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The days after Rochelle Everdeen have been relaxed and Katniss found that she was extremely happy because for one thing she had her mom back and even better she's not just visiting she's staying forever. It seems like the odds were finally in Katniss Evergreen-Mellark's favor. Idina and Daniel were thrilled when they learned that grandma Rochelle was going to live with them permanently. Grandma Rochelle was tickled with getting to know her favorite grandchildren.

Whenever they would go somewhere with their parents the kids beg for grandma Rochelle to join them, "oh I can't say no to my two favorite grandchildren" Rochelle jokes "yay" the kids scream as they take her hand as they begin to walk. "Where are we going Katniss?" Rochelle calls out to Katniss who is walk ahead with Peeta hand in hand. "Oh no where special, we are just walking around the district for a while" Katniss calls back. "alright sounds good" Rochelle says. "Gramma Gramma I picked you some flowers" Idina says holding up a bouquet of wild-flowers up to her grandmother "Oh they are beautiful sweet Idina thank you" Rochelle says as she takes them from the small child. "Thanks Gramma I love you Gramma"Idina says. The group walks to the town square. Rochelle takes Katniss's and Prim hands in hers and clutches them tightly.

"Here's where it all began" Katniss whispers in Prims ear as Prim nods sadly "Let's hope that Paylor has the sense that to move forward and not in the ways that Snow laid down."Prim says out loud "Agreed"Katniss and Rochelle says at the same time. "Hey Katniss I'm going to go walk around our old neighborhood" Rochelle says moving away form the square. "Mom do you think that's wise" Katniss asks. "Yeah I want to see the old neighborhood" she says. "Hey mom why don't we go back home and have lunch then we can go together." Katniss suggests. "I like the sound of that, alright let's do that" Grandma Rochelle says. "Come on kids let's start walking home" she adds. "Coming Gramma" the kids say as they take her hands and they begin to move "You two coming?" She calls over her shoulder looking at her eldest and son-in-law. "Yeah Peeta and I will be there in a bit" Katniss says calling back as she crosses to Peeta "We can't let her go alone for all we know HE could be there, laying in wait" Katniss says quietly. "we have to tell her" she adds looking over her shoulder watching her mom take the kids home.

"Alright we'll tell her while we have lunch alright love?" Peeta says putting a arm around Katniss as she nods. Katniss and Peeta rejoin Rochelle and the kids as they reach the victors village entrance and are walking up to the house. They enter the house and see a terrified Prim sitting in the living room with tears running down her face. "Prim? Whats the matter"Rochelle asks looking at her daughter as Katniss comes around the corner sensing immediately that something is wrong. She picks up her bow and moves cautiously to where prim is sitting, upon going over to her sister "Katniss help me, he's here" she sobs. "I told you this wasn't over Katniss or didn't that drunk Abernathy tell you?" a voice says there standing in the door way is David Everdeen.

Katniss can see an unconscious Cinna laying on the floor, his sketchbook laying on the couch, which make her blood boil "You have got a lot of nerve coming here" Katniss says as loathing enters her body as she stares at the intruder posing to be her father. "What you thought Peeta and I were bluffing? Well you were wrong" Katniss says raising her bow poised to strike "Katniss what's going on?" Rochelle calls as she comes around the corner. "What's going on here?" she asks as she see's Katniss and this stranger beginning to square off. "Hello Rochelle" the intruder says. "David?" Rochelle says shocked looking from Katniss to her supposed husband and back again. "Mom this man is not your husband nor my or prim's father" Katniss says still ready to strike. "Now Katniss please put the bow down and we will take about this. "Yes put the bow down and we'll talk about this like civilized people" David says using the same tone Rochelle used. There's the pattering of small feet coming around the corner as Idina call's "Momma Gramma daddy says" she stops at the sight of her ex-grandfather. She screams and runs away.

"Katniss, Rochelle whats going on, Idina came to get me saying that evil man was back" Peeta says running in with Idina cowering behind Peeta's legs she's shaking slightly."ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO GET THE HELL OUT OF TWELVE AND NEVER COME BACK" Peeta says when he see's David. "Mom will you take the kids into the kitchen please?" Katniss says as calmly as she can her eyes still on her intruder posing as her father. "Alright Katniss, Come on Kids" Rochelle calls to the kids immediately obey. "Alright you have exactly tens seconds to tell me why you intruded into my house after I told you that you were no longer welcome"Katniss says bitterly.

"Well Katniss I just came over to tell you I am leaving and I'm going back to seven"David Everdeen says with his hands are in the air. "Why are you going back to seven? Your home is here" Rochelle's voice says coming from behind. "Because our daughter doesn't trust me with her kids" David says. "Why don't you trust your father with your kids, Katniss" Rochelle says going over and standing next to who she thinks in her husband.

"You want to know why I don't trust him mom?" Katniss says lowering her bow ever so slightly. "OK I'll tell you, mom"Katniss says as Peeta comes up and wraps her arm around her waist giving her a dose of needed courage. "The reasons I don't trust him is because the night he came to dinner he insulted me by saying I should have never been the Mocking-Jay, and then he also stated that the rebellion never should have happened and that I was to young to be apart of it"Katniss says pausing to catch her breath. After a while she continues. "Then about a week ago when we were going camping out by the lake he comes out and takes the kids while Peeta and I are asleep"

Katniss says as Rochelle's eyes go wide in fury and Katniss knows she starting to come to their side" when we went to rescue the kids from him and Daniel managed to escape which I am very proud of by the way."Katniss says smiling at her son before continuing "

Anyway when we were rescuing Idina Peeta and I saw that upon entering Idina was tide up and she had a tether around waist so when she tried to run to us she fell backward crumpling on the ground crying" Katniss says feeling tears in her eyes. "And those are the reasons why I don't want him around my children or my house. That man is not my father, my father died in a mine explosion years ago."Katniss says finishing her speech. "Now mom after everything I told you just now do you still believe that this man is David Everdeen?" Katniss adds looking at her mom.

Rochelle takes this into consideration as she thinks this out. The David Everdeen she knew would have been supportive of his eldest daughter, he would have been proud of her as she was the Mocking-Jay. He would never kidnap his own grandchildren and tie them up. He would have played with them and loved them like he loved Katniss and prim. After a few more minutes of thinking about this Rochelle Everdeen gets up and stands next to Katniss and Peeta. Idina comes over and Rochelle picks her up. "After much thinking of what Katniss said I know she is right you are not my husband and I think it would best for everyone if you left now."Rochelle says calmly but bitterly.

"Rochelle please" the the intruder begins.

"I think the lady said she wanted you out of the house as Haymitch comes walking in and stands next to Katniss. "Alright I'll leave" David Everdeen says stepping outside "oh here somethings to remember me by"He says coming over to Katniss and punching her in the stomach making her fall to her knees in pain."momma" Idina says running over to her mom as Daniel goes over to where the door is still open and David is outside,Daniel stands tall as he looks his ex-grandfather in the eye as he says "Go away Evil-Man you don't ever hurt momma ever again" he says fire in his voice "Come on arrow" He adds as the husky makes it's inside as Daniel shuts the door. He crosses over to Katniss who is now in Peeta's arms on the couch. "It's OK momma evil man won't hurt you anymore" Daniel says climbing up and cuddling into his mom, as Katniss gives a laugh. "Daniel what would I do without you"Katniss says trying to laugh but comes out as a cry.

"Katniss are you OK?" Peeta asks tightening his embrace on Katniss. "Well apart from being punched in the stomach by a man posing as my dead father. I couldn't be happier to be honest"Katniss says as tears flowing from her eyes which Peeta immediately wipes away. "Mom I'm sorry you had to whiteness that horrible scene" Katniss says looking at her mom. "It's OK sweetheart I'm sorry I didn't try to stop it."The eldest women says coming over and coming and kneeling in front of her daughter. "Can I get you anything Kat?" Rochelle ask. "i would love a glass of water mom" Katniss says as Rochelle gets up and smiling. "You got it Katniss" she says walking to the kitchen.

Katniss turns to Prim "Are you OK Little duck?" Katniss asks. Prim tries to speak but instead instead she burst into tears. "hey hey why are you crying little duck?" Katniss asks as tears start in her eyes as she looks at her sister. "I'm just sorry I let myself get sucked in to believing that dad really was still alive but then I heard what you said back there" Prim says breaking down and falling to her knees and crying as Katniss detaches herself from Peeta and crawling since her stomach was sore Katniss makes it to prim and wraps her arms around her little sister holding her tightly. "Prim look at me, everything that happened earlier today doesn't matter anymore the only thing that matters is that you and I and everyone else is safe. I love you so much Prim so much and yes I know I've said it before so I'll say it again I'm so happy your back in my life" Katniss says as her mom walks in with her water and hands it to her. "Thanks mom" Katniss says as she downs the entire glass as Rochelle nods.

"Momma where's mister Cinna" Daniel asks."Oh my goodness Cinna" Katniss says getting up and crawling to her friend and stylist who is still lying on the floor. Not breathing. "Cinna come on wake up, come back to me Cinna"' Katniss says tears in her eyes. "let's get him up on the kitchen table so Prim and I can take a look at him" Rochelle says laying a hand on her crying daughter's shoulder. Peeta and Haymitch pick up Cinna and carry him through the hall and into the kitchen they lay him on the table. Rochelle and Prim both go into healer mode while they check over Cinna's injuries. The rest of the group wait in the living room. Katniss as tears fall down her face. Peeta holds her tightly. "Shh Cinna's going to be alright you mom is going to fix him up, don't cry Cinna needs you to be brave for him,"Peeta says as whispers in her ear while rubbing her back.

Twenty-five minutes pass when Rochelle comes into the living room followed by Prim. Katniss goes over to her. "How is he?" she asks shakily. "he has a slight concussion and few broken ribs. Now I've given him some morphling that I brought with me and Prim and I wrapped his ribs He's going to be fine all he need's is a little rest"Rochelle says looking at Katniss.

"Come on lets get you cleaned up love" Peeta says coming over to where all three Everdeen women sit huddled together. Peeta picks her up and carries his amazing wife as Katniss wraps her arms around his neck. He takes Katniss into the master bedroom "Let's get you in to something more comfortable" Peeta says "What do you want to wear love?" "Oh um how about my soft black pants and a black short-sleeved shirt with my slippers."Katniss says and Peeta brings the outfit Katniss picked for herself. Three minutes later Katniss is changed and feeling better. "How's your stomach?" Peeta asks kindly. "Still hurts but I can get through it as long as your with me and as long as we go slow"Katniss says getting up from the bed.

They head back downstairs. "You look better already, sweetheart" Grandma Rochelle says as Katniss and Peeta walk back in the living room. "What are you guys doing now?" Katniss asks as she comes over and sits next to her mom on the couch. "Well Haymitch was telling me his idea about calling Paylor" Rochelle says "And what do you think?" Katniss asks her mom as she leans into her shoulder. "Well sweetheart I think we should call in fact I think we should call right now" her mother urges. "Your mom's right sweetheart" Haymitch says "Paylor should know that there are mutt's wandering about posing as people's loved ones."He adds. Who knows there could be more." I agree let's do that" Katniss says walking to the study where the phone is. "i don't have her number, do you have her number dad?" Katniss asks looking at Haymitch When Katniss calls Haymitch dad Rochelle smiles a little. "Yeah I have it" Haymitch says reaching into his pocket and pulling out a number written on a piece of paper. "Here you go sweetheart" Haymitch says handing her the number. "Thanks" Katniss says going over to the phone and dialing the number.

Once the number is dialed the line begins to ring. After the third ring an authoritative voice answers. "President Paylor's office" it says. "Yes hello is President Paylor available Please" Katniss says surprised how steady her voice is. "President Paylor is in a meeting who shall I say is calling please" The voice at the end of the line says. "This is the Mocking-Jay Katniss Mellark there's been a situation in district twelve" Katniss says starting to get annoyed. "Oh I'm sorry Mrs. Mellark please hold"the voice says and the line clicks. "Hello Mrs. Mellark" the president says over the phone. "Hello Madame President" Katniss begins. "Please Katniss we worked together during the rebellion you can call me Melissa" The President says. "Well Melissa the reason I'm calling is that there been a intruder posing as my late father. And he's been harassing my family, he kidnapped my children and just a while ago tried to take my family and myself hostage. Could you possibly do a background check on my father. And could you come haul the intruder away from twelve for good?" Katniss asks. There's a pause as Paylor thinks about this then speaks. "Katniss I think that can be arranged now the background check on the intruder can take over a week to do, so I'll have to call you back a week from now" Melissa says. "And as for the containing of the intruder we can be there as early tomorrow morning." She adds. "That's great thank you so much Paylor," Katniss says. "we will you see you tomorrow and I'll be waiting to here back about the background check, thank you so much, you too bye" Katniss says hanging up the phone.

"That must have go well because you are wearing a smile rather then your usual scowl" Peeta says coming over and taking her in his arms. "Well what did the president say Katniss" Rochelle asks. "Paylor said they can do the background check on dad but it will take a week to do and then they said they can come tomorrow morning to take the intruder away as early as tomorrow morning."Katniss says still smiling. "That's great sweetheart" Rochelle says coming over and hugging her eldest daughter. "Thanks mom, it's just like what prim said to me as I was leaving to go kill snow" Katniss says. "What did prim say" Rochelle asks. "Next time we see each other we'll be free of him" Katniss says as prim takes her hand."How did you get so smart primrose?" Her mom asks. "I think I was born with it,"Prim says smiling. I've always thought so"Katniss says.

"Gramma Gramma" Idina calls over coming over to Rochelle who picks her up and sets her little grand-daughter on her lap. "yes Idina what going on?" Rochelle asks. "Gramma what was momma like as a kid?" Idina asks her grandmother looking up in to her eyes. "Well Idina you're momma was a cute kid growing up, she was into foraging and collecting. Katniss was close to her father you're grandfather" Rochelle says as the kids look at each seeming to sense what they are thinking. "Idina,Daniel that man that was here earlier trying to hurt us he was not your grandfather" Rochelle says hugging them tightly. "He will never hurt you again, your momma and daddy, prim and I won't let that happen."she adds smiling. Then Daniel gets up and goes over to his mother wrapping his arms around his moms waist. "See momma Evil Man is gone for good see momma" he says. Yes Daniel you were right what brave little boy you are" Katniss says loving how cute her little boy is. "Momma can we listen to that song we listened to before Daniel and I fell asleep?" Idina asks. Katniss nods as Idina turns on the music, which still in the same spot since Katniss turned it off Idina presses a button making the song start over. The sound of chords being strummed before a young girl starts singing.

"I remember tears streaming down your face
When I said, "I'll never let you go"
When all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, "Don't leave me here alone"
But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight"

Without even saying anything Katniss and Peeta get up and begin to dance turning slowly. Katniss has her eyes closed because Peeta is stroking her hair while they dance as the song continues.

"Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound"

"This girl obviously hasn't gone through a hunger games, a quarter-quell, and a rebellion if she thinks nothing will harm her as the day comes to an end" Peeta says whispering in Katniss's ear making her laughing. She's still laughing as the new verse starts.

"Don't you dare look out your window, darling,
Everything's on fire
The war outside our door keeps raging on
Hold on to this lullaby
Even when the music's gone

"Would you like to dance Rochelle" Haymitch asks getting up and going over and extending a hand to her. "I'd like that thank you Haymitch" Rochelle says getting up from the couch. "Anytime for the mom of the Mocking-Jay" Haymitch says looking over at Katniss who is dancing with Peeta. The two apparently in their own little world. "They look so happy. They deserve it" he thinks to himself.

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh
Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh
La La (La La)
La La (La La)
Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh
Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh
La La (La La)

Just close your eyes
You'll be alright
Come morning light,
You and I'll be safe and sound...
Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh oh oh"

The song ends, leaving everyone extremely relaxed, Peeta and Katniss are still together holding each other. Rochelle and Haymitch are still dancing. Rochelle's head is on Haymitch's shoulder. Katniss motions to Peeta who see's this and smiles. Prim is also smiling. "I haven't danced like that since Katniss and prim were little and I was dancing with Dav-with Katniss and Prim's late father."Rochelle says smiling at her girls. This has been the first time she's spoken about her late husband out loud without crying. "Well it was my pleasure Rochelle" Haymitch says smiling kissing her hand and letting her go. "What did you think of the song Gramma?" Idina asked. "I loved it, Idina " Rochelle says sitting down and talking to her grand-daughter, attempting to keep a smile on her face. Katniss can see this and steps in to help.

"Hey kids why don't you go play outside with arrow. Your grandmother and I need to talk." "Alright momma" the kids say. " Haymitch will you go with them" Katniss asks. "sure thing sweetheart" Haymitch says nodding. Once the kids are out of the room Katniss and Prim sit by their mother who now has tears running down her face. "Mom what is it?" Katniss says quickly wiping her mom tears away as Prim snakes her arms around Rochelle's waist hugging her. Peeta gets up "I'll leave you three alone, I'll start dinner aright love?" he says giving Katniss a lingering kiss on the lips. "Alright, thanks Peeta I love you" Katniss says as he leaves the room "Mom what's wrong?"Prim asks. "It's nothing girls, I'm fine" Rochelle says getting up and going up to her room. "Mom come back" Prim says getting up but Katniss pulls her back. "Prim stop let her be, today's been a long day. Let her be" Katniss says as Prim nods.

"You know Peeta is making dinner, wanna go play with the kids with arrow?" Katniss asks but before Prim can answer Peeta comes in with a worried look on his face. "Hey Prim, Cinna's awake" he says before going back into the kitchen. "Thanks Peeta, I'll come take a look at him, come on Katniss he'll like seeing the face of his girl on fire" Prim says. "Alright Prim lets go" Katniss says as she follows her talented little sister to the room where her stylist lies in pain. When they enter they see Cinna laying with his shirt off, Katniss can see the bandages around his ribs "Hey Cinna how are you feeling" Prim asks quietly going over to him. "I'm feeling much better, just a little sore after the run-in the intruder posing as your father,"Cinna says quietly. "So how am I doing Dr. Everdeen" He asks smiling at his girl on fire's little sister. "Well it seems that your concussion is gone and all you have to worry about is your cracked rib" Prim says smiling back at him. "Do you wanna try going to the living room?" Prim adds encouragingly. "Sure you know what they say recovering begins with a single step" Cinna says getting up as Prim and Katniss come over and half-drag half-carry him to the living room. He doesn't cry out once. The two girls sit him down on the couch.

"Cinna do you feel like talking about what happened with the intruder?" Prim asks. "Prim he doesn't need to tell us" Katniss says but Cinna puts his hand up. "No Katniss it's OK I want to talk about it" Cinna says. "Hey Katniss could I get a glass of water please?" He asks. "Of Course Cinna I'll be right back"Katniss says going in to the kitchen and grabbing a glass she lets it fill up."Hey my love how Cinna doing?" Peeta says as he puts the seasoning on the meat he's browning turning the dial on the stove down to medium so it wont burn Peeta wipes his hands on his apron and takes Katniss in his arms.

"He's doing better luckily all he has to worry about is a cracked rib luckily the intruder didn't do much damaged."Katniss says moving backwards into Peeta's chest. "That's good" Peeta says. "Yep so what's for dinner?"Katniss asks looking at the meat Peeta seasoned. "Well I decided to try something new from this book I found years ago, Peeta says gesturing to all the dishes that are set out. "They call it taco salads" Peeta says looking at Katniss. "Sounds great how long til we eat?" she asks "about ten minutes just need to grate the cheese and put out the condiments love"' Peeta says. "cool cant wait to try it" Katniss says walking to the living room grabbing the water glass. "Love you, call us when dinners ready" Katniss says calling over her shoulder. "Will do love" Peeta says smiling.

"Cinna here's your water" Katniss says handing her friend the glass, "Thanks Katniss" Cinna says gulping the water down thirstily. Seconds later he's setting down the glass. "Alright here's what happened with the intruder" Cinna says "Well I was sitting in the the living room working on some drawings of clothes for Idina and Daniel. When all of a sudden I feel a smack on the back of my head and I turn while I fall to the floor and I see the intruder standing over me holding something I couldn't make out. Then next thing I feel before I black out until you carried me in to the kitchen is the intruder kicking me in the rib and hearing the crack" Cinna concludes. "I'm sorry that that happened to you" Katniss says. "It OK I'll survive, I did survive a capitol beating didn't I?" Cinna says giving a small sad chuckle. "Hey Kat could you call the the kids and Haymitch that dinner is ready?" Peeta says calling from the kitchen. "Alright bread-boy" Katniss calls back as she crosses to the back door and opens it. "Idina,Daniel,Haymitch dinner is ready,come and get it" Katniss says calling out.

"Alright we'll be right in sweetheart" Haymitch calls back. "Alright take your last turn with Arrow then come in" Katniss says. "You got it sweetheart" Haymitch says as Katniss closes the door. "I'm going to go get mom" Katniss says making her way to the stairs. "I already brought her down Katniss" Prim says coming over to see what's for dinner. "How is she doing" Katniss asks her sister as the kids and Haymitch come through the back door. "She seems worn out,which is probably due all the walking around we did today and the thing with the intruder" Prim says quietly looking over at their mom who is sitting over at the table just staring of into space. "hey don't you go over and sit with her" Prim says as Katniss nods as she makes her way to her mom.

"Mom" Katniss says and Rochelle's blue eyes look over at her. "Are you OK " Katniss asks. "Yeah I'm fine really tired from a good day" Rochelle says patting Katniss's cheek. "Good are you hungry?" Katniss asks. "Starved and Famished" Rochelle says "What are we having?" "Peeta made something called taco salads. Supposed to be really good" Katniss says. "Can't wait to try it" Rochelle says as Katniss gets up. "Hey Katniss" Rochelle says calling out to her daughter. "Yeah mom?" Katniss says looking over her shoulder. "I'm sorry for running out of the room earlier" Rochelle says."Hey don't worry about it" Katniss says. "Alright everyone dinners ready" Peeta calls from the kitchen. "Come on mom let's go eat dinner" Katniss says getting up and holding out her hand for her mom to takes it gratefully.

"Hey it's smells good in here, what's for dinner Mr Chef" Haymitch says. "Well Haymitch instead of having the same boring meal of rabbits and other things. I decided to make something different so tonight for the first time ever we are having taco salads, Peeta then goes into explaining how to make one. After a explanation the group begins to make their salads. Katniss puts lettuce,meat, shredded cheese something called salsa and salad dressing. She grabs her glass of water and makes her way to the table and takes her place at the head of the table. Katniss takes a bit of her salad. "Peeta this is pretty good" Katniss calls out. I can't believe we never had these before" Katniss says as prim takes her place on Katniss's right.

Prim takes a bite of her salad and agrees with Katniss."Great pick on dinner,Peeta"Prim says praising her brother-in-law,"Thanks Prim I'm glad you like it."Peeta says smiling. Rochelle takes a seat next to Prim and starts to eat. "What do you think mom?" Katniss asks as she watches her mom start to eat. "This is really good Peeta" Rochelle says. Peeta comes over to the table taking his seat next to Katniss Haymitch is next to him,Cinna is next to him. Idina and Daniel are seated at the bar. "This is a nice change from rabbit" Haymitch says taking a bite and speaking with his mouth full "Manners grandpa" Idina says speaking out. Katniss starts laughing uncontrollably while Peeta and everyone else looks at her. "who do you know who says that?" Katniss says looking from Peeta to Haymitch to Cinna.

The look on Haymitch, Peeta,and Cinna's face as it dawns on them when they realize who Katniss is talking about and then they begin to laugh uncontrollably "Who are you guys talking about?" Prim asks. Katniss leans forward and whispers in her little sisters ear. Seconds later prim starts laughing to. "Are you guys talking about Effie trinket?" Rochelle asks looking at the group as a huge smile spreading across her face. "Man that women was annoying" She says laughing and the entire group begins laughing again. "We're on a schedule come on it's going to be a big big big big day" Katniss says doing an imitation of her former escort, which brings down the house.

"Alright who wants desert" Peeta asks as everyone raises their hand. "Alright Let me go get it" Peeta says. "I'll come help you" Katniss says getting up and following Peeta. "I'll grab the berry platter and you grab the chocolate-chip cookies" Peeta says but as he's reaching for the tray Katniss leans in and wraps her arms around his neck. "i love you so much Peeta" Katniss says hold tightly on to him. "I love you too love" Peeta says wrapping his arms around her waist. "Are you feeling alright?" he asks tilting her head back so she has to look at him. "Yeah I'm fine it's just been a very long day."Katniss says looking in those beautiful eyes of blue. "Yeah I know it has been a long day" Peeta says as Katniss yawns.

"Hey tell you what let's just hand out desert and then we can get ready for bed so we can get up early for when Paylor comes to reprimand the intruder " Peeta says reaching up and pushing the hair out of her eyes. "That sounds great Peeta" Katniss says letting go and grabbing the chocolate-chip cookie as Peeta follows with the berry platter. "After you love" Peeta says as he follows Katniss out of the room. "Alright here's some desert, Dig in" Peeta says setting down the platter next to where Katniss set hers.

Peeta takes Katniss over to his seat and sits down pulling her into his lap. His arm going around her waist and her arm going around his shoulder. "Thanks for always being there for me Peeta, I love you" Katniss whispers. "Anytime and Always My love Always and anytime, I love you to."Peeta says as they all enjoy a great ending to a good day. Katniss Everdeen-Mellark was very happy. She had a great family A great husband two adorable kids. She was so happy to have Prim back and her mother back as well. The intruder was getting taken away from district twelve for good. Things were finally looking up again.

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