John glanced side long at the boy next to him, who was nose deep in his notes. He rolled his eyes at Niccolo and tapped his arm gently. The burnet looked up with a mean stare at the raven haired boy

"Not now!" he snapped

"But I'm so bored, Nick." John replied, crossing his arms. Niccolo sighed as the bell rang to signal the end of the school day. John smiled and dashed out of the class room, making his way towards the back of the building. They had played this game far too many times, but it never got old in their eyes. The burnet slung his book bag over his shoulders and waited for most of the other students to clear out so he could meet up with John. The shorter teen was leaning against the wall, his uniform shirt unbuttoned some. Niccolo sighed and leaned down to place a quick kiss on his lips.

"Don't you usually wait for me to do that?" he said with a grin. John rolled his eyes and pulled the taller teen back down for a longer, more passionate kiss.

"Shut up. You're coming home with me, my parents want to meet you." The shorter teen ducked away from Niccolo and started walking away, making Niccolo follow after him.

"Really? The first time in the years we've been dating they /finally/ want to meet me?" he laughed and ran his fingers through his short hair "They won't like me, John." The other teen stopped in his tracks and spun around, gripping the taller teen's shoulders

"Everyone likes you. Hell, I'm betting a lot of people are jealous of me for having you as a boyfriend. Just come to dinner with me… Just this once." Niccolo sighed and nodded, giving into John's begging. He released the taller and began walking "I hope you don't mind Welsh food." He called over his shoulder.

Rowland and Joan Dee were very strict. And very Catholic, which meant John spent fifteen minutes trying to drag Niccolo inside his house while he gripped the door frame. The taller teen swayed with his beliefs, which really didn't seem to bother his parents. Finally, with John lacing their fingers together and tugging him into the living room, Niccolo met his parents. Rowland and Joan stared at the pair with matching steel-grey glares. John cleared his throat.

"Mum, dad… This is my boyfriend, Niccolo Machiavelli." Niccolo smiled sheepishly and untangled his hand from John's to hold it out towards Rowland Dee.

"It's an honor to meet you, sir." He waited a minute before letting his arm fall to the side, obviously Mr. Dee wasn't going to be friendly with Niccolo. Joan sighed and patted Niccolo on the shoulder.

"We'll just have to get used to it, won't we?" she asked calmly.

"See! Dinner wasn't that bad, was it?" John asked as he walked Niccolo home. The taller teen sighed and smiled a bit as he reached for John's hand.

"No… I suppose it wasn't." he laughed quietly and squeezed the shorter teen's hand. "Maybe they will end up liking me…" John groaned and smacked his face with his free hand as they arrived at Niccolo's front door.

"Of course they will. Well, good night, my love. See you tomorrow." He stood up on tiptoes and kissed the taller boy on the lips before heading home. Niccolo smiled and slipped inside, hoping John was right about his parents.