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Alright now without further ado Chapter 34

Chapter 34-The wedding of Haymitch and Rochelle

The morning of Haymitch's and Rochelle's is sunny and warm. Katniss and Peeta are very busy with getting the house ready for the toasting that her mom and Haymitch will do tonight. It early morning and the two parents are busy making breakfast for their family. Peeta is scooping pancake mix on to the griddle while Katniss is cutting up fruit and placing them on a plate. "I still cant believe Haymitch and your mom are getting married" Peeta says as he flips the cakes. "I know I know I can't believe it myself." Katniss says putting the finishing touches on the plate. "Idina DANIEL Breakfast" Katniss calls. Hunter begins to get fussy and Katniss looks over at him. "I am going to go feed this little-flame, go ahead and start eating without me I'll be back" Katniss says as she kisses Peeta on the cheek.

Katniss starts to leave but Peeta grabs her and pulls her into him. "You love me real or not real" he whispers. "Real" Katniss says as she smiles up at him. "I am so sorry for what happen last week to both of you" Peeta says as he runs his fingers along the faint hand-print on Katniss's beautiful slender neck, its only been a week and it still isn't all the way gone. Katniss puts her fingers to his lips to silence him. "Peeta you don't need to apologize for that, I am just glad you are okay" Katniss says starting to leave. "Katniss?" Peeta calls out. "Yes Peeta?" She calls back as she turns to look at her sexy baker-boy. "Stay with me?" he asks. "Always" she says as she leaves with hunter. On the stairs Katniss runs into her two children. "Hey momma" they say in unison. "Good morning my babies, papa is waiting for you two with breakfast" she says as passes them and going into the master bedroom.

Hunters Point Of View

Momma takes me in her arms and I begin to feed. "You are the cutest baby in the world, do you know that?" momma asks as she smiles down at me. In answer I finish and begin cooing up at her laying my head on her shoulder like I always do. Momma begins patting my back and after a while I burp before nuzzling deeper into her shoulder. "I love you so much Hunter-Haymitch" momma whispers as she rubs my back. When I hear my grandpa's name I look up at momma and give her a excited look. Momma see's it as she speaks. "That's right today grandpa Haymitch is marrying your grandma Rochelle" momma says as she blows on my tummy making me squeal in delight. "You're a happy baby, aren't you? yes you are yes you are" she says in that voice I love. After a while momma sets me on the bed changes me and then dresses me in a simple outfit. "There you go little-flame, tonight Cinna will put you in something for tonight but for now this will do" Momma says as she picks me up and when we head down to breakfast.

Katniss's Point Of View

After I get Hunter fed I tell him that today his grandpa Haymitch and Grandma Rochelle are getting married, this seems to excite him, just hearing his grandparents names excite him so I play with him for a bit before dressing him in a simple outfit,I walk downstairs with my little hunter in my arms, he still has his head on my shoulder. I absentmindedly rub his small back as we ascend the stairs. I walk back into the kitchen and find everyone except my papa, Blake and Haymitch sitting at the kitchen table eating the breakfast that Peeta has made. "Good Morning everyone" I say as I enter with hunter. Everyone says good morning as I set hunter in his pen.

I look around the table and notice we are three short in our party. "Where's Haymitch, Blake and papa?" I ask as Peeta sets a stack of pancakes in front of me. "Well Haymitch is over at his house because he can't see the bride before tonight because it's bad luck, Blake offered to stay with him" Prim says before taking a sip of her orange juice before continuing "And papa went for a walk down to our old house in the seam and to wander the district" she adds going back to eating. "Well I hope he returns soon" I say as I take a bite of pancake. After a while I stand up and grab my bow. "Where are you going love?" Peeta asks as he watches me. "I'm going hunting for a bit and going to go look for papa" I say coming over and giving him a kiss. Peeta doesn't say anything although he can probably tell that I'm up to something but doesn't say anything. "Alright my love have fun and don't be gone to long" Peeta says as I open the door and head out.

Grandpa David's Point Of View- At the old Everdeen home and Around The Seam

It's the morning of my first wife wedding here in district twelve. I am standing in the remains of my old home in the seam. So many memories come to my mind. when Katniss took her first steps. When Prim announced she wanted to be a healer just like her mom. The big one that really hits home is that this is the place were I really was happy. It's hard for me to realize that she's marrying Haymitch Abernathy, the victor of the second quarter-quell. He's also my daughter and Peeta Mellark my son-in-law mentor.

I pick up my bow and quiver and make my way out of my old house towards the meadow. There's a rustling coming from behind me and out of instinct I raise my bow and wait for whatever is following me to come forward. "Dad put the bow down it's only me" says a voice that I would know anywhere. Katniss reveals herself. "Hey Katniss, I'm surprised to see you out here" I say lowering my bow and stepping forward and giving my eldest daughter a hug. "I just thought you could use some company" Katniss says as we hug. "so why are you out here all alone?" Katniss asks. I don't say anything. "Feeling sentimental?" she asks. I look at her. "Am I really that obvious?" I ask as Katniss smiles and nods.

Katniss and I walk to the meadow not talking just enjoying each others company. When we get to the meadow. I see that Katniss is sitting in the grass with tears falling down her face. I quickly walk over to her and sit next to her and wrap her in my arms. "Oh Katniss what is it?" I ask holding her tightly. "Oh its just that I cant believe you are really here with us again" Katniss says as she lays her head on my shoulder. "Don't cry Katniss, I here and I'm never leaving again, I'm here to stay" I say as I wipe the tears away with my coat-sleeve. Katniss calms down and we spend the morning talking about memories that we shared in the past. "Momma's getting married today" Katniss says casually as we make our way back to her house. "I know I'm very happy for her" I say as Katniss pulls me into the house where a grand lunch meets us. "Peeta, we're back" Katniss calls as she takes off her jacket. I can't break down in front of my daughter so I put on a smile trying to mask the pain I'm feeling as I watch Katniss walk towards the room Peeta's in.

Peeta's Point Of View

I am just putting on the touches on lunch when I hear the most beautiful words in the world. "Peeta we're back" it's my lovely wife she has returned from hunting and time with her papa. "Mm smells good in here" Katniss says as she runs to me and jumps in my arms. "Hey beautiful did you have a good hunt?" I asks as I hold her close to me. "Um actually we didn't really do any hunting, Papa and I just went to the meadow to catch up." my amazing wife says. "Cool, I hope you guys are hungry" I say as I gesture to the food I've laid out. Katniss looks at it and smiles. "What did you make bread-boy?" She asks. "Well I thought that since it's a beautiful summer night we could have something I've heard about but never had. We are having Bacon Lettuce and Tomatoes Sandwiches." I say as wait for her to say something. "Really I think I've heard of those when we were in the capitol but I never was able to try them." Katniss says as she looks over the food that is laid out. "Really that makes two of us" I say as I whip my hands on my pants before wrapping them around the beautiful Katniss who looks up at me. I lean down and whisper "Wanna help me get everyone down here for lunch?" Katniss just smiles and nods. "one...two... THREE! LUNCH IS READY COME AND GET IT!" We both screech at the top of our lungs. Two minutes later everyone has shown up to get lunch.

Once everyone's here Peeta begins to explain what they are having for dinner. "they are called bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches. Now what you do is slather two pieces of bread with mayonnaise and then you put on the bacon then the lettuce and tomatoes. And that's pretty much it go ahead dig in" Peeta says and everyone does. The meal is a complete success. "This is really good Peeta" Rochelle says as she bites into hers. "Thanks mom, I'm glad you like it" Peeta responds. "So momma are you excited to get married today?" Katniss asks as she takes a bite and looks at her momma. "Yes Katniss I am ready to get married" Rochelle says smiling. Grandpa David stands up quickly. "I'm sorry I thought I could get through lunch with out a scene" he says as he walks to the front door and goes outside. "should someone go after him?" Katniss asks as she watches her papa fly out the window. "I'll go after him" a voice says behind her. It's the one person that shouldn't have to after David Everdeen. "Momma no you don't have to" Katniss starts but Rochelle raises a hand to stop her daughter. "Katniss I have to do this" she says and she walks out the door.

Grandpa David's Point Of View

I've run out of Katniss and Peeta's house unable to contain myself. I still cant get over the fact that she's marrying that old drunk. I mean I haven't been gone that long have I? Oh only fifteen years. I guess I had this crazy dream that when the capitol let me go and I would make my way back to home to my lovely wife and beautiful girls Katniss and Prim. I travel up to the meadow not caring that my boots are leaving tracks behind me. I come to the fence and crawl under and make my way over to where Katniss and I would store our bows and quivers. I climb up on the boulder that sits next to the stump and sit on it and attempt to get my crap in order. I wonder if anyone will come find me.

Grandma Rochelle's Point Of View

I step outside Katniss and Peeta's house and go to find my first Husband who has fled while we were having lunch. I notice that his bootprints lead towards the meadow. Man somethings never change after fifteen years. I make my way to the meadow. The sun is high in the sky and there's a light breeze. I climb under the fence still following David's bootprints. I immediately find him stilling on the boulder that sits next to where he stores his bow or did. I make my way slowly to him not wanting to startle him. "I don't want to talk right now Rochelle" he says. Damn his hunter hearing. "I don't care , we need to talk" I say as I stand next to him. "Why are you here shouldn't you be getting ready for you upcoming wedding to Abernathy?" he asks his voice drips with loathing. "Yes I should be getting ready but I instead I am out here trying to get you to come home" I say seriously losing my patience. "you know what just forget it, I came out here to try to reason with you and ask your blessing" I say getting up and heading towards the fence. I get to the edge of the clearing "Rochelle wait" David calls as he catch up to me. "What?" I ask as he nears me. "I'm sorry, I just have one question for you" he asks as we both walk towards the fence. I wait for the question. "Why Haymitch Abernathy?" he asks looking me as I begin to tell him why I love Haymitch Abernathy.

Grandpa David's Point of View

I am standing next to Rochelle and she's telling me why she loves Haymitch Abernathy. "He's so caring, polite and really good with Idina and Daniel partly because he spoils them like I do" She says as she takes a break and plucks a dandelion."and he took care of our daughters when we weren't around."Rochelle adds smiling softly. "When was the first time realized you loved him?" I ask. Rochelle looks at the dandelion "It was probably when he asked me to dance when I first arrived here last summer. The month before Hunter was born"Rochelle says. We talk for a while. "I'm glad you are happy Rochelle, you deserve happiness. You can have my blessing" I say reaching up and caressing her cheek. "Thank you David, I wouldn't trade for what we had for anything"She says as we both get up and walk back to Katniss's house.

David and Rochelle make it to the house. Where the wedding preparation is in full-swing. The house is spotless there isn't a speck of dust anywhere in the sight. "oh you guys are back" a voice says as they enter the house. Rochelle and David whip around and see Katniss and Peeta standing in the kitchen doorway. Katniss holding a dishrag in which she's drys her hands. Peeta on the other hand is covered in flour. "Peeta have you been baking?" Rochelle asks smiling as she looks her son-in-law up and down. "I might have mom, guess you'll just have to wait and see" Peeta says as he smiles back as he wraps his arms around Katniss who lines herself up with his body. There's a whine coming from Hunter and Katniss picks him up. "I'm sorry for just running out like that." David says looking at the entwined couple. Katniss and Peeta just wave it off like it's no big deal. "I am going to go get in the shower and then have a nap before the party/ceremony tonight" Grandpa David says he heads towards the steps leading up stairs.

"Alright papa see you tonight" Katniss says as she holds hunter tightly. "Come on let's go sit in the living-room" Katniss suggest as she smiles down at Hunters adorable face. "So where did you find him?"Peeta asks. "Somewhere that hasn't changed that much" Rochelle says as she strokes her grandson's face. Peeta and Katniss look at each other and immediately know where Rochelle is talking about. "The meadow" they say together. Rochelle looks them. "How did you two know that?" she asks. "Momma I was practically raised there when I was growing up and we have taken the kids there and you are right it hasn't changed at all" Katniss says as she feels Peeta tighten his hold on her. "Alright well I am going to go have a nap" Rochelle says as she gets and as she goes she turns around and starts to laugh. "I still can't believe how happy I am, I'm getting married today" she says still laughing hysterically as she leaves. "I wonder how Haymitch is holding up?" Katniss asks leaning her head against Peeta's "I don't know I guess we will see him in a while." Peeta says as he rests his head on Katniss's head, holding her close with Hunter-Haymitch sandwiched in-between them, "I guess you're right, Come on let's go play with Idina and Daniel" Katniss says as Peeta gets up and follows.

Haymitch's Point of View

It's the day I am marrying the mother of my most favorite victor Katniss Everdeen. However I can't see my bride-to-be until the wedding tonight because some idiot who invented weddings says I can't see her before hand because it's apparently bad luck, bad luck hell, I am a victor of the twenty-fifth hunger games, I don't care about luck. I get up from my couch and go to find a drink of white-liquor in my kitchen. I come up empty handed but I come across Blake Mellark sitting at my kitchen table looking at a picture. "Why the hell are you in my house?" I ask looking at him. Blake just smiles as he answers. "Well think about it it's your wedding day and you can't see Rochelle until tonight so I volunteered to keep you company. I mean under normal circumstances do you really think I would come willingly I would have never have I'm a baker not a babysitter you old drunk" Blake spits back.

"so what do you wanna do until the party tonight?" I asks "I mean I would suggest a drinking game but Katniss and aw hell everyone would be on my ass for coming to the wedding all liquored up" I say. "Do you have any knives? We could do a knife throwing contest to pass the time" Blake suggests. "I'm in, come on Mellark it will be fun" I say getting up picking up a box that sits by my chair by the handle and motioning for him to follow me outside to a clearing just outside my house. I start to pull on a tarp that after a few good tugs comes loose revealing a fine throwing range. "How long has this been here Abernathy?" The old baker asks. "Well do you remember that time when Katniss, Peeta and I were training like careers for the quarter-quell?" I say as I grab a knife from the box that I brought out with me. "Yeah I heard about that" he says. "Well we used this range for knife-throwing and archery." I say looking at Mellark. "Cool are you ready to get your ass kicked by me Abernathy?" he says jokingly. "Bring it on Mellark" I say.

Grandpa Blake's Point of view

The rest of the afternoon goes by rather quickly Haymitch and I spend it throwing knives. It gets pretty competitive and right down to the wire. I knew Abernathy was good with a knife having used one in his games however I didn't know how good he was. I do pretty well myself I win the first two matches and Haymitch wins the last three. "Good game Abernathy" I say holding out my hand. "Thanks Mellark you didn't do to bad your self " Haymitch says shaking my hand and then looking at his watch. Five-thirty "oh man is that the time? Damn we should probably get ready we only have an hour before my wedding" Haymitch says as he starts to cover the range which I help him with. When we're done we head back inside and get ready for the wedding of Rochelle and Haymitch.

Katniss's Point Of View

In just a hour my momma will no longer be a Everdeen. I am brought back to reality by the pattering of small feet just outside our bedroom and the voice that calls to me. "Momma?" the voice calls. I look up and see Idina and Daniel standing in the doorway. They are wearing party clothes. My little Idina is wearing a white sundress with matching sandals. she has her hair down and a pink Primrose is sticking out by her left ear. Then I notice my adorable little Daniel is wearing a cerulean blue shirt with brown pants and black sandals. "Oh don't you two just look adorable" I say looking up at them. "What are you going to wear momma?" Idina asks looking up at me expectantly. "Well I'm not sure my lovelies" I say as I go to my closet. I am nearly to my closet when Cinna enters. "What are you doing in your closet girl on fire?" he asks smiling. "Oh you know just looking for something to wear." I flirt back. "Well you won't find anything in there my Mockingjay " Cinna says coming over and wrapping his arms around me leading towards a bag on the bed.

"Get undressed and then put this robe on and I'll be right back" Cinna says. I follow his orders at once. Five minutes later Cinna appears holding a garment bag. "Come on lets get your makeup done." Cinna says laying the garment bag on my bed before leading me to my vanity mirror and tells me to take a seat. "I was thinking that we would leave your hair down and do a light layer of makeup. What do you think girl on fire?" Cinna asks looking at me and running his hand through my hair which I find soothing as I close my eyes completely relaxed. "Cinna I want you to surprise me" I say with my eyes still closed. "You got it my girl on fire" Cinna whispers as he begins work. "just remember we don't want to upstage the Bride" I say as Cinna chuckles and continues to work. After fifteen minutes Cinna tell me to stand. I feel a cool fabric flow down my body. Cinna helps me into the shoes. "Alright girl on fire you can open your eyes." Cinna whispers in my ear.

I am not prepared for the sight that awaits me when I open my eyes. My hair is flowing in soft curls and ringlet down my back. There's a light layer of makeup on my face and my body seems to be glowing with that stuff that represents gold dust. My eyes travel to the dress I am wearing. The material is a fine silver silk that brings out my gray eyes and makes them sparkle. The top of the dress ends with a single strap that goes over my collarbone and down my left shoulder. I look down at my feet and see that they are encased in silver-gray flats. "What do you think my Girl on fire?" Cinna asks as he comes in behind me. In answer I turn around and hug Cinna who chuckles as he holds me back. "I am guessing that you like it Katniss" he says. "Oh Cinna it's wonderful thank-you so much" I say. Then Cinna says the three little words that really gave me a boost in confidence. "Twirl for me" and I do

Cinna's Point of View

I am watching Katniss twirl in front of me and she looks absolutely stunning. "Well Katniss if I may say you look even more radiant then the day I set you on fire years ago" I say as I catch her as begins to fall after twirling. She looks up at me with tears in her eyes. I am just about to say something comforting but Katniss wraps her arms around my neck. "Thank you for once again making me beautiful,Cinna" she whispers. "You are quite welcome Katniss, it's always a pleasure" I say stroking her back as she calms down. "Come on my fire girl, lets go watch your mom get married" I say as I adjust her makeup. "There perfect, now I want you to hold your head high, your momma is going to be thrilled" I say as we make our way out of the master bedroom.

We meet Peeta and the kids on the stairs . They all stop when Katniss and I approach Peeta has Hunter in his arms. "Katniss,my love you absolutely look amazing"Peeta says looking at his wife with a smile on his face. "Momma you look 'mazing" Little Daniel says looking up in awe at his momma. "You look just like a Princess Momma" Idina says also in awe looking from her momma to her papa. "Doesn't momma look like a princess Papa?' she asks looking up at Peeta. "Yes Idina she certainly does" Peeta says refusing to take his eyes off of Katniss. "I've got to head over to Abernathy's and put the finishing touches on your momma, Please excuse me" I say as I exit and head over.

Peeta's Point of View

"Come on kids, let's go get your momma so we can leave for the wedding. "Katniss my love are you ready?" I call as we start climbing the steps. We only get half-way when an beautiful sight greets us. There Katniss stands in a silky silver-gray dress that brings out her eyes. "Katniss my love you look amazing" I say beaming as she approaches. "Thank you Peeta" Katniss says smiling. Hunter-Haymitch begins to coo. "See even this little flame agrees" I say which makes the smile on my wife's face grow.

Daniel's Point of View

Idina and I are following Papa who is holding my little-brother as we make our way to check on Momma. We get almost to the top of the stairs when Mr. Cinna and Momma appear. Momma is dressed in a silver-gray dress. "You look 'mazing momma, I love you" I say as I run to her and she picks me up and holds me tightly. "Thank you Daniel, I love you too" momma says smiling as she sets me back on the ground.

Idina's Point of view

Daniel and I are following papa as we head upstairs to get momma for the wedding. We are half way up the stairs when Momma and Cinna appear at the top of the stairs. Momma looks like a princess. She smiles when I tell her so. "Thank you Idina" Momma says. "You look like a princess too Idina" momma says gesturing to me to come over to her and she picks me up and holds me. "Come on you three, lets go"Papa says as we make our way to Grandpa Haymitch's for the wedding.

Peeta,Idina,Daniel, and Katniss who carries a babbling hunter all make their way over to Haymitch's place. There are white flowers lining the stairs leading up to Haymitch's front door. "Peeta what do those flowers remind you of?" Katniss asks giving him a smile and nodding towards the white flowers. Peeta smiles and holds Katniss's hand tightly as leans in and gives her a kiss before answering. "Annie and Finnick's wedding" he whispers as they enter. Peeta begins to shake a little bit obviously thinking about that day that happened years ago.

Katniss lays her hand on Peeta's hand and whispers "Whatever you are reliving in your head, it's not real. Katniss says "You're here with Idina, Daniel, Hunter and me at Haymitch's house"Katniss adds as she watches Peeta calms down and the shaking stops completely. "Katniss?" Peeta says in a horse whisper. "Yes Peeta what is it?" Katniss asks looking at him. "We are at Haymitch's for his wedding to your momma, Real or not real"Peeta asks. Katniss doesn't waste a moment as she says. "Real Peeta real very real". "I thought so" Peeta says as he grabs her with his free hand and gives Katniss a passionate kiss before heading into the house.

"Grandpa Blake" Idina and Daniel say the minute they see him. "Hey how are my two favorite grand-children?" He asks as he hugs them both and then individually. "We are fine, Grandpa" the kids say in unison which makes Blake smile. "Grandpa do you like my dress"Idina asks as she begins to twirl for him. "Idina my lovely little granddaughter, you look beautiful" Grandpa Blake says smiling. "and Daniel you look so handsome" he says with a wink which makes his five-year old grandson giggle

As her daughter begins to twirl for her grandfather. Katniss goes to look for Cinna who is doing Rochelle's makeup. "Papa where's-" Katniss starts. "Up the stairs and to the left" Blake says as he smiles. "Go on up your momma,Prim and Cinna are waiting for you." He adds. "I'll be right back" Katniss says as she takes Hunter from Peeta thinking that it will calm her momma to see her little-grandson. Katniss walks up the stairs and takes s left as hunter lays his head on her shoulder and sighs contently.

"Gramma is going to be thrilled to see you, my little-flame" Katniss says as she knocks on the door that contains her momma, Prim and Cinna. "Come in" Prim's voice calls from inside. Katniss slowly opens the door while holding hunter close. The scene that meet's Katniss's eyes couldn't be anymore perfect. Prim is wearing a blue floor length summer sundress with white flats. Her hair is down and flowing down to her shoulders. "Prim you look beautiful" Katniss whispers as she walks toward the three stationed at the mirror. "Thank you Katniss, so do you" Prim chirps back at her sister with a smile. "Thanks little-duck" Katniss says she turns to her momma. "Momma you look beautiful" Katniss says as she takes a places next to her momma. The dress no doubt made by Cinna is perfection. Rochelle's long blonde hair hangs down in waves down her back. "Thank you Katniss" Rochelle says smiling at her eldest daughter. Hunter begins to coo. "Well if it isn't my adorable little grand-son" Rochelle says smiling as she takes Hunter from Katniss. "I brought him because I thought you could use something to relax you momma" Katniss says watching the scene of grandma and grandson unfold before her.

Prim's point of view

When I see Katniss hand Hunter over to my mom it hits me. I am the last Everdeen girl yet to be married, however that's not entirely true. Rory has asked me to marry him and I said yes however I haven't told Katniss yet. I know I Katniss immediately comes to me and holds me. "Shh don't cry, little-duck, why are you crying?" Katniss asks looking at me. I don't want to tell her on momma's special day so I make up something. "I'm crying because this one of the last times it will be just the three of us" I say as I wipe the tears away. "Oh Prim I'll still be around" momma says as she takes my hand. "I know but I'll miss it just being us, you know we are the Everdeen women, because after today it changes to Abernathy, Mellark and Everdeen" I say."Oh Prim we will always be the Everdeen women and that will never change" momma says as Cinna finishes her makeup. When Cinna is done he goes into the bathroom and brings out four glasses and a bottle of champagne. "I think this calls for a toast" he says as he pours the amber liquid into the glasses. He hands one to Katniss, my momma and me before taking one for himself. "To Rochelle Everdeen, may the years before you bring you happiness" Cinna toasts.

Rochelle's Point Of View

I'm sitting in the vanity in one of Haymitch's unused rooms, holding my little grandson in my arms. "Oh Katniss he looks adorable in his green-shirt and nice dress pants." I say as I look at my sweet little hunter, who coos at me obviously loving all the attention. "I still can't believe you are marrying Haymitch" Katniss says smiling as I hand hunter to her as Cinna starts to do the last touches on my makeup. "Neither can I darling, he makes me happy" I say. "Well if he makes you happy who are we to stand in the way right Prim?" Katniss asks smiles as Prim nods, Hunter being his adorable self begins to coo and babble in agreement."There you see"Katniss says pointing at Hunter and smiling. "Even your new-born grandson knows this is the right thing to do" She adds. There's a knock on the door and Blake sticks his head in. "Alright Ladies it's time" He says before shutting the door again.

Katniss and Primrose both beam at me excitement and love written all over their faces. Cinna finishes my makeup and goes into the bathroom and brings out four thin glasses and a bottle of champagne. He hands one to my darling Katniss, one to caring Primrose and then to me as he takes one himself. Cinna raises his glass in my direction. "To Rochelle Everdeen,soon to Rochelle Abernathy, May the years before you bring you happiness" "Here here" Katniss and Prim says in unison as they take a sip of drink as before we all begin to make our way downstairs. "Thank you Cinna" I say as he passes me. "You are quite welcome" Cinna responds smiling.

Katniss and a dozing Hunter,Prim,Cinna and Rochelle all make their way downstairs into the living-room,which has had the furniture has been pushed aside so there will be more room. Haymitch is sipping on a glass of water. He doesn't notice them. Peeta is sitting on the couch while watching Idina and Daniel play together. Blake looks up and smiles as the four enter. "Well don't you three look beautiful?" he says as they approach him. Katniss snuggles into Peeta, Hunter still dozing off. "How are you holding up?" Peeta asks as he kisses Katniss on forehead and then laying his head on hers.

"I'm doing fine" Katniss says unconvincingly. Peeta looks down at her. "What's the matter my love?" he asks kindly as he places his top finger and thumb under her chin and tilts her head back so she's gazing into those beautiful cerulean eyes that gaze back at her with concern. Katniss is silent for a bit. "Katniss?" Peeta urges. "I just can't believe that my momma is getting married, I can't believe my papa is back in my life."Katniss says as warm tears run down her face. "Shh don't cry, I also can't believe your momma's getting married."Peeta says. He's about to go on but Blake is signaling to Haymitch who nods as he makes his way to the fireplace.

Haymitch's Point Of View

I make my way over to the fireplace where I started a fire earlier. I am wearing a tuxedo that I wore to Katniss's and Peeta's wedding. "Grandpa Haymitch, Grandpa Haymitch" I hear and then I look down and see my two favorite grandchildren running to me. "Hello you two, you're looking good today" I say. "Are you really marrying grandma?"Idina asks as she takes my hand. "Yes little-sweetheart I am, because I love her very much" I say as tears threaten to overpower me. "Yay, I love you grandpa" Idina says as she lets go of my hand and wraps her small arms around my waist. Daniel comes over and does the same following his sisters example. I kneel down and take the two in my arms. "I love you kids so much" I say I let the tears fall" "We love you to grandpa Haymitch,very much" the kids say together. I hug them tightly until I hear Katniss's voice. "Papa it's time to start" Katniss says as she lays a hand on my shoulder. "Thanks sweetheart" I say as I move back to the fireplace and the most beautiful sight comes before me. Rochelle Everdeen is wearing a enchanting wedding dress. I am so happy to be marrying her. I mouth a "I love you" to her and she mouths it back. She looks absolutely stunning.

Rochelle's Point of view

I am walking toward Haymitch who is standing waiting by the fire place, wearing a very styling tuxedo. Idina and Daniel suddenly run up to him. I can't hear what they are saying to each other but just the grandpa and grandchild interaction is just beautiful to watch. Katniss is now telling Haymitch that it's time to start. I continue on and as I come up to him I see him mouth a I love you, which makes me smile as I mouth it back. Haymitch takes me in his arms when I reach him. We all are gathered around the fireplace as Haymitch and I take a seat. Before we start I take a look around the room. Katniss and Peeta are settled on the couch that faces us completely. Idina and Daniel are sitting on either side of their parents. Hunter is curled up on his papa's chest half-asleep. My little Primrose and David sit on the couch opposite. Prim has her head on her papa's arm. David looks content. Cinna and Blake have taken the winged armchairs. My eyes find Haymitch's and I really know that this is where I belong. The room goes still as Haymitch stands speaks to the room.

"I would just like to say thank you to all of you who came here tonight" Haymitch says smiling as he turns to Rochelle who is looking at him. Haymitch continues for a whole five-minutes before turning to Rochelle who smiles. "Rochelle my love would you please sit by me by the fireplace, Please?" he asks. In response Rochelle takes his hand and walks toward the fireplace and takes a seat on the cushion. Once she's down, Haymitch's takes his place next to her. There's silence for a few minutes then slowly Haymitch grabs a piece of bread and toasts it before turning to the matriarch of the Everdeen family and begins to speak, taking her hand in his while he does so.

"Rochelle Rose Everdeen, I fell in love with you the night I asked you to dance that first night. I love how caring you are. I know you didn't care for me for when I was your daughters mentor years ago because of all the drinking. I love how you spoil your grandchildren. I am excited to spend the rest of my life with you."Haymitch concludes as he feeds the bread to Rochelle who has tears streaming down her face. Haymitch gently wipes the tears from Rochelle's face as she looks over at Katniss and Prim as she starts.

"Haymitch John Abernathy, my feeling for you changed the day you brought my Katniss home to me from the seventy-fourth hunger games. I fell in love with you also on the first night I came back to twelve. I love how you spoil the children as well. I owe you my life because you took care of my daughter when I was a coward after the rebellion."Rochelle pauses as she wipes away a tear that has fallen down his cheek. "I am looking forward to spending every day of the rest of my life with you" Rochelle says as she sticks the piece of bread in the fire before feeding it to Haymitch. When he finishes he pulls her in to him and kisses her passionately.

Katniss and Peeta lead everyone in the applause. Idina and Daniel run forward to their grandparents. "Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa" Idina and Daniel say at the same time. Katniss raises her glass to her momma and Haymitch. "Ladies and Gentlemen The newly married Mr. and Mrs. Haymitch Abernathy." she says and everyone cheers and Hunter-Haymitch coos. Peeta and Katniss both stand up and Peeta pulls out a box. "Attention everyone Katniss and I would like to present Momma and Papa with our gift." Peeta says as he hands Haymitch the box and the card. There's silence as Rochelle and Haymitch read the card

Dear Momma and Papa,

Congratulations on your marriage. We are happy for you two.

Enclosed are the keys to our beach house over in District 4.

Have a fun honeymoon, We love you.

Katniss and Peeta Mellark

As soon as they finish reading the letter Rochelle and Haymitch look over them. "Really?" Haymitch whispers and they both nod which prompts Rochelle to get up and hug her eldest daughter. "Thank you so much my darling" Rochelle says with tears falling freely down her face. "I love you momma, congratulations" Katniss says tears now falling down her face but she doesn't care, this is a happy day."I love you too Darling" Rochelle says as Haymitch comes over and wraps his arms around Rochelle's waist. "Sweetheart you've really outdone your self." He says smiling. "And we're not done yet Papa" Katniss says as she goes over to a cupboard and pulls out an envelop which she hands to Rochelle which she opens.

The newly weds take one look at the contents and hug Katniss and Peeta again. "What's in the envelop?" Prim ask as she comes over. "Two round-trip train tickets" Rochelle and Haymitch say together. "You guys deserve it" Peeta says smiling. The group gives the couple their gifts and when they are done with that, Blake speaks up as he wheels out a beautifully crafted cake. It's a white frosting cake that has roses on it. "Oh Blake it's beautiful" Rochelle says as he wheels it in. "Oh I can't take all the credit, Peeta and Prim both helped" he says as motions to Prim and Peeta to come over. "Oh I didn't do much I just helped mix everything together"Prim says modestly. Rochelle and Haymitch proceed to cut the cake. Rochelle tries to feed it Haymitch but it ends up getting all over Haymitch's face, whereas Haymitch is a tiny bit better but not really.

"Haymitch my love what was the date and time on those tickets that Katniss and Peeta gave us?" Rochelle asks as she cleans up her face. Haymitch pulls the pulls out the tickets and looks at them. "The date is tonight and the time is ten-fifteen pm." he reads off the tickets. Rochelle looks over at the clock its nine-thirty and starts to say that she needs to pack. "Oh no need grandma" Idina says over all the chattering which immediately dies down as Idina and Daniel enter the room carrying two suitcases.

Rochelle and Haymitch are speechless. "Is there anything you two haven't thought of, Sweetheart?" Haymitch says smiling. "Oh well if we don't need to pack, I am going to go change into something more comfortable for the train." Rochelle says. "Do you think I should change love?" Haymitch asks. "I kind of like you in that tuxedo, darling" Rochelle says smiling. "Alright I won't change clothes, hurry back" Haymitch says letting her go change.

Katniss comes over and wraps her arms around Haymitch's neck. "I love you so much Papa" Katniss whispers. "I love you too Katniss" Haymitch says. "Thank you so much for having so much faith in Peeta and I" Katniss whispers. Haymitch doesn't say anything he just hold his self-adopted daughter close to him. Rochelle comes back minutes later dressed in a light-blue dress with matching shoes. "Momma is that?" Katniss asks. "No it's not the dress I gave to you darling" Rochelle says as she sees Katniss begin to speak. "I was able to find a store in district four that carried the exact material and made myself a duplicate dress" she says.

Katniss just nods as David comes around the corner. "Hey Rochelle,Haymitch, I just wanted to say congratulations before I took off," David says. "Thank you so much David, for everything" Rochelle says. "Anytime Rochelle" David says as he heads out the door. "Sweetheart if we are going to make the train then we gotta leave right now" Haymitch says as he grabs her hand. "Oh you're right, well thanks again for everything Katniss and Peeta" Rochelle says as she and Haymitch' head out the door. "Idina Daniel,come say goodbye to you grandparents" Peeta calls to his two kids as he and Katniss sit in the swing on the porch. Idina and Daniel come out. "Bye grandma Bye grandpa" the two call out making Rochelle and Haymitch wave back.

Once they have disappeared Idina and Daniel join their parents on the swing. "Where are Grandpa and Grandma going momma?" Daniel asks looking up at Katniss. "They went on a trip baby" Katniss says as she ruffles her sons blonde hair. "What kind of trip papa?" Idina asks look up at Peeta. "Your momma and I will tell you about that when your older. "Come on let's go inside." Katniss says as she looks down at her sleeping son. "Peeta look at hunter." she whispers. "Aw poor little guy wore himself out with all the excitement tonight" Peeta says once everyone is inside. "Is there anymore cake?" Katniss asks. "Yes there is, tell you what let's put the kids to bed and then meet back in the kitchen for a snack" Peeta says. "That sounds wonderful Peeta" Katniss says. "I'm going to go put hunter down, but I'll see you in a while " Katniss says. "alright my love I'll put Daniel and Idina to bed, see you in the kitchen."Peeta says she leaves.

When Katniss is gone Peeta turns to his kids. "Alright you two it's bed time" Peeta says picking up a sleeping Daniel, he holds out his hand for Idina to take. "hold on papa let me get Taye " she says as grabs the bird. When Taye the Mockingjay is safely in Idina's grasp Peeta hand and they make their way upstairs. "That was a fun party wasn't it papa?" Idina asks as she struggles to keep her eyes open. "Yes sweetheart it was" Peeta says as they enter their room. Without being told the two Mellark children get into their pajamas. While they are changing Peeta turns down their sheets. "Don't forget to brush your teeth and to go the bathroom" Peeta says as he gathers his children's clothes that are spread out on the floor. Five-minutes later Idina and Daniel crawl into bed and Peeta tucks them in.

"Good night my darling Idina, I love you sleep well" Peeta says kissing her on the forehead. "Good night Papa" Idina says as she quickly to sleep. "Good night son" Peeta says giving Daniel a kiss on the forehead. "Good night papa " he says as he drifts off to dreamland. Peeta crosses back to the bedroom door. He takes one last look at his children and then head out of the room. There isn't any sound coming from downstairs so Peeta goes into the master bedroom as he enters he see's Katniss sitting on the bed gently rocking hunter. "Hey would you mind if I sing to hunter, real fast I think it will help him get to sleep" Katniss asks looking at Peeta. "Oh by all means go ahead, I think it would help me relax too." Peeta says laying down next to Katniss who smiles as she starts singing.

"Deep in the meadow, under the willow
A bed of grass, a soft green pillow
Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes
And when you awake, the sun will rise.

As Katniss pauses she sets Hunter down and begins to change him into his sleep-shirt. Once he's changed Katniss holds him tightly as she makes her way on to the bed where Peeta is waiting for them. Katniss sets him down in between Peeta and herself. Peeta pulls her close only Hunter is sandwiched by them. "I love you so much." Peeta says as he reaches up and caresses her beautiful face before pushing a few strands of hair back behind her ear. "I love you so much to Peeta" Katniss says as her body completely relaxes. Peeta and Hunter look at her which gives Katniss courage to continue to sing.

Here it's safe, here it's warm
Here the daisies guard you from harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where I love you.

Hunter yawns and puts his tiny hand on Katniss's pinky which makes Katniss smile as she continues while gently stroking his brown hair which is so soft.

Deep in the meadow, hidden far away
A cloak of leaves, A moonbeam ray, Forget your woes and let your troubles lay
And when again it's morning, they'll wash away.

Here it's safe, here it's warm
Here the daisies guard you from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where I love you."

When Katniss finishes singing she see's that Hunter is sleeping soundly. Peeta however is gazing at his amazing wife, admiration written all over his face."Just like your papa" Peeta says smiling. Katniss smiles at him before picking up hunter and placing him in his crib and pulling the blankets up and covering her son. Peeta comes over and wraps his arms around Katniss as they both gaze at their son lovingly. "Come on my love, let's go have a snack and then go to bed" Peeta says as they leave their sleeping son who looks so peaceful behind. "Wait let's get in to our pajamas and then head down."Katniss says looking at Peeta. "I love how your mind works, love" Peeta says as he goes to the bathroom to change clothes.

Two minutes later he emerges wearing a white t-shirt and dark-blue bottoms. "You look comfy" Katniss says looking over at him as she slides into a black t-shirt and dark-green bottoms. "Thanks love so do you" Peeta says as he holds out to her so he can lead her downstairs. "Today was a good day wasn't it?" Katniss asks as she and Peeta walk down to the kitchen. "yes indeed it was my love, yes indeed it was" Peeta says as he pulls the cover off of the cake and begins to cut a piece for each of them and puts it on a plate.

When he's done Katniss get out the raspberry-flavored hot-chocolate. "want some?" she asks opens the cupboard . "Absolutely I do" Peeta says as Katniss pull out two mugs which she fills with water. Five-minutes later two mugs of Raspberry Hot-chocolate await for them. "Why don't we go into the living room so when can be more comfortable" Peeta suggests and Katniss nods as she picks up the two mugs while Peeta clutches the plate that holds the cake and two forks. Katniss leads the way into the living-room and sets the two mugs on the coffee-table, while Peeta sets the plate down as well and sits down.

When Katniss sits down he immediately pulls her into him while Katniss curls up next to him. "I think momma looked beautiful tonight" Katniss says after she takes a sip of hot-chocolate. "I agree she and Haymitch looked so happy together" Peeta says as he loads his fork with a bite of cake. "Yeah I haven't seen her this happy since before my Papa's death. She and Haymitch both deserve to be happy"Katniss says as Peeta nods in agreement.

They eat in silence Then Katniss speaks again. "Peeta, how would you feel about renewing our wedding vows?" Peeta looks at Katniss a big smile coming across his face. "i was actually thinking that same thing" Peeta says as he caresses his beautiful wife's face. "When would you want to do it?" Katniss asks eyes half-closed. "Next week too soon my love?" he asks. "Why next week?" Katniss asks. "Well don't you think we should wait for momma and papa to return from their honeymoon so they can be there?" Peeta asks as Katniss thinks about this a smile creeping on to her face. "You are so good with words my sexy bread boy, that is an excellent idea"Katniss says excitedly as she takes another sip before reaching for another piece of cake.

They spend the next hour talking about the vow renewal and munching on Hot-chocolate and cake before Katniss and Peeta start to yawn. "come on lets head upstairs" Peeta says as he picks a giggling Katniss up bridle-style and carries her upstairs to their room where he gently sets Katniss down on the bed and they both climb into bed Katniss pulls the covers over them as Peeta pulls her into him.

"Peeta?" Katniss whispers. "Yes my beautiful amazing wife and Huntress?" Peeta says looking down at her. "I-I-I just wanted to say" Katniss starts not sure where to go. "Katniss what is it?" Peeta asks gently. "I just wanted to say thank-you for coming back to me after the rebellion when you did. I would have died without you."Katniss says as tears descend down her face. Peeta pulls her into a sitting position. "Katniss I will always come back to you, I told you on the beach in the quell that you're it for me" Peeta says they both snuggle down into the cool sheets of the bed. Katniss lays her head on Peeta's chest the gentle beating of his heart is so soothing. Peeta wraps his strong arms around her and begins running his fingers through her hair. Katniss closes her eyes as his gentle fingers run through her hair. "I love your hair my love it's always so soft." Peeta says quietly. Katniss just sighs contently as Peeta's continues to sooth her, completely relaxed

There's silence for a while then like she did when she felt that thing again back when they got back together when they came back after the war, Katniss takes Peeta's hand as he looks at her. "You love me real or not real" She asks in an almost inaudible whisper. Peeta tightens his hold on her and whispers in her ear "Real, it will always be real" then they both drift off to sleep both dreaming of what they love best. For Peeta-James Mellark- it was Katniss, his lovely wife,his three adorable kids and the blissful life they are now living. For Katniss-Idina Everdeen Mellark- It was of her amazing bread-boy and her amazing family and everything good that comes with it. Katniss still keeps a list of every good thing that she's seen someone do. It's hard but well worth it. For the first time in a long time it finally looked like the odds even though they didn't have to worry about them anymore were finally in their favor. And things couldn't get any better then that.

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