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The Avengers Club

Chapter 1: Saturday Detention

Saturday, March 24, 2012.

Dear Mr. Fury,

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was that we did wrong. What we did was wrong, but we think you're crazy to make us write this essay telling you who we think we are, what do you care? You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. You see us as a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a spoiled brat. Correct? That's the way we saw each other at seven o'clock this morning. We were brainwashed...

It was a chilly December morning when Pepper Potts, the school's ice queen and cheerleader, was being dropped off at high school. Her whole Saturday to be spent in detention. She hated it already. Why couldn't the kids who actually did things that were far worse than her get punished? She was much more important to the school than they were.

Pepper had on a light pink blouse and dark grey jeans. The black jacket she had on was warm and went with her boots. Her strawberry blonde hair had been pulled to one side and curled slightly naturally. Her porcelain colored skin looked as if it had been sprinkled with freckles over her nose, cheeks and shoulders. She was the picture of beauty, except she wasn't such a nice girl. Not all the time, at least.

"I can't believe you can't get me out of this. I mean it's so absurd, I have to be here on a Saturday! It's not like I'm a defective or anything." She told her father, who was staring at the school entrance before turning his attention onto her.

"I'll make it up to you. Honey, ditching class to go shopping with your friends doesn't make you a defective, but you shouldn't have left like that. See where it got you? Now, please, be good. Have a good day," he responded a bit coldly. Handing her the bag that held her lunch, he waited until she was out of the car. "I'll be back to pick you up when detention is over and I'll take you shopping. How about that?"

She examined him before replying, "I want those shoes I saw at the mall. You know, for practice." She offered him a plastered smile. She knew he would give her whatever she wanted, sometimes she hated it, and sometimes she really loved it. This was one of the times she really loved it.

He sighed and nodded, "Okay, Princess."

Walking to the doors she muttered, "I'm not a damn Princess."

She hated being called a Princess or nice for that matter because of how awful she was to people at school. She wasn't mean, per say, but she kept to her group and some of the things being popular required weren't at all nice. Most of those things in fact. When she was inside the doors, he put the car in drive and went to his office, relieved to have had that mess sorted out for the time being.

Bruce Banner had to be stuck at school on a Saturday for detention. His mother was really disappointed in him, of course she would be. He was a good kid, and that's why she couldn't understand why her straight "A" son was in trouble.

Bruce was literally the geek of the school. Or at least he thought so until he had a rival. He didn't exactly know him, but he knew his father was the famous Howard Stark. Bruce was good at science, damn good, and dreamed of having his own lab when he finally was given the chance to actually get one. Bruce was also a pretty good-looking guy for being the geek that he was, if he thought so himself, but no one seemed to take him seriously or see the potential within him.

He was about 5'11", his black hair was slightly shaggy and his bronzed skin showed that even a geeky person could get out from time to time. His light blue flannel shirt was slightly crinkled and his jeans were a dark blue. He may have been a geek, but he was pretty built. His grey zipper hoodie was warm for the sharp bite of the cold outside.

He turned his attention to his mother when they pulled up to the entrance of the school. She was the first to break the silence that settled over them.

"Is this the first time or the last time we do this?" his mother asked, she was clearly irritated and very much not in the mood for this.

She could not believe her son was in detention, especially since he should be at home, studying like the good child he was. She could not believe her son would be in detention for something so childish. She knew that he would try to pull some sort of prank for attention, but she could not believe he would have gone far.

He sighed, "Last."

"Well get in there and use the time to your advantage," she ordered him sternly.

He was the one of the two smartest kids at school, of course he should not be here.

"Mom, we're not supposed to study; we just have to sit there and do nothing." He was clearly irritated at her, she should know about this, he had told her this morning, but she apparently never listened.

"Well mister you figure out a way to study," she demanded of him seriously. She then handed him his backpack and his lunch quickly.

They were quiet for a few minutes before she almost yelled, "Well go!"

She kicked him out of the vehicle and put the car in drive again. She pulled away from the curb speeding away. He sighed and reluctantly trudged inside with this horrible start for a day.

Steve Rogers, captain of the football team, who was to either continue with football (not really his own idea) or join the army. Those were his options. He wanted to join the army to serve his country, although his father wanted him to stay and continue with football.

His strong build made him the best candidate for the captain of the team and the most well-trained athlete on the team. He was a pretty tall, well-built person and he was proud that he was especially since he used to be that tall, lanky, geeky kid at school. He trained during the summer before high school started and he was getting muscular. Over the school year, his body became more defined and he was finally able to train for the army if needed.

Since today was a pretty cold day, he decided to wear his warm clothes. He had on a midnight blue t-shirt that clung to all of his physique and the jeans he wore with were tattered and faded. His dark brown bomber jacket had a slightly used look.

They pulled up to the school all the while he looked anywhere but at his father. He sighed softly as he felt his father's piercing gaze land on him.

Now they both sat in his father's truck, talking about what he did or rather what he didn't do.

"Guys mess around, I know I did. But why don't you? It's natural. It's okay for anyone to mess with those who are too weak to fight back especially a champ like you," his father tried to explain to him.

"Dad, I don't like bullies," he replied, his eyes fixed on the glove compartment rather than those cold blue eyes.

He ignored him and continued, "You're in high school, you can mess around if you want. You know, when I was in high school, I screwed around. We used to throw kids in lockers after giving them wedgies or dunking their heads in toilets. Guys screw around, there's nothing wrong with that. Except, we never got caught. I just-" his dad sighed cutting himself off, "I don't even know anymore."

The silence was unbearable for Steve, so he cleared his throat uttering out an "I'll see you later" to his father before leaving the truck. The cold outside was much more inviting than the atmosphere inside that truck. He groaned, walking inside the building.

Tony Stark was already regretting the stunt he pulled. Not because he was particularly scared of detention, far from it. He hated his stay in detention already without actually being there because he wouldn't be able to start his new project. The perfect self-defense suit. He had plenty of ideas for it already like the flight, holographic screen within the helmet, even a mini gun. He was honestly giddy with excitement on this project. But this crap they called detention would get in the way of his plans for designing it.

Sure, he was the kid of a very smart person, very famous person. He still went to a public school instead of a private school or no school at all (since he was a genius and all), but it was actually his choice and not his father's to stay. He liked the challenge of trying to be taught by these teachers. He liked to challenge them and their facts since he knew the subject they taught well and he probably even knew more than they did.

As he mulled over all of his options and whether or not to keep with his antics, okay who was he kidding? Not. And just as he was thinking about these things, his driver stopped abruptly. He looked up to see the girl that they almost hit.

She had black hair pulled into a high pony tail. She was wearing a black shirt that clung to her frame, faded and slightly ripped jeans with dirty high top Converse. She had on a brown leather jacket that was used constantly and looked like it. She had reflective Aviator sunglasses. Her skin was cream colored and there seemed to be no blemishes whatsoever . Her black satchel hanging behind her.

Even though they almost crushed her, she kept on walking, unfazed by everything around her. She didn't even look his way. He then noticed that she had headphones on. She either must've seen them coming and she chose to ignore them, or she just didn't know.

He shrugged her off his mind returning back to its previous train of thought. He didn't look or feel so much different for being a genius rich kid, going to public school; he just felt like himself. He looked down at himself at his clothes. He wore a grey AC/DC shirt because they were his favorite band, and his black jeans. His shoes were almost completely clean, but he wanted to scuff them every time he saw them. His sweater was just a light grey zipper hoodie, not exactly one for cold weather, but he welcomed it. It was breezy outside now and his sweater did almost nothing to protect him from the cold.

He sighed getting out of the very sleek black Aston Martin DBS. He could have driven here himself, and his father knew he could too. But he was told he was not to be trusted yet until he showed that his punishment in detention served its purpose. He turned around and told the driver when to pick him up.

"Yes, Mr. Stark," he replied and smiled a little. His driver was a bit older and he worked for his father for as long as he could remember. They were like uncle and nephew. The older man being 30 years his senior.

"I told you, John, call me Tony. We've known each other since I was little, so honestly, it's just Tony," he corrected him.

He nodded, "Yes, Tony. I'll be here at 3:00 PM." He smiled at him wider, practically beaming.

"Good day, John." Tony returned the smile slightly at him as he put on his dark sunglasses and headed for the building.

"You too." John responded as he drove off.

Tony sighed, this was going to be one long day.

Maria Hill wasn't particularly happy this Saturday morning. Her day wasn't spoiled by the fact that she was going to school for detention on a Saturday. No, it was her father. She detested that man to no end. He was supposed to be a loving, caring father. Life didn't seem to think that was what she was meant to have. No, she couldn't even have a loving family. Of course no family was perfect, but she wanted what other kids at her school always took for granted. She'd grown to detest the kids who complained about having a loving family. They didn't see to see what was honestly in front of them.

As she'd gotten up this particular morning, she knew she was going to be in a room with perfect strangers so she did what she knew best. Hide in the shadows. And it seemed like every time she put on her leather jacket and her Aviators, she would literally become invisible to the world. Except that never worked at home so she found other ways that when used correctly she would not be noticed by anyone.

She walked the 2 miles from her house to the school. All the way over, she was listening to the music on the iPhone her father didn't know about. She never showed it to him since he probably would break it. Seeing as he always told her that she wasn't worth nice things being given to her, she learned to sell things at a young age to get basic things like clothes, toiletries and even thins she could indulge herself in.

Since she didn't listen to anything her father told her about herself anymore, she started to buy things for herself and through the simple fact that she could work for herself and she didn't have to rely on her father anymore. Her confidence grew, although if only a bit more.

The only friends she had acquired were Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton. Both were as socially awkward as her and were both shunned by their talents. Natasha's parents had officially become her guardians when she was younger. Of course they didn't know about some of the things that her father did, as it was a very depressing time for her and she couldn't trust any adult. She only ever told Natasha and Clint about those things and held them to secrecy about it. She told them that she would tell them when she was ready to dispel those awful memories.

She was glad that someone wanted to be her family and she was glad that it was her best friends' family who wanted her for her. She was thankful for them, the only family she actually had.

As she was walking to the school, she made her way across the parking lot. She knew that the car was there and it was heading straight for her, but she honestly didn't care for it. She knew they would stop. She didn't hesitate when walking or talking so much anymore and that was what ultimately made her a much more confident person.

She headed inside, not bothering to take off her sunglasses even though she was indoors and the sun wasn't out today. Once she stepped inside the library, she was met with the sight of three other students. She heard the footsteps of the fourth one and sighed softly as she trudged in. She knew they were looking at her the entire time. She didn't care and she didn't duck her head.

She wasn't here for them. She was here because she had nothing else to do.

She noticed that these were all people she had heard whispers about, gossip, it drove her nuts that these were the people she tried avoiding at times. She knew that they were the famous Pepper Potts, cheerleader; Steve Rogers, captain of the football team; and the not so well-known Bruce Banner, nerdy scientist. She sat down all the way at the back of the small group of tables. Six in all, she sat to the far right, away from Pepper and Steve who were both sitting in the front to the right, and almost right behind Bruce who was sitting in the table in front of her. When Tony Stark walked in (boy genius who was also really rich, as she knew) he sat behind Steve and Pepper, in the same row as Bruce.

Mr. Fury, the principal, walked in at that very moment speaking, "Well, well. Here we are! I want to congratulate you for being on time. Welcome to detention."

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