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Well, I inform you that I had already uploaded this one shot. But I try to expand my horizons and I translated it into English so that more people give me their opinion.

The story is focused after Midnight.

Enjoy it!

"Please leave me alone", tears fell from the redhead uncontrollably. The vampire still holding his arm so hard, determined not to let her go. He couldn't let her go at this time. He needed her and more than ever before. "Damon please, you must to let me go".

The truth was that she had never thought that he could get to say those words, nor Damon had thought that the redhead with beautiful eyes would.

"I can't", he answered with something in his eyes that looked like tears. Were they that? She wonder to herself.

"You have to, I must to wake up, I must to come back to reality, I must to understand that you're dead and you'll never come back to my side". The little McCullough was a long pause before continuing, even while the tears still clouding her eyes. "You're gone. There's no way you can go back".

"You can't say that when I'm here, by your side", the dark-eyed vampire exerted a little more pressure on the girl. Yes, he was there, but none of it was real ... it just was a dream. "Bonnie, look at me", Damon pulled her and confronted her until her eyes were on a par. "Look into my eyes and tell me that I'm not really here, with you ... There's no way that you can do something like that!"

The unexpected scream startled the redhead. Shee looked into the eyes of the beautiful vampire in front of her and realized he was right ... she could never admit that he was not there. She could not do that feeling his hand so firm on his arm.

"Damon, please," Bonnie still could not stop mourn. "I must to wake up ... let me go".

"But I'm not…!"

"I know you're not! I know you're not just a dream!". The words came out so strong that even the redhead froze. New minutes passed while she could recover. "You might not be a dream ... But it's worse because I have to wake yet... this is not good for me, this is not good for you, this is not good for ... anyone."

"Bonnie, please do not leave me", this time the tears were visible enough in the eyes of Damon as not to have doubts, vampires could mourn? "You can not leave me alone, can not leave me here."

"I can't stay here".

"Yes, you can," Damon let the redhead's arm and both hands were positioned on the girl's cheeks. "Just look at me, realize that I am real, that you can't do it, that you're not going to leave me."

Slowly the vampire was bringing his lips to Bonnie without removing his eyes from hers.

Closer. A little more. Their lips were almost touching and then the little witch closed her eyes.

There were not two seconds it took to reopen them to realize what had happened.

She was awake. The dream was over. And worst of all.

Damon was gone.

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