood red shirt and pulls on her flat-boots before moving into the bathroom to do her hair. When she comes out after she see's Peeta buttoning up his shirt which is a dark forest-green shirt he also is wearing a pair of black pants as well as a nice pair of boots. "You look amazing Katniss" Peeta says seeing her "Thanks Peeta you look great too" Katniss says smiling after a while she begins to shake, which Peeta see's as he pulls her into him rubbing her back soothingly. "Hey it's all going to be fine, I know exactly how this is going to go tonight, we'll go over, we'll talk about reinstating him as grandpa, we'll take the kids home and everything will be good" Peeta says as he feels Katniss shaking stop. "i hope your right I really hope your right" Katniss says as Peeta takes her hand in reassurance as they make their way downstairs.

Just as they step off the staircase prim comes around the corner and looks at her sister and brother-in-law. "You two are all dressed up, where are you going?" she asks. "Prim we are going to go get Idina and Daniel back from Dad" Katniss says as she pulls on her jacket while Peeta does the same. "Katniss I want to come" Prim starts but Peeta stops her "Not this time Prim" he says which causes Prim to glare at him before looking at Katniss. "Katniss" "I'm sorry Prim" Katniss says as there a knock on the door and Haymitch sticks his head in. "Are you two ready?" he asks gruffly "Yes we are Haymitch let's go get this over with" Katniss says moving out the door because the sooner she leaves the sooner she gets her beautiful kids back. "We'll be back soon" Peeta says to prim who nods in understanding.

There's about thirty minutes until sundown. Peeta and Haymitch catch up to Katniss at the end of the street where they fall into step with her Peeta takes her hand in his. Haymitch gives her a nod. "You ready to get your kids back Sweetheart?" He calls out Katniss doesn't say anything so all she can do is nod. The trio walks and enters the seam part of district twelve. Katniss's eyes begin to feel up with tears as she walk through her old neighborhood. "Breath just breath" Peeta whispers reaching over and wiping away Katniss's tears.

"Momma Daddy Grandpa voice rings out bringing Katniss out of her thoughts as she sees Daniel running towards her. "Daniel!"Katniss says scooping her youngest son and hold him tightly tears in her eyes. "Momma, I've missed you so much" Daniel says crying in his mothers arms. "It's OK baby, no-one is going to hurt" you" Peeta says coming up and ruffling his son's head" Katniss and Peeta cling to their son as Katniss realizes he was alone. "Daniel honey where's your sister?" Katniss says kneeling down waiting for Daniel to answer. "she's still with the evil man" Daniel says "evil man? whose evil man son" Peeta asks also kneeling in front of his son. "Evil man is what I call grandpa David" he says as Katniss's heart sinks."Daniel how did you get out" Haymitch asks. "When evil man wasn't in the room Idina told me to run" he says giving his parents a small smile as he adds "I do good momma?" the lad asks his mom.

"Yes buddy you did great" Peeta says smiling "Are you and daddy going to go get Dee back from evil man?" Daniel asks looking at his parents. "Yes baby we are" Katniss says. "good" is all Daniel says. "Daniel honey I want you to listen to me very carefully now I want you to run home aunt prim and Cinna are there they will keep you safe" Katniss says "Daddy,Grandpa, and I will be right behind you and will meet you there, do you understand me, son?" She asks as Daniel nods. "Now go" Katniss says as Daniel takes of running. When they finally reach the Everdeen old home the sun is setting she inhales and exhales before she knock on the door.

They wait about three minutes before the door opens. And they are looking into the gray eyes of David Everdeen who is wearing a smug look on his face. "Ah Katniss and Peeta about time you should up, I was beginning to think you weren't coming. "Where is my daughter you jerk?" Katniss says without thinking."MOMMA" Idina says crying out however as they reach her they are jerked back to the ground. "Idina"Katniss says as she watches her fragile daughter fall to the ground.

Acting quickly Haymitch punches in the gut as Katniss and Peeta run for Idina who is curled up and crying on the floor. Katniss picks her up holding her as Peeta unties her restraints "shh it's alright sweetheart daddy and I are here we are going home now" she says as Peeta undoes the last restraint. "Haymitch would you please take Idina home Peeta and I will catch up with you" Katniss says softly as Haymitch nods taking up his still shaking grand-daughter and walking out the door. "no I want momma" Idina whimpers looking her mom as Haymitch takes her home. "it's alright little sweetheart, your momma is going to be along soon"

"Haymitch wait,Katniss says "Let me hold Idina really fast" Haymitch passes the small girl over to her mother who holds her close, Idina lays her head on Katniss's shoulder "shh its OK little one, daddy and I are going to finish up here and meet you back at home,can you give me a brave smile?" Katniss asks her daughter who gives her momma a smile."That's my girl now go with grandpa"Katniss says passing Idina over to Haymitch as Idina begins to stop shaking,laying her head on her grandfather's shoulder as Haymitch closes the door behind them.

"Peeta will you help me put worthless piece of crap in the corner? I want to say something to him before we go" Katniss says. "Alright love great idea, I also have some words to say to the piece of crap as well" Peeta says coming over and helping Katniss propping a still half out of it David Everdeen up against the wall. Katniss walks over to him and hovers over him and begins to speak.

"Alright you worthless piece of shit I came here tonight to get my kids back and talk to you about you coming back into their lives but since I saw my precious baby girl tide up when I walked in, I decided not to do things your way and come in here and take control."Katniss says taking a deep breath before continuing.

"And a another thing You are not my father, my father died in a mine accident years ago and even if he was still around I wouldn't need you you bastard" Katniss says looking at David with loathing written all over her face."Because we don't need you and because we have a great life we have two great kids Idina and Daniel so why don't you do the world a favor and get the ruddy hell out of district twelve and back to to fricking district seven where you belong also if I had to be the Mocking-Jay again I gladly do it if it meant keeping dirt-bags like you out of Panem for good I would it in a heartbeat" Katniss says breathing hard but feeling really good about this. "Hurry up and say what you want I want to get home to our babies"Katniss says as Peeta nods before he begins to speak.

"Alright listen here Dumbass, you are no longer welcome here and you most certainly are not frigging' welcome around Katniss, the kids and I that goes for prim and everyone else as were going to allow you to see the kids again but when we saw that you had Idina your own grand-daughter So when your feeling better I want you to drag your ass down to the frigging train station and get yourself a ticket to damn district seven. WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOUR MISERABLE FACE AROUND HERE ANY MORE. AND IF YOU DON'T KATNISS WILL SHOOT ON SITE IF YOU EVER SET FOOT ON OUR PROPERTY AGAIN. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR? I SAID DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR Peeta asks he kicks the intruder posing as David Everdeen square in the ribs which makes him groan which Peeta takes as a yes before looking at Katniss who he starts walking over to. "You good to go now love?" Peeta says as he reaches his stunning wife "Absolutely lets head home our kids who are incredibly brave" Katniss says kissing Peeta on his neck while he wraps his arms around her as they make their way to the door Katniss looks over her shoulder at the man she thought was her beloved father.

"Something was off since the day we saw him in the woods, I'm sorry it took me so long for me to realize that and I'm sorry you had to see that" Katniss says trembling a little. "Hey hey look at me Katniss" Peeta says as Katniss looks at him. "It's OK I'm not mad at you, to me its all apart of the package these things happen sometimes hey would I have married an Everdeen if I didn't want the adventure that comes with it?"he asks. Katniss doesn't respond she just says "You always know just what to say to make me feel better."Katniss says leaning into him. "It's one of the things I love about you" she adds looking at Peeta. "Come on fire-girl lets get home to our kids and don't worry he can't hurt us anymore because I'm pretty sure I gave him a broken rib" "Serves him right" Katniss says quietly but not to quietly because before Katniss knows it Peeta is picking her up while he says "You really don't have a clue to the effect you can have on anyone now come on lets get home" and just like that Peeta takes off running towards the victors village with Katniss laughing all the way there.

They run into the house hurriedly taking off their jackets as they hear the kids laugh which makes Katniss put on more speed to find her beautiful kids. Katniss and Peeta find them sitting with Cinna, Prim and Haymitch in the living room. Idina is wearing a cute denim skirt with a green top and matching jacket. Her hair is wet so she must have had a bath when Haymitch brought her home. Daniel in a some olive green pants with a black short-sleeved top. His hair is damp as well, prim probably put him in a bath after he came home. The kids don't see their parents enter the room or hear them as they sit on the couch "Daniel, Idina" Haymitch says softy as they look at their grandpa "turn around" and they do and when they see their parents who are sitting on the couch opposite them I'm not lying when I say they run in their parents arms.

"Momma Daddy" the kids squeal with delight "Hello my two wonderful children" Katniss asks as they embrace their kids tears in hers and Peeta's eyes. "Fine momma"the kids say together. Then Daniel gets up and and comes over to his momma and whispers "did you get rid of evil man, momma?" he asks so that only Katniss can hear him. "Yes baby daddy and I got rid of evil man for good" "yay" Daniel says which makes Katniss smile. "What are you two talking about?" Prim asks looking at the mother and son who are huddled together. "Oh nothing important." Katniss says as Daniel whispers in Katniss's ear "Momma I wanna tell daddy" he says Katniss thinks it cute how well-behaved Daniel is. "Alright son go head and tell them" Katniss says encouragingly as Daniel takes a breath before speaking "I asked momma if she got rid of evil man" Daniel says with a small smile "evil man?" Peeta asks looking at Katniss "I'll tell you later." Katniss says which prompts Peeta to nod.

"Hey kids why don't we go into your room and I'll tell you about how cool your parents are" Cinna says speaking, the kids look at him with excitement "Will there be more stories of the mystical Mocking-Jay?" The kids asks in unison "Yes absolutely" Cinna says smiling thrilled that the kids have warmed up to him ever since he's been here. "Alright come on" he says holding out his hands out one for each of them Idina and Daniel don't hesitate and grab on immediately. "Have fun kids, ill be in later to tell you my own stories about being the Mocking-Jay, would you like that?" "Yes momma" "Alright i'll be there in a while have fun with Cinna" Katniss calls to them as they make their way upstairs.

Once they hear the door slam Prim asks the question that on all their minds "So Katniss how did getting the kids go?" she asks before adding unless you two don't want to talk about it" "Oh no it's fine Prim it's just been a lot of events that happened in the last couple hours but we can talk about it" Katniss says. "Well when we were close to our old house in the seam the first thing we see is Daniel running towards us at full force "Katniss says about to continue when Prim puts her hand up to ask a question "Are you saying that Daniel escaped from where David was holding him and Idina hostage?" She asks "That's right little duck" Katniss says smiling as she remembers how proud she was when she saw Daniel running towards.

"You know Peeta Daniel gets the brave gene from me"Katniss says teasing Peeta who responds "No I think he gets it from me" he says smiling. "Or he could get from both of you two" Haymitch says speaking up. "Yeah that could be" Peeta and Katniss at the exact same time which makes everyone laugh. "So Daniel is running at you guys fast. Then what?" Prim coaxes. "Well then I scooped him into my arms and asked if we are going to save Idina from the what he calls "evil man" who is really David" I said yes we are and then I sent him home and told him not to stop until he got there. By the way how was he when got home?" Katniss asks prim

"Well he was out of breath, crying a little he didn't want to talk, I asked him if he wanted to take a bath saying it help him feel better, he did say anything he just nods as I took him into the bath room. Long story short I gave him a bath, put him in clean clothes and I've been sitting with him up to when you came home." Prim says "So after you sent Daniel home what happens" Prim asks as Katniss begins to shake slightly as Peeta says "I'll take tell this part so you can calm down alright love"he says as Katniss pulls him "best husband ever" she whispers in his ear which causes him to smile before go on with the story "Then we made our way to our old house knock on the door for about three minutes then He appears apparently surprised that we showed up the next thing we know Idina is screaming for Katniss and trying to get to us. We see that David has Idina tethered around her waist and when she tries to get close to us she's jerked back and falls to a heap curled up and crying calling for Katniss come save her.

Then Katniss just looses and goes into protector mode like she does with you Prim, so as Haymitch punches David Katniss and I took that as a signal to save our daughter. Katniss dashes over to Idina who is curled up and crying while I untied her restraints and told Haymitch to bring her home before she left Idina reaches out and says "no I want momma and reaches her hand out to her mom."Peeta says as he and Katniss both choke back a sob before continuing "And that when we both got mad"Katniss says in a surprisingly strong voice. Peeta and I both drag David over to a corner and prop him up against the wall.

Then I told him that he wasn't our real dad and that we don't need him, and what a great family I have. And then I told him to do the world a favor and get out the ruddy hell out of district twelve and adding that if I was given the choice to be the Mocking-Jay keep dirt-bags out like him out of Panem I would do it again in a heartbeat"Katniss says then I turned to Peeta and said "hurry up and say what you want to say because I want to go home to our babies" "Peeta gets mad and tell him he's no longer welcome in this house and to get out of district twelve and to stay in district seven where he belongs and then he adds that if he comes here again he would have me shoot him on site and I'd do it too"Katniss says "Anything else Peeta?" "I also told him to go down to the train-station and get himself a train back to seven tomorrow morning" Peeta says "and then Peeta picked me up and ran with me in his arms always the way back here and that's what happened" Katniss says kissing Peeta on the lips knowing that whatever happens they could get through it because they have survived two hunger games, the seventy-fifth quarter-quell, a rebellion she knows they can get through anything.

Then Katniss places another kiss on Peeta's cheek. Minutes later Katniss looks into Peeta's eyes "Want join me in telling stories with Cinna to the kids my boy with bread?" she asks. "I would love nothing better lead the way my lovely girl on fire" Peeta says getting up and following Katniss wrapping his arm around her waist and taking her hand as they walk up the stairs to where the kids are waiting to hear stories of the mystical Mocking-Jay.

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